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Do you want to stay updated on various issues like state affairs and socio-cultural environment news with conservative news sites? It’s quite difficult these days to find reliable conservative news sources, but this article has got you covered with reliable conservative news sites specially selected for your convenience.

What are Conservative News Sites?

A conservative website is one that primarily features information that provides an in-depth analysis of the right-of-center political position in the United States.

You can find reports on topics such as politics, religion, and conservative social views. It is an excellent resource for breaking news.

Finding a trustworthy conservative news source is a challenge for most individuals. Fortunately, I know many.

Each one I’ve met is special in its way. They are not interested in gaining traffic at the expense of their credibility, as is the case with many other websites. As a result, you can count on the vast majority of the stuff you encounter being current and believable.

You can also find articles on a wide range of subjects on these conservative news websites. They are the most reliable resources for learning about cutting-edge media and websites on the web.

Below is a curating list of the best conservative news sites.

1. The Blaze — The best for original reporting

The Blaze Overview

A lot of people read The Blaze since it’s a prominent conservative news website. The conservative community has always favored the website that Glenn Beck launched in 2013.

The website has gained notoriety for its in-depth interviews and other forms of original reporting. The information presented by The Blaze has likewise been thoroughly investigated and fact-checked.

Daily coverage of conservative legislation, policy, and politicians is also provided by The Blaze. For those interested in conservative news, the website is a solid resource.

2. The Right Scoop — The best for local government and state news

The Right Scoop Overview

Even though The Right Scoop has only been around for a short while, it has already established itself as a leading conservative news outlet.

The Right Scoop, founded in 2017, featured original reporting from a conservative viewpoint and was founded by a team of former Breitbart employees.

In addition to covering federal politics extensively, the site places a heavy emphasis on stories from state and municipal governments. If you’re looking for conservative news, you can count on The Right Scoop.

3. American Military News — The best for military content

American Military News Overview

The American Military News is an established news outlet that reports on current events in the military sector.

Topics covered on the site range from special forces and military strategy to politics and military enlistment tips.

4. National Review — The best for non-partisan perspective to news coverage

National Review Overview

If you’re looking for a conservative news site, National Review is one of the best. The site’s goal is to offer objective news reporting. Despite this, it is well recognized for its staunchly conservative stance.

Articles in Conservative Review often include comprehensive interviews and critical analysis, demonstrating the publication’s commitment to original reporting.

Each day, the site refreshes its news with the latest information on conservative legislation, policy, and politicians. For anyone interested in reading conservative news, this is an indispensable resource.

5. The Daily Signal — The best place for in-depth news reporting

The Daily Signal Overview

For the best reasons, The Daily Signal has become one of the most popular and respected conservative news websites in the world today.

A leading conservative research group, the Heritage Foundation, manages the website. Each day, Heritage specialists provide updates and fresh reporting for The Daily Signal.

Not only does it provide extensive coverage of the federal government, but it also covers state and municipal governments. It is the best place to go for up-to-date conservative news in one convenient location.

6. Breitbart — The best for social and political news coverage

Breitbart Overview

Breitbart is among the most visited websites for news and analysis on politics and pop culture.

It has become the standard-bearer of brash, right-wing criticism because of its reputation for originality and a refreshing lack of political correctness.

Because it doesn’t hold back, Breitbart has earned the everlasting enmity of the left, one whose authors and editors probably see as a mark of distinction.

7. The Federalist — The best for logical and rational news reporting

The Federalist Overview

When it comes to conservative news, The Federalist has always been at the top of the list.

This website is a stronghold of conservative thinking, a haven of breadth, depth, and insight, thanks to its great authors.

It’s a great location to begin your search for reasonable and convincing arguments against the Marxist viewpoint.

8. Wall Street Journal — The best for cultural and political news coverage

Wall Street Journal Overview

The Wall Street Journal provides a wide range of material in an easily consumable digital format, from politics and entertainment to literature and real estate.

Recently, the Journal has expanded its influence outside the realm of finance, cementing its position as an industry leader.

9. The American Thinker — The best place for exclusive information

The American Thinker Overview

The conservative opinion content on the American Thinker site more than makes up for the lack of eye-catching visuals, cutting-edge videos, or other multimedia gimmicks.

The articles in American Thinker are generally written by Americans with extensive political experience who have something to say and aren’t afraid to share it with the world through their keyboard.

Reader participation and contributions are highly encouraged in this publication.

10. American Greatness — The best up-and-coming resource

American Greatness Overview

American Greatness is a controversial news source that covers pop culture, the media, and politics in a no-holds-barred fashion.

Considering the variety of content, including articles and podcasts, this might be an up-and-coming resource.

11. Twitchy — The best conservative news site for compiling tweets into short posts

Twitchy Overview

The content of Twitchy, a conservative website, consists mostly of reprinting controversial tweets. Michelle Malkin established it in 2012. In 2013, Salem Media Group (a Christian conservative media conglomerate) purchased the domain and continued to operate it.

