45 Addictive Websites to Kill Time Instead Count Your Thumb

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Do you want cool interesting websites where you can kill time, have fun, and kill boredom? These cool websites are the best places to be.

Kill time with these cool interesting websites

One of the best means of killing time and boredom is the internet. It offers you much online content that gets you busy enough to forget a strenuous day at work. However, several persons still don’t know the best website to spend their time on the internet. The internet offers so much more, and you can access everything you want even by sitting in your room. There are some cool interesting websites that help you kill time and boredom and have fun online. These websites have been carefully selected for you. All you have to do is sit, access them, have fun, and learn new things if possible.

45 Addictive Websites to Kill Time Instead Count Your Thumb

1. Lego Videos

Lego Videos

Lego Videos is one of the top best cool interesting websites where you can have all the fun in the world simply by watching funning and interesting videos. With Lego Videos, you are sure of killing that boredom and having a fun-filled time. The website is unique for its provision of a large catalog that contains various contents. With this, it becomes easier for you to access whatever you want; whether Car Racing, Fighting games, or Ghost Hunting, the website has everything to make your day lovely and fun.

2. Ocearch Shark Tracker


Another interesting cool website is OCEARCH Shark Tracker. What this website does is to make your day fun with its shark tracker game. You can enjoy keeping track of sharks while as they swim around the sea. You can also track where a particular shark has been swimming for quite some time. It is a scintillating website for your pleasure.

3. SuperCook


This is a super cool website that helps you get around with cooking your meal. It is super fun and also educative to explore this website. Suppose you want to prepare a meal but don’t have the complete ingredients to carry it out, all you have to do is add the ingredients and watch SuperCook give you a list of what you can prepare with your available ingredients. It is amazingly simple and fun to carry out.

4. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

This website has been selected as one of the coolest websites for those who love home décor. Apartment Therapy is unique for assisting you in your journey of finding the best décor to make your home more pleasant and lovely. It provides you with amazing ideas to fulfill your dream home décor without stress.  The website also inspires you by displaying some beautiful apartments of other people to feel what you want yours to look like.

5. Hotspot 3D

Hotspot 3D

This website is specifically handy for those faced with a lot of smartphone choices and are finding it difficult to pick the best for their budget. What Hotspot3D does is to act as a tool that helps you compare devices. It does this in 3D to make it less strenuous for you to pick your choice. With Hotspot3D, be sure to have an amazing experience of phone comparison in 3D.

6. Nautilus

Do you love to read articles? Nautilus is the best platform you can find amazing articles with lots of topics that can be categorized into autobiography, psychology, history, science, and lots more. If you arere one of those persons who love learning while trying to kill time, then you should visit Nautilus for informative and educative articles.

7. This American Life

This American Life

This American Life is amazing for its provision of entertaining and emotional stories. If you are looking to pass the time with great stories depicting real-life events, you should try out This America Life. You will be amazed at the kind of stories it offers.

8. Unplug The TV

Unplug The TV

Nothing is as fun as having amazing and funning videos at your disposal. Unplug The TV is a cool website that ensures your day is fun and amazing by providing a lot of unique content. One thing about this website is that even though it doesn’t allow you to choose what you will like to watch, you can always skip any video you don’t like. It is quite simple to use and easy to understand.

9. Open Culture

Open Culture

Open Culture focuses on the exploration of various cultures we have in the world today. The website examines how these cultures have evolved over time and what has shaped them into how they are today. With this cool and interesting website, you are guaranteed to learn a great deal about various cultures.

10. Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ancient History Encyclopedia is the perfect cool website for history enthusiasts. With this cool website, you can learn about anything, including Epic and Ancient wars.

11. WiKi How

WiKi How

WiKi How is a unique and cool website where you can learn about anything. It is the perfect website for all the questions you mean to ask. With WiKi How, be assured that you will get detailed and well-explained answers to any question you have.

12. How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works is a unique site that is based on teaching you about how things work. It teaches you everything about tornados and soda fountains. It is unique for providing concise information in a language that is easy to understand.

