12 Best Discord Server Rules Templates and How to Set

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Do you want to get others to behave themselves when on your Discord server but don’t know which rules to set? This article provides you with top Discord server rules to help guide your path to set server rules others can follow to avoid violating your server rules.

Discord is an online platform for group interaction where users can start their chat rooms (known as “servers”) and invite their peers to participate, or they can join pre-existing servers that focus on a certain topic.

The platform began in 2015, and as of 2020, it clocked over 300 million users. Fast-forward to now, the platform’s registered users exceeded about 560 million in January 2023.

The Discord application’s capabilities make it useful for various situations, although gamers are its primary users.

Players can get together on the platform to talk about tactics, the game’s regulations, and anything related to their favorite game.

These discussions often occur on the servers. It is a place where discussions are held and rules are set for people to know how to behave when discussing on the server.

So many gamers might find it difficult to know which rules to set. If you fall in this category, you don’t have to worry yourself, ad I have compiled a list of the top Discord server rules for you.

Top 12 Discord Server Template Rules in 2024

Rule 1. No Use of Abusive Language

No Use of Abusive Language

Never, ever, in any language, say anything that may be seen as hurtful to another group member.

Maintain composure and stick to appropriate terminology.

Rule 2: Ensure You Respect Every Member of the Group

Respect Every Member of the Group

Respect should be your guiding principle above anything else.

It would be best if you treated everyone with dignity and decency, no matter what religion they profess.

One must show respect to others if they are to be treated with the same courtesy.

Rule 3: Advertisement on the Group is Prohibited Except if You First Seek Permission

To post advertisements for goods and services on our site, you must first get approval from the moderators, who will decide whether or not to publish your advertisement.

Be sure to use our dedicated advertising channel.

Rule 4: Sharing or Asking for Personal Information is Prohibited

Personal Information is Prohibited

If you want people to stay on your channel, don’t bother them with requests for private information.

Any communication of private information about other users, either outside or within the channel, is strictly forbidden.

Never use someone else’s identity information to impersonate them.

If this rule is broken, a user’s access to the channel will be terminated.

Rule 5: Age 13+

Ages below 13 are prohibited. According to the Discord Terms of Service, only those of age 13 or older are permitted to use this channel.

Rule 6: Ensure You Post in the Appropriate Group

If you’re going to write a post, at least put it in the right section. Do not repeatedly share the same article, video, or other information within 24 hours.

Rule 7: Ensure to Use the Appropriate Nickname and Display Picture

Use the Appropriate Nickname and Display Picture

Using proper display photos and aliases is crucial to keeping our Discord Server a pleasant place for everyone.

Avoid utilizing any display images that may be seen as hateful, such as those that promote a particular religion or show any sexual content.

If users continue to violate the rules after receiving this warning, they will be banned permanently.

Rule 8: Never, Ever Raid Other’s Discord Servers

Ever Raid Other’s Discord Servers

Our community does not condone raiding other servers without prior authorization.

To avoid a permanent ban, you should ask a moderator for approval before doing anything controversial.

Rule 9: The Use of Sexual-Related Content isn’t Permitted

We designed our server with people of all ages in mind. We will not tolerate any sexual references or jokes.

We designed this server with families in mind and welcome players of all ages. Therefore, sexual-related content is highly prohibited and can lead to removal or suspension.

Rule 10: Spamming is Prohibited

Never send out spam. Whether via emojis, images, or text.

Deliver communications in moderation so members do not become overwhelmed and miss out on crucial information.

Make room for additional potential users.

Rule 11: No Use of Threat Language

We will not tolerate any threats made to our Discord service.

Members that use threatening language, including but not limited to abuse threats, death threats, hacking threats, or any other malicious communications, will be immediately banned.

Rule 12: Ensure to Use Games Channel When Looking for Game Teammates

When you need teammates for games, ensure you use the appropriate games channel, as using other unrelated channels might earn you a ban.

Basic Discord Servers Rules to Follow

Basic Discord Servers Rules to Follow

These rules for the Discord servers are basic, general, brief, and to the point so that all users will read and respect them without stress.