It was around 2015 that Malkin’s relationship with Twitchy began to sour. But the site’s main focus is on collecting tweets, making up tales, and publishing them in concise postings.

12. The Washington Free Beacon — Privately-owned American conservative news source

The Washington Free Beacon Overview

For conservative news and analysis of American politics, check out the Washington Free Beacon.

It is independently owned and operated, to satisfy the public’s need for in-depth analysis and reporting on a wide range of issues.

Policy, government, media, and related topics are only some of the topics that can be researched and learned about on this site.

It is widely acknowledged by those who have utilized the site that it excels at reporting on news and events that traditional media outlets ignore.

13. The Epoch Times — The best place for accurate news reporting

The Epoch Times Overview

The Epoch Times publishes honest accounts from all sides of an issue, something other outlets refuse to do.

Since they are not tied to any one government or corporation, the media outlet is less likely to be influenced by higher-ups. This is a major reason why they are one of the most rapidly expanding firms in the state.

Its creator, John Tang, is largely responsible for the company’s sustained success. The Chinese American’s goal was to build a site that was reliably connected to accurate, up-to-date data. That was formerly impossible but is now entirely doable.

The Epoch Times is published in over 20 languages in an attempt to attract the widest possible audience.

14. RedState — The best place for conservative political information and opinion

RedState Overview

RedState is one of the best conservative news sites when it comes to political information and opinions.

The site has a lot of news about political activism and other content that makes people angry.

RedState is a place to go if you like reading different points of view, especially from well-known people in politics.

15. The Washington Times — The best conservative news site for general insightful news

The Washington Times Overview

Some significant members of the political system seem to be a target for this conservative news source. It was at the nation’s capital that the website was first conceived.

It covers broad but perceptive themes primarily related to national politics. This site has been around since May 1972.

This region is well-recognized for its very conservative political views. All three Republican presidents—Trump, Bush, and Reagan—have been stuck to it.

16. The Daily Wire — Fast-growing conservative news site

The Daily Wire Overview

Consisting of many skilled individuals, The Daily Wire, over time, has predominantly become one of the most popular conservative news outlets online.

Jeremy Boreing and Ben Shapiro launched this website in 2015 to showcase personality-driven journalism and maximize digital reach on Facebook.

17. Townhall — The best place to go for reliable conservative news

Townhall Overview

Conservative news seekers who want dependable coverage of the main topics trust Townhall because of its vast range of articles written by prominent free-market experts.

The publication is most recognized for the exclusive articles written by prominent figures in contemporary politics.

18. Fox News — One of the most well-known and influential conservative news sources

Fox News Overview

Fox is by far the most popular conservative news outlet. More people watch it than watch any other major news station, including CNN, NBC, and others.

Furthermore, Fox offers the increasingly common option of streaming media. Fox's massive size and clout have allowed it to attract viewers who fall across the political spectrum.

Popular prime-time pundits like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are featured on Fox News, and the network's video highlights are widely shared on social media and video-sharing platforms such as TikTok, TV, and Facebook.

19. Judicial Watch — Provides exceptional pieces for conservative news lovers

Judicial Watch Overview

When it comes to holding government officials accountable, few organizations are as well-known as Judicial Watch.

It’s a model of the kind of site that may not get the greatest traffic but is highly regarded by our staff and readers because of the quality of its material.

20. The Federalist — An authentic American conservative online news source

The Federalist Homepage

The Federalist is a conservative American online journal and podcast that distributes weekly and writes on religion, culture, policy, and politics. In 2013, Ben Domenech and Sean Davis launched the website.

After receiving a warning from Google Ads in June 2020, The Federalist disabled its comments area altogether and Google said that “no action would be taken” about the allegations of racism that had been made against the website.


Q. Which topics do conservative news sites cover?

You will find a diversified report on various news topics on conservative news sites. However, topics like politics, religion, and conservative social views are majorly prevalent.

Q. Are conservative news reliable?

Like every other news source, conservative news can be reliable and authentic. However, it is advisable to consider its credibility and reliability based on past reports. Also, ensure to seek out multiple sources before concluding the reliability of any news source.

Q. What are the best conservative news sites?

There are so many reliable and trustworthy conservative news sites out there. Conservative sites like The Washington Times, National Review, Daily Signal, and Breitbart are some reliable sources.

Q. How do liberal news sites differ from conservative news sites?

Various conservative news outlets advocate conservative political viewpoints, whereas several liberal news outlets do the opposite. Liberal news outlets may emphasize environmental preservation, social justice, and government interference in the economy, whereas conservative news outlets may emphasize a strong national defense, low taxation, and limited government.


In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of individuals actively searching out conservative news websites. As it has been easier to access digital material, websites from all sides of the political spectrum have been able to draw in millions of users and readers.

The upshot is that many media outlets that used to cater exclusively to one political ideology now provide readers on both the Right and the left with contrasting perspectives on a range of topics. Make sure to check out the sites mentioned in this article if you’re seeking a new reliable news resource.

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