13. The Toast

The Toast

If you are a writer, this website is the best for you. The Toast is known for publishing interesting stories. You will find stories with interesting characters here. You can also learn about books and their authors. Though the website publishes articles, they aren’t dominant, unlike stories. With this cool interesting website, you can kill time surfing its content.

14. Smithsonian


Another cool interesting website for learning history is Smithsonian. It teaches you everything you need to learn about technology and history. One unique thing about this site is that it gives you quality articles with easy-to-read language. If you desire to kill time, you can visit this website and learn a great deal about history.

15. 100,000 Stars

100,000 Stars

Just as its name holds, this website is beautifully made of stars. 100,000 Stars displays a beautiful galaxy decorated with stars. It allows you to surf through, starting from the Sun to the galaxy’s edge as you learn awesome things.

16. A Soft Murmur


Suppose you need any cool websites that enable you to relax while at work, it is definitely A Soft Murmur. It has several sounds of nature, such as waves, wind, rain, and others. It has a mobile application that works on Android and iOS devices.

17. Akinator


Akinator is a popular cool website that you can use to search for any character. It works like magic because there is absolutely no character in this world that it doesn’t possess. Once you type in the question, the website will search out the name of the character in less time. You can try out the site and see.

18. Open Puppies

Open Puppies

Open Puppies is a cool interesting website for puppy lovers. It is amazing for displaying various puppy videos and GIFs. What makes this unique is that the videos are all high quality. Open Puppies is undoubtedly a nice website to try out if you love puppies.

19. Attack Of the Cute

Attack Of the Cute

Are you an animal lover? Then try out this amazing website. It shows unique animal photos that are completely adorable and unique for your viewing pleasure. It is a cool website for those who love animal pets.

20. Forgotify


If you want to discover upcoming and promising music artists, this is the best place for you. Forgotify is unlike Spotify that shows content of established artists at the peril of the upcoming ones. Without a doubt, Spotify is a nice platform for discovering great music and artists; however, most of its contents favor well-known artists. With Forgotify, you can learn about promising artists with unique music.

21. This Is Why I Am Broke

This Is Why I Am Broke

This Is Why I Am Broke is a cool site to discover unique gift ideas. It offers amazing products for a few dollars. With this amazing website, there is definitely something for you.

22. Uncrate


If you want to examine some shopping products before you go shopping, you can try out this website. Uncrate is a cool interesting website for men. It provides you with more than nine-thousand men products.

23. ZergNet


One of the best cool interesting websites that offer original content for entertainment is ZergNet.

ZergNet provides quality content focusing on TV shows, TV series, Movies, and a host of others. One thing about this site is that it doesn’t provide personal-generated content; instead, it hosts the contents offered by other publishers worldwide. It is also a nice place to read unique articles.

24. Oddee


Just as its name suggests, Oddee is a website that places emphasis on the strange, bizarre, and odd contents around the world and provides you with quality and amazing articles for your reading pleasure. This cool interesting website is a nice BuzzFeed alternative. If you are looking to kill boredom and fill your time with amazing articles, Oddee is the best place for you.

25. I Waste So Much Time


If you desire to kill time with funny and entertaining content, visit I Waste So Much Time. Just as its name holds, the site focuses on wasting your time by providing short articles and funny photos with captions.



The internet has millions of GIFs, and you can find most of them on GIPHY. GIFs are a means of expressing your emotions, mood, and how you feel at a particular time.  The mood can be anger, happy, sad, etc. You can find many of these GIFs circulating on the internet right here in GIPHY.

27. The Chive


This website is regarded as one of the best cool websites where you can read amazing articles. It is just like BuzzFeed in terms of content. If you are looking to have an amazing experience reading interesting articles as you pass the time, then The Chive is perfect for you.

28. BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed is a nice website for both old and young. It offers informative content that you can learn from. If you want articles and listicles, you can find them here. BuzzFeed provides you with articles that have funny GIFs and photos. You can kill time by surfing through its amazing content.

29. The Onion


If you are a writer, you can use this website to publish information in a funny way. It is one of the coolest websites that offer news in a satirical way. You can visit the website to have a feel of its content.

30. The Oatmeal


The Oatmeal is another funny website where you can pass well and have a fun-filled day. It provides you with comics that cannot be easily predicted. Certainly, when you visit this website and access its content, you are going to laugh.

