11 Colour Trends That Will Define 2021

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It is no news that 2020 has been a turbulent year in almost every way possible. That said, when people were confined to their homes, many used it as an opportunity to spur their creativity and find time for home improvement projects.

As we glide into 2021, it is likely that this newfound passion for artistry will continue to be an inspiration in many ways. Everybody is looking for a refreshing start, and embrace it with warm and soothing tones.

It might be time to think about more harmony in every aspect of life, including the colours you choose. This year, our designers have curated the perfect colour palettes that are truly going to be trendy. Here is all the inspiration you need to get started on 2021’s art projects.

1. Natural Nudes

Natural Nudes

It was in 2018 when Angélica Dass released the Humanae project where she photographed people of different colours. She matched each of her photos to Pantone’s colours, creating a human skin tone spectrum that was finally inclusive of the different colours.

However, it took a while for the cosmetics and the art industry to pick up on this. In 2020, we saw several brands emphasising developing colour palettes that represented all skin tones. Nude palettes became so popular, and flesh-toned products that appealed to every skin colour were very much in demand.

As it should be, we are expecting that brands and artists continue to embrace the human colour spectrum and bring in more diversity to the skin tones.

2. Grounded Tones

Grounded Tones

2020 saw a significant comeback of earthy tones in all areas of art. Be it in fashion, interior design, or art, the neutrals were shining throughout the year. Altho they are not lush or vibrant, they give out the feel of warmth and calmness. Such shades can easily transport you to a sun-drenched European villa or a mud-house in a desert.

The appeal of clay tones such as the brick reds, caramels, ochres, and dusty oranges will continue trending in 2021 as well. As the world is increasingly leaning towards sustainable living, the concept of earth tones that resembles natural materials is a perfect choice.

Moreover, these earthy tones can be found in a variety of natural materials – such as in clay, leather, wood, stone, and even marble.

The combination of these neutral colour tones can have a significant impact on the ambience of the room. They do not demand attention yet give out a soothing appearance enriching the space. Even better, you could combine it with this season’s exciting contrasts.

Grounded Tones

3. Leafy Greens

The browns are not the only tones to look out for this year. The leafy greens made a majestic comeback this year. Of course, that is indeed not a surprise, considering that we spent a lot of 2020 indoors. It is only natural that we wanted to bring some of the green indoors, in-wall paints, cabinets, plants, and as posters.

We will also see a lot of prints in this colour palette. Think of vibrant green wallpapers that will invite in the lush green of a tropical forest or transform a boring wall into an engaging scene. The greens have also been hitting the tiles, cabinets, and doors. With a mix of the midnight blues or teals, you can add another dimension to the green as well.

Be it the rolling countryside or the greens of the deep forest, there is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to foliage patterns. You can work it well into the bright tones, as well as the subdued hues of the organic colours. And you can be very well sure that this trend is going to stay for a couple of years at the very least.

Leafy Greens

4. Moody Blacks and Whites

According to the paint manufacturers, one of the trends that resurfaced in the last few years was the use of black and grey tones. We saw them adorning the walls, cabinets, shelves, and even accessories.

You can now use black in the living rooms and even in the study room, and it will instantly add another dimension to space. In terms of other uses of colours, black never really went out of fashion, right?

This year, alongside black, we will also see some of the more diffused black shades. Popularly known as “almost black” tones, these cover a range of tints and hues of the true black colour.

On the contrary, chalk-white is also going to be a popular trend in 2021. Instead of the bright whites, we will see more moody and muted shades. Think of the colour with warmer undertones, with a touch of natural texture. We are talking about chalk whites or finishes such as Lime Wash or Roman Clay. You will feel like stepping on to an old villa, with white walls, bougainvillaea hanging on them, to paint you a pretty picture.

There will also be combinations of the moody blacks and whites, with a tint of greens in between that makes a palette more welcoming.

These tones are one way to look at the bigger picture and take a stand with a mindfulness movement. If you are seeking a minimalist space yet would prefer more colours than the blank whites, there is no reason why the ground tones will not work for you. You can use this palette as your personal strategy to cope up with the hassle of your current life.

Work these colours in combination, or use them as a singular way to turn the volume down and enter the visual representation of a quiet life.

Moody Blacks and Whites

5. Intense, Fruity colours

While the subtle shades can be uplifting, not everyone wants to switch to the earthy tones.

On the other end of the scale are the juicy colours that are likely to dominate 2021. The bold sense of these bright and fruity shades might be the renewal we need to welcome this year with hopes.

The bright, positive shades take after positivity and cheerfulness, the traits which are high in demand these days. We are talking about the vibrant magentas, yellows, corals, and splashy tones.

