College Fashion 2023: Recommendations to Make Sure Your Style is in Trend

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College fashion is a different kind, vaster, where there should always be space for experiment and freedom. And modern stylists completely support such a mood as they are introducing the latest trends.

Let’s find what kinds of clothes everyone will wear the next year and take notes for our next shopping!

You should find time for college fashion improving next year. Style is a huge thing nowadays, it’s difficult to stay out of it. Besides, who doesn’t want to look good and feel more confident in college?

One of the excuses is there’s a lot of stuff to do like material learning, essay writing, homework, test preparing, class attending. Learn right after you get home from studies, and you won’t have to prepare too much. As to the essays and homework, get essay help from WriteMyPaper4Me, and you’ll get time to think about your style choices.

8 Best College Fashion Trends

Make Suits Casual

Suits are more than everlasting classics nowadays. They should definitely become a part of everyone’s college wardrobe, and not only as official meetings clothing but also for everyday use. Add them to the casual college wear by adding comfortable shoes and accessories.

College casual suits

There are models to suit any height or body shape. And the matching tone ensures your image looks expensive even if it isn’t. Besides, with a couple of changes, you can make it an official outfit to go to an important meeting in. Multipurpose clothes are the essence of an efficient stylish wardrobe!

Get a Pair of Heavy Boots

Mixing and matching styles is the main statement of the modern designers. And if you’re a fan of comfortable heavy boots, you’re lucky because they suit almost everything in college fashion 2021. A full denim outfit or a silk dress, such addition makes any outfit a bit more stylish.

mixing comfy shoes

We’ve got used to mixing comfy shoes with clothes that traditionally require something more formal and traditionally uncomfortable. But the trend is proving its value next year as well. Black boots suit anything, but if you want to get another color, analyze your wardrobe be sure you make the right choice.

May be you would like to go Vegan this time as Vegan sneakers are in trend these days and will be in the future. Grab a pair of Vegan sneakers and include them in your outfit. This will be an experiment to do with your style.

We personally recommend Loom’s Vegan Sneakers as these are made with pure Vegan material and provide maximum comfort. Moreover, these shoes are waterproof, so they will keep your feet dry no matter the weather.

Wake Up the Animal Within

Animal prints are still holding one of the leading places in modern college and runway style. There are all kinds of tones, from more bright and vulgar to pastel and calm. To get a more balanced college look, wear one printed piece of clothing in combination with something in one tone. Although designers now say that mixing prints is a trend, you may want something balanced while in college.

Animal-printed style

Find out your body type to know what part (top or bottom) of the outfit to make the animal-printed one. If you need to enhance the upper part of the body, printed sweaters, shirts, and blouses are your best shot. If you need to emphasize the lower part, colorfully printed pants and skirts should help you well.

Anything But Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are going out of college fashion. 2021 says the wider, the better, but it’s important to choose the right model and fitting. All kinds of slouches and flares are in trend, but they usually fit tall, thin people the best. It’s possible to choose the right pair for any height, though, but you may need help.

Skinny jeans suits

The college fashion of today is quite inclusive with all the body positivity and all kinds and types of appearance appreciation. But nobody canceled a nice balance and charm clothes should bring. So, consider learning about the combinations with wide pants before using one.

Oversize Your Wardrobe

Oversize is still a thing, especially in college style, where comfort means a lot. Big cozy sweaters and hoodies will make your winter of 2019/2021 warm and snuggly. And here, height and weight don’t matter. Some designers say that short people should approach oversized clothes with caution. But most say you do you because such a style fits everyone differently, but it fits anyways.

If you love loungewear but don’t like oversized trends, there are a lot of comfy options that are skinny-like. Pick fuzzy and pleasant to touch fabrics and pastel colors to keep the cozy atmosphere.

Crochet May Come Back

Spring/summer season of 2021 may bring the good old crochet back. Crochet tops, dresses, and even pants may become a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything like that on the runway.

Crochet tops dresses

The color here isn’t the most important thing, so you have all the freedom. Light colors will surely look great on a tan body in summer, and it doesn’t get too hot when you’re walking in the sun in light clothes. But dark colors will accentuate your whole image, so suit yourself.

Neon Also Makes Its Way Back

Neon kind of comes and goes every couple of years, and the upcoming spring/summer calls for brightness again. Anything that looks like a notes highlighter will do. Some say neon outfits look cheap, but it depends on your overall style and how you combine bright things. Get yourself a full-neon suit and it should become a true highlight of a college party.

full neon suit

Bright tops can be made multipurpose and worn with suits, prints, or denim. Be sure to add the right accessories to the tandem, though. Too much of everything everywhere may look good on a runway where designers exaggerate their trend forecasts. But you’ll need some balance to be a college fashionista.

Uniting All the Trends

2021 college fashion is all about volume and 60s-70s tones. Designers encourage you to mix and match prints, colors, types of fabric, etc. It’s time to experiment and make a personal statement with the things you wear.

college fashion trends


Fashion is always criticized because of the lack of tolerance to how different people are by appearance. But we’re moving forward, and it helps a lot of college students feel free, confident, and more comfortable in their bodies.

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