What are the Key Differences Between PC Gaming and Gaming on Consoles?

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Gaming has grown massively over recent years to become a major way that people love to stay entertained.

When you see the great games around now (such as the Nintendo games set for a 2021 release), it easy to see why this has happened. The range of choice in how you can play games also helps make it more appealing.

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Video gaming is still a major niche within gaming though. The two most popular ways to do this are on a PC or on consoles (such as the recently launched Xbox One from Microsoft). While you might think that playing games on these formats is the same, there are some key differences. What are they?

Image of PC and console gaming is different

Image of PC and console gaming

There is no doubt that the image that PC and console gaming still have is something that separates them. PC gaming, for example, is still generally stereotyped as being more serious, the format that hardcore gamers prefer and something for the older generation of gamers. Console gaming, on the other hand, is seen as bit hipper, less serious and something that younger people are usually drawn to.

Machine customisation is a major difference

If you choose to play on PC, then a whole world of customisation is open to you. This, in turn, gives you more control over your playing experience. For many people, this ability to customise their machine is also exciting and makes gaming more interesting.

Whether it is building your gaming PC from scratch, adding more powerful tech to an existing PC, or tweaking the greater number of PC settings, the unique ability to create your own bespoke machine is attractive to many.

Playing on a console does not offer the chance to either build your machine from scratch, add to it, or tweak it to the same extent, however. Console players simply buy the machine they want and are limited to using whatever tech the manufacturers place inside it.

Price is a factor between console and PC play


In terms of big differences between playing on a PC and console, price also deserves a mention. The simple truth is that buying a console to game on is usually less expensive than picking up a PC with the same capabilities.

A PS4, for example, is around $400 new still, whereas a PC with a similar performance might be around $500. If you go for a top-end PC to outperform the latest consoles, then you will probably be paying even more for this.

How you play is different on PC compared to console

Without a doubt, the mechanics of how you play on a console is different when compared to a PC. Consoles come with controllers that players hold to game with. These are often now wireless for total convenience.

PC gaming normally sees you use either the keyboard or a mouse to play with though. Many gamers find this more precise and you can also get wireless keyboards/mice now.

Range of games

It is also fair to point out that the sheer number of games to choose from is a difference between console and PC play. In short, PC gamers have a lot more titles to choose from. PC gaming can also be where big-hit titles start out, before being ported over to consoles.

It is key to note though that consoles do have a decent range of games behind them (especially the older ones) and are starting to get on board more with backward compatibility to help. Consoles also have a number of top games (such as the Forza Horizon series on Xbox) that are exclusive to them.

PC and console play is different – but equally amazing!

PC and console play

As the above shows, there are some clear differences when it comes to PC and console gaming. This does not mean that one is better than the other though or you should only try out one way of gaming.

Ultimately, how you like to game is a personal preference and you should just enjoy playing games however you like best.

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