5 Reasons to Book a Cruise from Florida

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If someone said to you, “Hey, check out these cruises from Florida.” What would be your reaction? Would you jump at the chance? Or would you blow them off?

Here's a better question. Do you know much about Florida at all? Other than it hanging so gracefully off of the North American continent, as though it’s declaring its own independence, while still letting that American flag sway over that beautiful illustrious ocean. Let me first say that I too was a bit ignorant of the absolute wonderment & outright magnificence of this place until I looked into it.

Let me tell you what I found.

The Coastline


Let's get right to the state's attraction with the longest coastline in the contiguous United States at 1,350 miles. This superb state has 4,510 islands that are 10 acres or more. This makes Florida a haven for beach lovers. Miami beaches being the most iconic of them all. The ocean can have very sparkling blue or a shimmering glossy green. The many islands give you the full experience of a true tropical paradise.

The Climate

The geography and location have a massive effect on Florida's climate. The climate in Florida is a humid subtropical type, due to the fact that no part of the entire state is distant from the ocean. Florida has an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the Southern part of the state with spikes in the major seasons. Summer gets no hotter than 100 degrees usually, and winter can get as cold as 40. Keep in mind that Florida is the warmest state in the United States Of America.

The Attractions

It's not hard to sell Florida, as it basically sells itself with its highly indulgent attractions. Let's start big with Orlando! The Walt Disney resort is the most visited vacation resort in the whole world! Twenty-seven themed hotels, 2 water parks & too much more to name. It truly puts the action in satisfaction! More attractions consist of Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and Busch Gardens. Florida is also known for its state parks, which show off the stunning geography and landmarks the state holds.

The Animals

With such a beautiful place with a subtropical climate, what sort of animals do you think would reside there? Well, some of the most beautiful and rare animals like the Bottlenose dolphin and West Indian manatee if you like Marine animals. Florida's Mammal population concerning animals is extremely impressive with animals like the panther and mink.

Marine animals

Can you believe they have minks? Reptile presence includes the eastern diamondback and pygmy rattlesnakes with so many more! For our bird lovers out there, Florida has the American flamingo, whooping and sandhill cranes, and many more.

A cruise in Florida would take you to see most of these animals & attractions while accommodating you handsomely with style & care.


There are 3,000 different types of wildflower in Florida. Many small islands in the Florida Keys have Coconut Palms sprouting in various areas. Most of all Mangroves in Florida, which are salt-tolerant trees found usually by coastlines, are located in the Southern region such as Miami. Miami is a prolific hotspot in Florida that has also made a name for itself in Miami's festive reputation.


Of course, Florida has significant historical value, as everything isn't just about fun in the sun or margaritas on the beach. Florida's establishment dates back to the 1800s. There are many other landmarks that may interest the history buffs.

So, if someone said to you, “Hey, check out these cruises from Florida.” what would your reply be? Just maybe after all of this, you might say, “toss me those Florida Keys.”

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