8 Best Cook Groups for Maximum Copping in 2024

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Are you a sneakerhead who wants to cop the newly-released sneakers? With the best cook groups, you can get updates about new releases. This article provides you with everything you need to know about cook groups and the best cook groups to join.

A cook group is a chat group or a community of sneakerheads where the latest updates are dropped about newly-released sneakers. Discord is typically the impetus for the formation of such groups or networks of sneakerheads.

The main goal of a cook group is to facilitate the acquisition of rare drops at certain times. A cook group is another great resource for exchanging advice and ideas.

In this article, I am going to show you the advantages of joining a cook group as well as the best cook groups to join.

Benefits of Joining a Cook Group

1. Consistent community support coupled with strict accountability

One of the most significant but sometimes overlooked advantages of joining a cook group is the opportunity to interact with others who share your interests and passions.

Naturally, you benefit the most from a friendly community as a novice; many elite and renowned cooking forums are noted for being nasty and anxious with inquiries from those just starting out.

2. Possibility of obtaining numerous pairs of sneakers

The best sneaker cook groups feature participants who each get many pairs of sneakers to resale.

It is possible that you won't be able to “cop” numerous pairs of sneakers in a weekend at first, but with diligence and practice, you can get there.

3. Increased potential for obtaining lucrative sneakers

Sneaker botters and participants of such groups frequently have exclusive access to the highest valuable shoes, such as Off-Whites, with a resale value of more than 1,000 USD.

There's no assurance, but you could potentially improve your chances of success by studying the strategies used by industry professionals.

4. Access to get your hands on high-end gadgets like monitors that would normally cost a fortune alone

In the same way that paying for a gym membership gets you access to high-priced equipment, joining a cook group grants you accessibility to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bots and monitors.

Notifications of the latest updates, featuring restocks and surprise drops, are shown in real time on these monitors.

1. NotifySquared — The resell group committed to making you profits

NotifySquared Overview

  • Fees: 35 USD monthly

You can count on the members of this cooking club to do everything they can to minimize the strain of making a profit.

In order to help members grow their sneaker reselling businesses, it provides them with the advice, services, and resources they need to succeed.

Having verified the size of this cook group's membership by testing, I can attest to the fact that it has more than a thousand members.

Those who join the group will be informed as soon as a new drop becomes available.

This ensures your freedom from any confinement.

In addition to the exclusive group discount, you will get access to unreleased connections, a secure bot for hire inside your own facility, and a wealth of data.

Connect with them on Twitter

2. Steady Soles — A global community of entrepreneurs and sneakers lovers

Steady Soles Overview

  • Fees: 25 USD monthly

When it comes to sneakers resale, Steady Soles is a revolutionary — it completely alters the way you do business.

Auto-checkout slots are available at no cost, and consumers have accessibility to the most advanced screens in the sneaker business.

Anyone interested in sneakers or in reselling them for a profit will find this an excellent option.

The crew has earned respect thanks to their track record, and they are backed by respected figures in the footwear scene.

It's been going on for a while, but the company has been plagued by conflict.

Get a membership and see where it takes you.

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3. Restock World — Exclusive, all-in-one reselling community

Restock World Overview

  • Fees: 60 USD monthly

This is a top-tier AIO resale platform where members have access to all they need to advance in the lucrative trade of sneaker piracy.

Members in the Restock community are able to take part in a collective purchase using proxies and bots thanks to the community's robust infrastructure.

A Chrome extension and companion program called project X are both available for administering multiple Twitter feeds.

There is a recurring monthly fee for some premium options. A subscription can be obtained either via their site or a third-party vendor.

The user-friendliness of their dashboard is matched by the quality of the assistance they provide to their clients.

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4. AMNotify — Best group to improve your resell profits

AMNotify Overview

  • Fees: 60 USD monthly

AMNotify provides its clients with the best resources possible to help them increase their income from reselling.

It's clear that the shoe release updates, unique group purchases, and early connections are the most popular features.

