Content Marketing: Hot Trend in Promoting Your Business

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It's no secret that the media space opens up great business opportunities. The main goal of online entrepreneurs is to keep the audience's attention and there are many ways to achieve this.

In the search engine optimization industry, the main ranking factor is the behavioral one, that is, the retention of attention. Therefore, webmasters are more and more focused on the formation of content.

Many people use outbound marketing when an advertisement message bursts into people's personal space at a time when they are not expecting it. We have entered the era of hyper information and the first thing we filter is advertising. People stop paying attention to it.

Content marketing is now the fastest-growing segment of online advertising. Growth in this direction is due to advertising fatigue. This is inbound marketing when the consumer comes to the brand himself because the brand has something of value in addition to the advertising power. In this article, we will focus on the basic principles of content formation as a powerful tool for your business.

Principles of magnetic content

Principles of magnetic content

The content is a format for interacting with potential customers. It is what identifies you. It allows you to build trusting relationships, show your expertise, become recognizable, and involve the audience in the buying process.

First, you should generate value and be useful. This includes sharing the experience that taught you something, showing results, teaching, training, expressing your opinion, showing practice, good mood, and a sense of humor, it is something that brings you very close.

The second task is to sell yourself and to show your results, achievements. The third one is to influence actions. You should rise the desire through advantages and opportunities, use triggers and calls for action.

You need to build trust with your audience. It is not the number of subscribers that is important, but the quality of the relationship with them.

How to develop a content plan for social media?

A content plan is a list of ideas that you will publish during the month. The effectiveness of your promotion will depend on the topics you will use. If you look at most of the commercial pages and channels, they are run by 2-3 categories of content. It’s a wrong strategy.

The content plan should be varied and multi-formatted. There should be a large amplitude of different content. In order for a person to perform a targeted action, we must influence him through different points and give different incentives for buying, interest him, form impressions about us as experts. As a result, everything should be reflected in the content plan.

There is a wide range of content categories.

Selling content is everything related to the unique benefits of a product, company, successful cases, company history, product review, company news.

Cognitive content solves many problems. It forms the image of an expert, determines the value of your pages, and people come to get useful information. Such content should correspond to the objectives of the audience, solve problems and concerns. These are life hacks, master classes, checklists.

Entertainment content includes humor, motivation, lifestyle. Organize contests, polls, promotions for your audience and make gifts. It involves the audience strongly.

Use analytics in your content. Such posts are gaining a professional audience. You can analyze numbers, compare products, instruments, analyze market segments. It is a good idea to show your level of professionalism through content that is related to inner work and has objective indicators.

Involving content provokes interaction. This will add loyalty and audience reach. The larger the number of likes, comments, saves are gained with the help of questions implemented in posts, and contests.

Selling content as a powerful sales tool

Selling content

In the content plan, the percentage of selling content should be at least 50%, since the main task in the business is sales. There are different ways to get a person interested in a product and give him an incentive to buy.

This can be done through stories. It is important to tell about the initial situation of the client, how you worked with him, what problems were during the work and how they were solved. In the end, it is worth to indicate the results your client received. The story can be arranged in a separate post, in a series of Stories, or in the format of a live broadcast.

To write a post with a press on customer pain, you need to know your audience well. It is necessary to show why people are in the current situation, remind them of their pain, strengthen it and show the opportunities that they can get.

Client reviews can be used as a separate unit of content. Many people on the Internet have faced deception and the level of trust is declining. In order to restore this trust, we reinforce the reviews with links to people so an opportunity exists to contact them.

Another tool in trust-building is using social proof. For instance, you can buy real Instagram followers and other quantitative indicators to rise popularity and authority.

Write objection-driven content, make lead magnets and offer free consultations or checklists, offer a money-back guarantee.  As a rule, such content is read by the most interested subscribers.

Every business on the Internet needs to take a responsible approach to work with content because at the current time this is the reality of successful promotion.

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