10 Best Free Video Streaming Sites: Dailymotion Alternatives

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Do you like streaming videos online for free? Here are some free video streaming sites: Dailymotion alternatives, you may want to try out.

When it comes to watching videos online, a few sites run the show. Dailymotion is one such website. Its popularity stems from the rich variety of videos classified into different genre and classes. The user interface is also very friendly and attractive. Dailymotion has a reputation for quality and variety. Music videos, movie trailer, TV series, Biography shorts, news, and documentaries are just some of the categories you find on this popular video streaming site. This website has everything video. Yet even with the rich variety, Dailymotion isn’t the sole online video streaming site. There are a couple of sites with almost similar, if not better, variety.

In this review, we have detailed some popular free video streaming sites like Dailymotion. These alternative sites have wide video collections, all classified into different genres. Most of them have HD and other types of video qualities. And like aforementioned, some of the Dailymotion alternatives have much better variety and video quality. Here are some 10 Dailymotion alternatives with good video collection and quality.

Top 10 video entertainment sites like Dailymotion: Free to watch videos online right now!

1. YouTube

By far, the best alternative video hosting site on the internet. It’s not just merely a simple video hosting site, but at the same time, it also is a source of livelihood for certain people. Content creators earn money when people watch their videos until it came to a point that it is now their source and means of living. It is the most dominant video streaming platform online. It is from Google, and it is known all over the world. People are in this website 24/7, they view, comment and rate the videos.

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Lots of contents get uploaded to the website every day, which is the reason why the community of YouTube is growing and growing. But over the years, people are complaining about how strict their rules, policies, and regulations have become. People have become unhappy with how strict they started to make things run without prior notices and all. But overall, YouTube potentially has a great impact on society, in any aspect of it.

Key Features of YouTube :

  • Most dominant streaming website online
  • Has a very huge community
  • Can be your source of income
  • New content every day
  • Find pretty much anything you want

2. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch with no Restrictions

Well, you might be shocked that this one is on the list. But if all else fails, Facebook will always be the answer. There are lots of good content uploaded to Facebook every single day. People do not have the time to check on to other video hosting websites, so they just chose to upload their videos directly onto their own Facebook accounts or to their Facebook pages. Facebook has tight rules in uploading their video though, especially on copyright restrictions.

You just have to type whatever you want in the search bar, believe us, people just upload whatever they could think of in this website. It might be a little bit difficult to find the specific video that you are looking for, as per chances, some of the users will not put details on the video that they upload. But just suit yourself and enjoy the wonderful videos that Facebook has to offer to you.

Key Features of Facebook Watch :

  • Has lots of videos
  • Can reach to a good number of viewers
  • Fast uploading
  • A few pop-up ads

3. Vimeo


If there is one website that would challenge all of the top streaming websites on the internet, it would be Vimeo. Vimeo has been there just right about the same time Dailymotion and YouTube have been set up. This one is dedicated for all of those artsy filmmakers and artistic people, they will surely love the content inside Vimeo. Also, if you are someone who has the passion for areas like dancing, music, cinematography, photography and all of those creative work-related things, then Vimeo is the best platform for you.

This place is not for those random videos that you wish to discover online. More or less, you can say that this website is made for a purpose. It also has a strict guideline, but that’s just worth it because it just makes the contents in Vimeo the best quality ones. You can upload and play videos to 4K Ultra HD quality with HDR, so feast your eyes. It even has an ad-free model, so that you will enjoy your experience all the more.

Key Features of Vimeo :

  • Can stream with 4K Ultra HD with HDR
  • Has an ad-free model
  • Perfect for artistic people
  • Be more focused on the video

4. 9Gag TV

They do not upload their own video content, it also is not a video-hosting website, but hey, they do have a real entertaining list of videos with them. The videos that they show to their users are from YouTube. What they do is that they just have a good list with it, make a catchy caption so that people would look at it, have the users like or dislike it and they make the comment about the video. Those are just simple things, but people get attached to it and that made 9Gag TV a huge hit.

9Gag itself is already making a huge buzz on different social media platforms. The idea of it launching into pure videos is very creative. You will enjoy an unlimited source of entertainment on this website. The content or video doesn’t have to be funny or something, it could also be a pleasing video, a satisfying video, happy video, sad video, or whatever that is. One thing is for sure, all of the videos that they have chosen to be on their list are carefully thought of and is of high quality.

Key Features of 9Gag TV :

  • Has lots of entertaining videos
  • Videos are also categorized
  • Videos are from YouTube
  • You can separately comment on the videos and rate them

5. Metacafe


Before all the other forefathers of video streaming website came in, there was already Metacafe. That’s right, before YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo came to life, Metacafe was already born. This website is focusing mainly on short contents or those 90-second clips. Some contents are also just as quick as it seems but them it is a lighthearted one, this is so that viewers will captivate that whole thought of every single video in its database.

