Convert And Add Watermark To Your PDF File Using GogoPDF

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Unlike in the past, PDF is not commonly used because of its unmodifiable features. But, people nowadays are often seen using PDF format. The possible reason is that it becomes a safer format for essential documents.

Since PDF has been considered one of the essential file formats ever created, it would help provide tips on using web-based tools to ease your task in file format alteration. One excellent tool online is the GogoPDF. This article will mainly discuss the features that GogoPDF offers.

Add Watermark To Your PDF Files

Add Watermark

There is an emerging era nowadays. As you post your file online, you will never know if someone might grab it and consider it as their own. If you try to use the Add Watermark to PDF tool of GogoPDF, you will be the rightful owner of that file. The steps are very comfortable to do.

The foremost procedure you need to take is choosing the file to add a watermark and drop it on their system. Put the image or text you want to use as a watermark for your PDF file, and click the “Add Watermark” button. The following step is to stand by and wait for the process to be done. It will only take a few seconds depending on your internet.

After that, you can now email and download your file and share it online with your colleagues. You will not be worried if that file will go into someone else’s hands since you fully own it because of the watermark feature.

The process is quite fast. With this tool, you can brand your PDF file easily. Plus, GogoPDF enables you to modify your watermark. You can select from various designs, colors, text, images, and fonts. If you wish to have a more minimalist design for your watermark, you can choose plain white and black colors!

Convert Your File Formats

PDF is an essential day-to-day file format. However, there will be a time that you need to create a presentation, and all the pieces of information that you need are stipulated in your PDF file. But, extraction of the data in your PDF file cannot commence unless you manually type it into another document. One solution for that is to convert your PDF file.

GogoPDF offers file format conversion. You can easily do it since they provide the easiest step in converting your files. They can also convert several file formats such as Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, and many more! You can again do vice versa. Just follow these steps formulated by GogoPDF:

  • The first step is choosing the document and dropping it in their system.
  • Their system will start analyzing and scanning your document.
  • Wait for it to finish in just a couple of seconds.
  • You can now download your converted file and can be shared online!

GogoPDF assures you to give you the fastest file format converter. If you are worried about the quality of the converted files, then don’t be. GogoPDF gives you the best possible quality or result after you convert your files. All the fonts, images, texts, and numbering will be the same as the original document!

Security Features

The security of your file is vital to GogoPDF. If you are worried that your confidential and personal information might get leaked to the general public, then don’t be. Their system automatically deletes your file an hour after finishing your file format alteration using this tool. This is also stipulated in the Security and Privacy policy of GogoPDF.

Available Platforms

GogoPDF supports different platforms. All known Operating System such as Mac, Linux, and Windows are supported by GogoPDF. This web-based tool also supports multiple browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and even Internet Explorer. It shows how versatile this tool is!

Cloud System

Cloud System

If your files have a massive amount of data, it might consume a lot of space in your desktop’s and webmail’s memory storage. The best possible way of saving your document is using an online platform such as the Cloud System.

This system allows you to save all your files online! Also, the spaces that your documents consume in your Cloud storage memory will not affect your desktop’s or laptop’s memory card. It’s also ideal since it will allow you to visit and scan your files online!


There are still several features that GogoPDF offers. But if you still want to learn more about their other features, you may visit their official website. They also offer a free trial for a limited time only!

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