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Having a reliable online converter tool would be helpful, especially when our job mainly requires us to convert multiple files each day, or when we have to convert a file that is due for a nearing deadline. We don’t need to retype and reformat everything anymore with these powerful online converter tools.

These tools are the simplest and most effortless way of converting your files. PDF Files are already widely used today, and it is only logical that we know how to convert any file format into PDF format, right? This article will give you three online converter tools that you can use to convert your files in any file format into a PDF format. So, if you are looking for a Word to PDF converter, you have come to the right place!

PDF Bear

PDF Bear is a free web-based converter tool that has a lot of handy and functional features. One of its best features is its flexibility to many file formats and isn’t only limited to certain operating systems or devices. It can be accessed whether you are using macOS, Linux, or Windows. You can convert your files anytime and anywhere you are, even if you are only going to use your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

It assures all its users that the conversion process will only take a short amount of your time regardless of how many files you will convert or the size of your files. Your privacy is also one of their top priorities, so they make sure that every downloadable link or files you have uploaded into their servers will only be accessible for a limited time.

Small PDF

Upon entering their website into your browser, you will see that the user interface is packed with many colored squares. Each colored square represents the process you want to do whether you want to convert PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, Merge, Split, Unlock, or Delete your PDF. This is a very practical way of making things easier for all the users, and instead of searching for the feature they want to use, they just have to click on the colored square.


You can truly rely on Small PDF as your go-to online converter tool, and it would not disappoint you with its services. Don’t let the name Small PDF fool you. Even though it’s called small, it is really a fast and powerful online converter tool that you can trust to do your conversions efficiently.

Soda PDF Converter

Last on our list is Soda PDF Converter, which is also a web-based converter tool that can be accessed through their website just by using your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPad, or desktop computer. Opting to convert your Word document to PDF with Soda PDF Converter would be one of the best decisions you are going to make.

You are able to edit and annotate your converted files with its editing tools, and you don’t have to worry about having to reformat anything since the original file will not be compromised in any way, and will retain everything before it was converted.


If you are looking for the best and fastest way to convert your Word documents into PDF files, you found what you have been looking for. These online converter tools that we have listed will not let you down, especially when you are catching up for a nearing deadline, and you need to convert multiple files into various file formats. You have our word that these converter tools that we have listed are a sure-fire way to convert anything you want.



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