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Who may you ask are the top listing of Disney princesses? Disney princesses have created quite the discussions over the years.

The Disney princesses chain have made quite the uproar over the years, starting from 1937 when Snow White was first released in theatres. Now there is Cinderella, Belle, Moana, and Tiana. Some of these princesses weren’t even born into royalty or even in the Disney franchise. Fans opinions vary on which princess they like most.

As time has gone the princesses have developed in personality and independence, and even their passions. From being utterly dependable on a strong man to come and save them from evil, now the princesses have stood up for themselves to defend what they want and earn their own happiness.

Here are the top 12 Disney Princesses and why they should be ranked where they are,

Top Disney Princesses ranks & Disney princess names

12. Aurora (or Briar Rose) AKA Sleeping Beauty

In the movie that is named after her, Aurora does not do much for the story. In fact, most of her screentime is spent singing in her fantasy about her future hero, and also asleep.

In fact, Sleeping Beauty is more about the three fairies who raised her until her sixteenth birthday. And after being awakened, Aurora does not have anything to say about being reunited with her parents. Literally! We don’t really know much about her other than her dream.

11. Ariel

Other than a wonderful singing voice and being a mermaid, Ariel downright abandons her family for Prince Eric. She does manage to save the day, but her decisions don’t leave a good mark on fans.

Ariel also gives up on her own voice to an evil sea witch just so she can gain legs. Fearce and heroic, Ariel eventually gets her own wish by swimming after it.

10. Snow White


The youngest of the princesses, Snow White did the right thing to escape when the huntsman alerted her about the queen/her step mother’s wicked plan. But then, she let in a stranger.

Blinded by love, Snow White took a bite of the poisonous apple eventually leading to her fate. And to be honest, she welcomed herself uninvited into the dwarfs home automatically assuming they’ll take her in before they arrive home.

9. Elsa

First a princess, but then a queen, Elsa fears her ice super-powers, briefly running away to make her own life. Little does know, that being different is okay. Known for an awesome song with a meaningful message, Elsa’s love for her sister is so powerful.

She wants to spend her time protecting the ones she loves. In the end, Elsa learns that loneliness is not the best solution.

8. Pocahontas

Based on an actual figure, though historically inaccurate, Pocahontas created peace among two groups who were different but made them understand each other.

She presents a positive cultural representation and is true to herself. Never afraid to take control, Pocahontas takes pride for who she is and sends out a powerful message.

7. Tiana

Tiana didn’t start out as a princess. First a woman with a full-time job working towards her passion, and then on a journey she never expected. While still finding a romance that does not blind her from eventually reaching her passion in the end. She is also known to be the first black princess.

6. Jasmine

Jasmine would rather make her own decisions to marry if she wants to. Of course, being a princess is tough.

This Disney princess makes her case in snide remarks and even her pet tiger. At last audiences finally, have an independent princess. She only wants someone who respects and understands who she is. Aladdin does fill that role for her.

5. Rapunzel

Having to spend your whole life inside a tower as your hair grows out into a tremendous size, Rapunzel is ready for adventure.

Finally confronting her mother/captor, and even forcing Eugene to take her to her wish Rapunzel deserves more attention for her qualities and fighting spirit.

4. Belle

Not born a princess, Belle loves to spend her time reading as the whole town think it’s very odd. She gives up her own freedom for her father’s sake to be the beast’s prisoner, and she even defends the beast, too!

Belle shows what inner true kindness is. Belle teaches women to take pride in what they do, and also not to listen to other cruel words.

3. Moana

Again not a princess, but a fierce young woman who sails out into the ocean in order to save her family, Moana is encouraging and a risk taker. However, she does not face this journey alone.

With some help from a strong and Egotastic figure, Moana learns and tackles challenges like no other. Just follow your dreams and everything will be okay.

2. Cinderella

Cinderella is independent having to take orders from her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Before turning to help from her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella actually created a dress for the ball, with the help from her talking animal friends.

However, why did she want to attend the ball? At first, it’s just to attend to experience a beautiful party. In the end, she does fall in love.

1. Mulan – Hero of princess

Mulan was the first Disney princess, actually, she’s not a princess at all (not until the sequel at least) to take action, and disguise herself as a man to join the war. It is tough, but she battles through becoming stronger and testing her own abilities.

Eventually, with a little help, she saves her country from destruction. That is a true hero.

In conclusion, each of these Disney princesses has gained independence and pride over time. Views on the world have been changing and so has Disney as they have contrived to create princesses to be more independent and following their passion.

Disney has made portrayals of women more relatable and even changing their driven passions to a stronger more memorable conclusion.

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