Amnotify also sends out instantaneous notifications to its dedicated clientele in the event of an unexpected price decrease or resupply.

When consumers have questions, they may reach out to their excellent customer service staff for help.

The KITH early connections and SNKRS data are available to users ahead of schedule.

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5. Notify — Best premium reselling group

Notify Overview

  • Fees: 60 USD monthly

There is no more trustworthy premium culinary crew than Notify when it comes to the shoe resale and copping business.

Because it's so well-known in the sneaker world, I have no doubt that you've already heard of it.

Because of its prominence, the group offers the greatest bulk discounts on robots of any such organization.

It's a place where members can try out the latest sneaker bots and win free stuff.

The company provides its customers with individualized support in addition to state-of-the-art tools such as lowkey flipping instructions, shoe monitors, and ACO services.

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6. Sneaker Squad X — Get your reselling game to the next level

Sneaker Squad X Overview

  • Fees: Free

Sneaker Squad X (or SSX for short) has been active in the sneaker industry for quite some time.

As of right now, their premium edition of the Discord kitchen group comes with some really sweet perks. Thus, a high-end monitor.

No matter whether you're releasing with a bot or by manual, they have you covered with how-to guidelines.

You can improve your odds of winning a pair by searching online directories that compile information about them.

They feature low-key flips and user interactions like one-on-one client support and conversations that all members can join.

Connect with them on Discord and Twitter

7. SiteSupply — Best place for adequate information about sneakers copping

SiteSupply Overview

  • Fees: Free

Site Supply is a hub that equips resellers and sneakerheads with all the data they want to get shoes with the proficiency of seasoned industry insiders.

Important for anyone interested in the sneaker-copping scene, this cook group shares the latest information in the field.

Moreover, they provide their clientele with frequent updates and feeds detailing the most recent sneaker launches and industry developments.

If you sign up for their newsletter, you'll get information as soon as it's released.

Connect with them on Instagram and Twitter

8. QwikCooks — With QuikCooks, reselling is made easy

QwikCooks Overview

  • Fees: Begins at 9.99 USD monthly

QwikCooks is a dependable online community where sneakerheads can share tips and discuss the latest industry developments.

The best times to purchase shoes, where to get the best deals, and more are all covered here.

This once-free cooking collective now charges members 9.99 USD each month. Fortunately, accounts can be resold with relative ease, allowing you to recoup your investment.

QwikCooks tracks more than 300 stores to provide its customers with accurate data on retail industry developments.

Connect with them on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord


Q. Is it worth it to join a sneaker cook group?

Group buying, auto-checkout, leakage, and other related benefits, such as exchanging ideas and utilizing professional help, mean that a successful sneaker cook group would rapidly pay for itself. No matter if you utilize sneaker bots or cop manually, your cook group will assist with your expansion.

Q. Is it profitable selling sneakers?

Selling sneakers is a wonderful way to generate money if you're motivated and self-starting. If you work very hard, you could replace your regular job's salary with what you make from your hustle. Building a company requires a lot of hard work, so it helps if it's in an area that interests you.

Q. How do I get a sneaker bot?

If you want access to these bots, you'll need to follow the relevant accounts on Twitter. There are periodic supply replenishments. The replenishment may be automated with the help of bots and other technologies. Bots are used by humans to purchase other bots.


There is no way to succeed in the sneaker business without first reading the sneaker copping instructions, but cook groups are also an essential part of the formula.

A sneaker bot is the number one suggestion among sneaker communities.

However, there is a lot of rivalry in the sneaker-copping industry, so it's important to keep up with the latest developments.

I had to compile this list of the top cook groups to assist you in leveling up in sneaker copping.

It is up to you to decide. Choose a cooking crew that suits your requirements and exceeds your desired level of expertise and accessibility to footwear.

Try out a free cook group if you're new to the system; then, when you're ready to upgrade, do it like a professional by paying for a premium account.

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