  • Maintain a pleasant demeanor.
  • Avoid any communications that are dangerous or disrespectful.
  • Spam is not tolerated.
  • The server we have set up is for personal use only, not advertising.
  • It is not acceptable to use the server as a dating platform.
  • Use only English in your group discussions to ensure everyone can follow along.
  • Display photos or user names that might be considered offensive are prohibited.
  • Discourse on controversial topics like religion or politics should be avoided.
  • Please don’t use a fake name or picture; be honest about who you are.
  • There will be no discussion of plot details from upcoming films, anime, or television shows.
  • Please don’t use our server to transmit anything unsuitable for a family setting, such as obscene or violent content.
  • We do not tolerate hate speech, and any member who uses it will be kicked out.
  • Don’t promote rule-breaking between users; it isn’t good for everyone involved.
  • We take plagiarism very seriously, so please give credit where appropriate.
  • It is forbidden to make contact with other users of the service for no good cause.
  • Joining servers intending to split off into smaller servers is not allowed.
  • Members who break the rules will get a warning the first time but will be kicked out permanently the second time.
  • Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated, even if they are critical.
  • Users of any age should be treated with dignity.
  • Moderators and administrators have the authority to make exceptions to or impose whole new sets of rules for the platform’s community.

Discord Servers Rules for the Admins

Discord Servers Rules for the Admins

Users of a given Discord server must abide by the rules established by the server’s administrators.

Nevertheless, in addition to the guidelines above, administrators should adhere to a select handful.

  • Take care not to abuse your position among the group’s members in any way.
  • Avoid engaging in small-minded acts of revenge towards users.
  • Avoid giving users inaccurate information.

Why Discord Servers Rules are Important

Why Discord Servers Rules are Important

Administrators gain as much as chat users from establishing ground rules.

Rules strengthen any community by binding administrators and members to a more substantial consensus and decreasing conflict over rule-breaking and misunderstandings.

Users likely won’t understand the rules if they aren’t explicitly stated, which might leave the door open for abusive users to spam the server.

The absence of rules on a server is dangerous since the sword may be used in any hand.

Because people may start spamming, and conversely, those who love hanging out on your server may no longer feel at ease if there is too much spam and pointless disputes.

Users may leave if they no longer want to be associated with a service that places no importance on its regulations.

Therefore, it is crucial to establish guidelines that everyone in the organization must follow.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set Discord Rules

You can’t simply start sending every individual on the server a bunch of rules they have to obey since it would be counterproductive.

You’ll need to do a few things to get started with setting Discord rules:

Step 1: The first step is to label a text channel as “Rules.” This will put you on the course of listing rules on a server.

Step 2: After that, navigate to the section of “Advanced Permission,” where you will need to turn on the channel into a “read-only mode.”

Advanced Permission

Step 3: In the “Advanced Permission” section, if you wish to be the only one enabled to send messages to the channel, you must click on the “Send Message” tab and turn it off. And that’s all!

Send Message tab

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Rules to a Discord Server

Step 1: Navigate to “Server Settings

discord Server Settings

Step 2: Next step is to navigate to the “Enable Community” tab and tap on “Get Started

Step 3: Key in the required details

Step 4: Set up the basics and click “Next

Step 5: Go back to “Server Settings,” and beneath “Moderation,” click on “Rules Screening

Set Up Membership Screening

Step 6: Tap “Set Up Membership Screening” and set your rules.

set your rules


Q. Do large servers receive payment from Discord?

Of course, yes. You may make money off your Discord server by enabling “Server Subscriptions,” which lets users pay an ongoing fee (every month) in exchange for special privileges on your server, including, based on how you configure them, accessibility to private channels where only paying subscribers can chat.

Q. Who is the owner of Discord?

Jason Citron is the owner of Discord, a social gaming platform that he set up in 2015.

Q. Does Discord monitor servers?

They don’t listen in on every server and chat. Nevertheless, Discord does not provide end-to-end encryption for user communications. When they get a report of problematic conduct, they look into it and take appropriate measures. When it comes to content or conduct that goes against their Community Standards, they do not tolerate any of it.


Having rules in place is essential for any online community, but they are especially crucial for a social media platform like Discord, where it may be hard to keep track of a vast number of users.

Nevertheless, fear not because I have included an excellent Discord server rules template for you to duplicate to demand compliance from your users!

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