On a paler background, these fruity colours pop out, creating a strong impression on the viewer. You will see this a lot on brands, product packages, and even on Instagram galleries. They are quite warm but not too audacious.

Intense Fruity colours

6. Dreamy Pastels

Dreamy Pastels

There is nothing that speaks of harmony better than a pastel shade. Altho different, they come together to form an analogous pattern that works and blends with each other. If you want more subtlety than the powerful juicy tones, then this dreamy pastel palette can be your ultimate colour goal for this year.

It goes without saying that after our heightened screen time, we want to be surrounded with colours that are as soothing as possible. The dreamy pastels are delicate and more comfortable for the eyes. For those who prefer bright shades yet want to minimise the boldness, you can opt for these on the walls.

We are also thinking that such pastels will appear in exterior designs as well. They could easily add eye-catching accents, or add a casual kerb-side look to a house. You could also easily blend them into front doors, shutters, patios, or even outdoor living areas.

Artists could particularly fit them into their portfolio, be it on an Instagram gallery or Behance projects.

We will see more of such colours adjacent to each other, forming a gradient effect, and rather without perfect transitions. As a collection, or individually, the harmonious pastels will be a reviving combination to use.

Dreamy Pastel

7. Surrealistic colour Usage

When it comes to art, more than the individual colours, what matters is how you use them. Artists have always been going out of their bounds to experiment with colours, and 2021 is going to be no exception.

We will be seeing colour usage in surreal and unexpected ways to create bizarre and psychedelic imagery. We can’t say this trend is entirely new, but the playfulness and inventiveness of such creations will continue to inspire artists in the next few years as well.

You could look at them as a means of escapism, where you create dreamlike landscapes that aline with the feelings of solace and imagination. We are hoping to see originality in the choice of colours and interesting use of mixed-medium.

Surrealistic colour Usage

8. YInMn Blue

The serendipitous discovery of YInMn Blue in Oregon State University was in 2009. Almost a decade later, this expensive colour is now commercially available for use in artists’ materials.

We are yet to see this stunning blue take over the colour palettes, mostly because it has only just become widely available. 2021 might be the year when YInMn Blue truly shines amongst the artistic community. Even then, we might be seeing the blue fall under the bright and juicy category of colours.

The last we saw a blue take the design community by storm was when Yves Klein released his Blue shade in 1961. His art projects continue to be showcased in museums across the world.

Apart from its colour brilliance, YInMn also has some great hyper-spectral properties that will make it a favourite amongst architects and designers as well. It reflects a large percentage of infra-red radiation, keeping the surface cool. In the next few years, we might even see this pigment used for its energy-saving applications.

Already, paint companies are lining up to use this pigment in their exterior wall coatings. It will be interesting to see how the artists take advantage of the stability and depth of this pigment.

YInMn Blue

9. Greyscale Plus One

In the world of colours, monochromes are indeed old news. But in 2020, this palette was brought back into popularity by artists and designers alike. The use of multiple organic shades and vernacular tones particularly focussed on this.

In 2021, however, this fashion is coming up with a new twist. When monochrome uses multiple shades of one colour, we will see one single colour added into an otherwise greyscale or a monochrome palette.

As you can guess, this will make the design more dynamic and add more depth, without ending up with a maximalist approach.

Greyscale Plus One

10. Vintage and Faded Tones

Vintage and Faded Tones

The old and worn outlook is going to be a hit in 2021, according to the design experts. You are looking at everything from worn-out jeans and aged sneakers to the faded colours of an old poster. If it has a vintage and weathered look, it will fit the bill.

If you want to create something new in this category, you want to go for distressed colours. Furthermore, you do not want to just stop with colours. Add a few textures into it, such as stucco, rough or frayed feel, and develop designs that look like the product has stood the ravages of time.

Vintage and Faded Tone

11. Fluid colour Blocking

Fluid colour Blocking

When we think of colour blocks, the first thought that comes to mind is that of big squares and straight patterns that have very little room for fluidity. 2021 is going to change that. We have already seen organic colour blocking used in fashion and textiles tremendously.

The sharp angles and straight lines will be replaced by organic patterns, such as leafy designs and multiple colours complementing each other. This colour blocking is likely to be this year’s top brand and packaging design.

Ready for 2021?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that one event can turn our entire world upside down. As excited as we are about our predictions, we are keen to see how it will change and adapt to 2021.

The year is going to be all about rejuvenating and rediscovering ourselves, and after the testing year we have had, we are prepared for anything and everything.

If you are seeking inspiration for your fresh start, any one of these trendy palettes could make the right choice for you. Be it the down to earth shades of grey scales with a touch of colour, you can find the right tone for the year in this article.

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