The 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in the US

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Whether through social media, email, instant messaging, or blogging, people have grown accustomed to consuming content online. Digital channels have become a predominant communication platform in 2022.

So, it can be argued that digital marketing courses are worth the time investment. Let’s take a look at the most helpful and respectable online courses in the US that can boost your career prospects.

1. iCert Global

iCert Global

This is a professional certification platform that features a comprehensive digital marketing training course. You can take the course online. It offers over 80 hours of professionally curated lessons, learning modules as well as examinations by live training consultants.

2. Future Learn

Future Learn

Developed alongside Accenture Digital Skills, this course can help both novices and experts update their skill sets for a modern era of advertisement. It is a rapid-fire 2-week course that covers everything from basics to marketing campaign development, SEO, and business plan management.

3. Northwestern


Created by the Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, this course is suitable for marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs. It is a 6-week course on the fundamentals as well as advanced digital marketing techniques. It includes different weeks' features learning modules for your convenience.

4. Coursera


This digital marketing specialization course, while hosted on Coursera, is an official part of the University of Illinois’s Master of Business Administration degree studies. Its academic support ensures high-quality learning materials. Besides, you can get a comprehensive overview of e-commerce from initial strategizing to post-marketing analysis.

5. com

com is an official subsidiary of LinkedIn, a professional social media platform dedicated to networking. Thus, this course is both professional and practical, featuring an extensive range of niches to pursue. Even though is not an academic institution, you should keep a site to buy research papers handy for completing your assignments. Check out this platform if you are even remotely interested in digital marketing.

6. University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

As a step toward digitalization, the University of Wisconsin has created an online marketing course for its students and everyone who wants to enroll. It features live online classes, discussions as well as insight into the latest trends on Google Advertising, SEO, email marketing, and automation.

7. Digital Marketing Institute


If you are looking for fully digital marketing certification, consider Digital Marketing Institute. It offers multiple courses and degrees you can pursue from home. DMI is an internationally accepted learning platform suitable for both beginners and employed professionals looking for additional knowledge.

8. Brain Station

Brain Station

Brain Station’s digital marketing boot camp is designed with practical skills in mind to help students start working in the industry. This is a remote 12-week course that deals with numerous topics from obligatory basics to advanced analytics and content development skills.

9. UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley’s digital marketing boot camp is an 18-week course. Here, attendees can acquire multiple concepts and skills. It is a grounded, hands-on course with practical training modules and tests, with study topics ranging from Google Ads to digital marketing campaign management. If you run out of ideas for your written assignments, check Writing Universe to find new patterns and concepts.

10. Duke University Continuing Studies

Duke University Continuing Studies

Based out of North Carolina’s Durham, this university’s digital marketing course is on a more comprehensive end of the spectrum. It's held on an annual basis. You can attend it worldwide and get globally accepted certification upon completion. The covered topics include content marketing, web analytics as well as various forms of marketing. They are combined with PPC and SEO with in-depth learning modules.

In Summary

The upside of living in a digital era such as ours is that you can attend certified academic courses in the US without commuting. Taking the first step toward your new marketing vocation is a significant personal achievement. Give these courses and their curriculums a shot to see if you can spot the one that fits your interests the most.

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