Designing Effective Coupons For Your Business – Things To Keep In Mind

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Coupons continue to be one of the strongest marketing and sales promotional tools in the country. From moving fewer value items to clearing stocks, the right coupons can help in multiple ways. Read on to know how you can use a coupon maker.

As a consumer that loves grocery shopping, I will admit that I am a huge fan of coupons. Whether it is discount coupons or plus one coupon I feel that the small piece of paper has always encouraged me to spend a little extra every time I go grocery shopping.

From a businesses’ perspective, coupons continue to be an invaluable marketing and sales strategy. If a business is using the right design, content, and appeal in the coupon, they will be able to-

  • Gain repeat consumers for the purchase of the products or services
  • Build branding as a value brand that helps its customers
  • Develop a sense of loyalty with its target audiences

In this resource article, we look at important things to keep in mind when designing effective coupons for your business.

Designing the Coupons: How to get it right?


According to experts, a great coupon needs to have certain design elements that should be mentioned on it. Let us look at some of them below-

  1. Size – The Coupon Size is a very important factor that makes it usable and easily stored. Consumers ideally want to keep the coupons in areas like their wallets and money bags. This means that the ideal size should be no more than the size of a credit card.
  2. Colour – a general rule of thumb is that the coupon should be no more than a combination of two colors. Ideally, the coupon should be of a single color. This helps in maintaining uniformity and striking an identification with the brand.
  • Clear Content –The wording on the coupon needs to be as clear and precise as possible. This means that the offer, the date of expiration, and how it can be availed need to be spelled out. If you have to use an asterisk mark, you are not doing a good job.
  1. Images – Do not try to clutter the small coupon by having too many images. One color and one image work well. For example, you can have an image of a happy family or an individual enjoying your company’s products.
  2. CTA – The final aspect you need to look into is the Call-To-Action. What do you want the customers to do? Can they call in and request for delivery and redeem the coupon, or is it only available on physical orders? Ensure that the CTA is clear and precise.

How to Create the Best Coupon for your Business?

For a very long-time businesses had to shell out a great deal of money to ask design and printing houses to create coupons, brochures, and other printed materials on their behalf.

This would force them to incur extra costs and add to their budgets. However, in recent years, several credible platforms have emerged. An online coupon maker can be a great way to do these things and take care of your marketing and sales.

You can choose from a variety of templates, design options, text fonts, and stock images. The best part is that you do not have to possess any prior knowledge or skill of graphic design or photoshop. All you need to do is simply drag-and-drop options.

The best coupon makers allow you to preview the design and also export it to the format that best suits your printing needs. This is a simple, fast, and inexpensive way to shift coupon designing in-house.

Not only will it help you save additional costs, but also train your team to try and start small marketing things at your end.

The Final Word

Whether you are a laundry business looking to improve your customers, or a grocery store trying to clear older stocks, coupons can help you deliver. Coupons can be a great way to push marketing and sales for the business if they are done in the right fashion.

Remember to pay attention to the design, color, and content of the coupon. You do not want to leave the customer feeling confused about the same.

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