Why it is Important to do Cross Browser Testing?

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Website is the new trend that almost every business or person has to follow to spread awareness among the people.

For this, the user who is operating the website needs to conduct different tests to check the popularity of the website among the people and see how much traffic the website can get on it. For this, the most reliable test is cross browser testing.

It is very important to conduct this test as it will help in getting the user on the right track of doing the best for the website. For example, you are trying to access any site that archives the cat meme into existence and you are doing it for the very first time on your MacBook. The user can open the Safari and type the URL and wait for it to load. Check your network before loading the things.

Reliable test

If the site still does not load, then you will come on two assumptions i.e either the site is having some issue, so better to leave it now and come back later or the site is completely broken and find some alternative to it.

Many browser vendors are following the open web standards. You can easily refer to them for your interpretations. It will render HTML, CSS, and Java Scripts that too in unique ways. The website code is not enough to ensure how your website is working, this is the reason the user needs to conduct tests like cross browser testing on a different browser to see the best results.

This testing will help to pinpoint the browser compatibility errors that need to debug quickly. This will helps in ensuring that the website doing the best way by reaching out to the target audience. This test will ensure that everything on the website is going well.

To have all the right things, it is important to have all the documentation work about the test like the list of the features of the test, how it will work on different browsers, versions, platforms to meet the compatibility with the audience.

Different features are in the cross browser testing. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Base functionality: this helps in ensuring the basic functionality work that might be on most of the browsers with OS combinations. It verifies that all the dialog boxes and menus are working properly. All the form fields are valid after correcting. Is the website able to handle the first-party cookies and the website is having a seamless touch input for the mobiles and tablets? All these things are included in this feature of the testing.
  • Design: This ensures that the website appearance should have all the appealing fonts, images, and layouts that will match the specifications that are shared by the designing team. As the research about the things that will appeal to the audience at large. All the work is to be done according to the plan.
  • Accessibility: This feature will ensure that the accounts for compliance with the web content accessibility guidelines. To enable all these things there is the requirement to get this test access from different browsers to see the results.
  • Responsiveness: Today is the time of fast-moving things, it is very important to verify the designs that are fluid and can fit into different screen sizes and orientations. So that it is easy for every person to access it in the best possible.

So it can be concluded that this cross browser testing as a whole can provide a great deal to the website. Timely decisions will be taken to check that the website is getting enough traffic on it.

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