31. This Is My Website Now


Another interesting website for killing time is This Is My Website Now. All you do on the website is play games. It is the perfect website to engage yourself when you are not busy.

32. Wait But Why


If you want a website to learn life-related content and news, then make Wait But Why your perfect spot. The website explains its topics in a funny way. It is, without a doubt, a funny website to pass the time.

33. Cool Interesting Stuff


We are examining cool interesting websites to pass the time, and here is a website that names itself Cool Interesting Stuff. Just as its name says, all you get here are interesting contents to pass the time.

34. Don't Even Reply


Replying to all the classified ads implies you have enough time to do that. Anyway, Don’t Even Reply is a website that has the time to do this. The website is quite funny and amazing to explore.

35. Cracked


Just like BuzzFeed, this website also deals with listicles. Cracked provides writers with funny content and ensure they always express their writing in an amusing way. When you visit this website, you will definitely be amazed.

36. BoredPanda


Another funny website for funny content is Bored Panda. Bored Panda is all about funny listicles. You are guaranteed to have an amazing time with the website.

37. The Odd 1s Out


If you want a satirical website filled with funny content, then go for The Odd Is Out. It provides satirical content on life events. The Odd Is Out also has a YouTube Channel for your viewing pleasure.

38. XKCD


Like The Odd Is Out, XKCD also provides satirical content related to language, maths, and romance. It is a funny website for matchs lovers. You can try it out to have a feel of what it does.

39. The Moth


The Moth is a website that contains a great deal of stories. The Moth provides you with stories all over the world for your reading pleasure. It is one of the best websites for reading stories when you are bored and want to explore interesting content.

40. MUBI


MUBI is specifically enjoyable by people who find it difficult to choose which movie to watch when faced with a large number of movies. If you fall into this category, this website is right for you as it provides you with movies in small numbers per day to watch. With this, you can easily select which to watch. MUBI houses a movie on its website for about thirty days after the day of its upload. This gives you enough time to stream the website before the website removes it. It is indeed a nice and col website for your viewing pleasure.

41. A Good Movie To Watch


Sometimes, it isn't easy to find a nice movie to stream. This can occur almost every time with everyone. This is where A Good Movie To Watch comes in handy. The website contains a large library of movies that are categorized according to mood or genre. One unique thing about A Good Movie To Watch is that it projects any movie that isn’t gaining waves on the internet but is still a good fit to watch.

42. Vsauce


This website has long been one of the best websites to learn while passing the time. It has a lot of interesting and funny content that can fill your day with laughter. If you’re feeling down, bored, less busy, and you want to kill time with some cool and interesting stuff, then you should definitely visit Vsauce.

43. Mental Floss


If you desire to read some cool stories happening all over the world, then visit Mental Floss. The website provides you with interesting storing on various topics such as pop culture, technology, history, science, etc. When you visit this website, be assured of experiencing thrilling stories.

44. Little Alchemy 2


Another cool and interesting website for passing the time is Little Alchemy 2. This website helps kill your time by engaging you with a mixing game where you have to mix things and create something out of what you have mixed. You can begin with different elements, such as Air, Water, Fire, Earth, etc. Your aim will be to create something from other things, such as mixing air and earth to create dust, etc. Little Alchemy 2 doesn’t restrict you with rules and regulations, so feel free to mix and create. This website is really a cool site to kill time.

45. Big Think


Big Think is a platform where you get to learn about various ideas from different individuals all over the world. Though the website doesn’t provide a life-hack, you are sure of gaining verified info. What this website does is to make you sure learn a lot of lessons from other people’s past mistakes as well as their successes. Big Think is a nice website to learn from successful individuals who know their onions.


Finally, these are the top best cool interesting websites you will ever come across on the internet. If you are bored and feel down, you can surf these websites to kill time and have some fun. The websites are all unique and spectacular in their respective ways.

If you want some really funny content to make you laugh and turn your boredom into liveliness, then check out some funny websites such as Bored Panda, The Odd Is Out, This is My Website Now, Cracked, XKCD, etc. You won’t be disappointed visiting these websites.

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