The videos are well categorized with a very simple interface. You will not have a hard time looking at the video that you desire around this website. But then if you are seeking those videos that talk about a certain topic rigorously or videos that look so complex and detailed, then this platform is not the one for you. But if you are someone who loves to look at short clips that may be very entertaining and humorous to watch, Metacafe would be one very good playground.

Key Features of Metacafe :

  • Short clips, up to 90 seconds only
  • On-point and quick videos
  • Simple and categorized interface

6. Veoh


A good alternative to Dailymotion that is as similar as it gets. If you are just looking for something as similar to how Dailymotion gives out to its users, then you might want to check out this website. You can easily discover different videos around it. Not just that, if you want to personalize the experience that you will have when watching videos, you may also do so.

If you are fond of uploading videos, this place is good for you too. Some websites restrict the length of the videos that are allowed to be uploaded on their platforms, but not in Veoh. Veoh offers an unlimited length of the videos, so you can make the content that you want and let people watch it. You can also find movies, anime, and even TV series on this website. It hits lots of things, right?

Key Features of Veoh :

  • Clean interface
  • Has social networking features
  • Unlimited upload length
  • Similar to Dailymotion

7. Crackle


Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures, famous for creating those TV sets and other products. Think of this website as an online television channel. It features many original shows as well as Hollywood movies and different shows from other networks.

Some of Crackle’s original content has earned them some good ratings online. For example, the web series “Comedians in Cars” starring Jerry Seinfield. A flipside to it, however, is that users will not be able to upload their own content here. But if you are someone who is just looking to watch videos, movies, and TV shows, then Crackle might just be for you.

Key Features of Crackle :

  • Rich video variety
  • Attractive and user-friendly interface
  • Ads free video streaming

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8. DTube


A decentralized video sharing platform online that looks almost as similar as YouTube does. This one came from the efforts of people who have spent time and resources via Blockchain. That is one good reason why this website is decentralized. You can choose to look from the trending, hot and watched videos on the homepage. You can also choose to save the videos that you want to watch later or tomorrow.

One notable thing in DTube is that you will never find ads around the place. Compared to other video hosting websites, you will experience ads before watching the video, while watching the video or there are just some ads lying around the place, which is at some point, very annoying. Users do not have to pay anything like transactions fees or whatever, even if this one is supported by Block-chains. If you wish to explore this one, you may do so as it is also a good avenue for earning money.

Key Features of DTub :

  • Can be an avenue to earn money, by uploading and commenting
  • Completely ad-free website
  • Uninterrupted watching experience
  • Block chain-based platform

9. Vevo


You might have noticed Vevo while you were watching some other music-related videos on some websites. But yes, Vevo has dedicated to premium music video and entertainment purposes. This platform is made so that people would enjoy watching videos but at the same time listening to good music, in other words, subscribing to music videos. The most official music videos of your favorite artists are found here, in complete high definition.

But then if you want to look for videos about cats and dogs, you will never find it here. As it was mentioned, this website is just dedicated for all of those music videos of artists. But then if you are someone who wants music and appreciates watching music videos, why not spend your time here? One good thing when watching at Vevo is that you won’t be distracted by other non-music-related content, everything here is pretty much about music.

Key Features of Vevo :

  • All about music videos and entertainment
  • Exclusive contents
  • Good for just listening to music

10. The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project

If you are focusing on watching videos that are actually beneficial, then have a good look at this website. You might not be able to find people dancing here, good music, a great compilation of dogs or someone that might be picking up an umbrella, but you will find documentaries about important topics here. History and education is also one good topic that is circulating around this website. It is a digital library that has about 195 video segments around it. Not as big as the other websites around here, but it has high quality around it.

You can categorize the way on how you search your videos here. Look for videos using their title, content, theme, sound, specific time duration, and even their format. This website has been running and has good content around it because some of the videos that are found here are contributed by the U.S. Government Agencies.

Key Features of The Open Video Project :

  • A significant number of videos are from U.S. Government Agencies
  • Full of educational videos
  • Best alternative if you just want to learn


Dailymotion will always have a place in everyone’s heart. Just admit it, you love YouTube, don’t you? But there are just some moments that this video that we are looking for are not found on YouTube, so we have no choice but to go to Dailymotion. That’s just okay.

As long as you are supporting the community and industry of video uploading online, continue what is best for everyone. We hope that you have learned something from this list, or maybe you have got an idea on where to look for videos the next time around. Be responsible in the videos that you watch and upload. Happy viewing!


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