15 Best Coding Apps for Beginners & Programmers

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Do you have a knack for coding and would like to enhance your skills? Coding is quite easy if the learning prerequisites are met. This article does just that. In this article, you will learn various coding apps to help you horn your coding skills and land your dream job.

There are a lot of great applications available now, making it simple for novices to learn how to code. Downloading a coding application could educate anybody to grasp the essential programming languages used in developing websites and mobile applications.

While there is no shortage of applications that claim to teach novices how to code, just a few live up to their claims. The following are some of the greatest apps I've found to help anybody, regardless of your coding experience; you can learn to code while having a good time with these apps.

1. Udacity — Contains courses available in a large online library

Udacity Coding Apps

  • Fee: 399 USD monthly

For those who would rather study on the go, there is an app version of this wildly popular online school. The Learn to Code nano degree is only one example of Udacity's excellent beginner-level programming courses.

In it, students are exposed to the fundamentals of data science, machine learning, and web and app development.

Udacity's mobile application can be downloaded on iOS and Android. 4 months of access (the expected time to finish the programming nano degree) costs 399 USD monthly or 1,356 USD all at once.

2. Codemurai — Best for learning coding on-the-go

Codemurai Coding Apps

  • Fee: 400 coins cost 0.99 USD

If you're a novice and you want to learn to code on the go, you should check out Codemurai.

It enables students to study HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, three of the most accessible programming languages, with hundreds of bite-sized tutorials.

Codemurai is a platform that provides a comprehensive education in computer science, including web and mobile programming.

Codemurai can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS; however, more “coins” must be purchased inside the application.

It's possible to pay as you go using the application's pricing structure, with options ranging from 0.99 USD for 400 coins to 4.99 USD for 3,000 coins.

3. CodeGym — Best for learning Java programming code

CodeGym Coding Apps

  • Fee: 49 USD for the premium package

Anyone wishing to improve their Java knowledge will find CodeGym to be an invaluable resource. This is a fun and engaging hands-on online Java course that also provides some theoretical background.

As a bonus, CodeGym also has several challenging projects that will put your Java knowledge to the test, such as creating your own Sokoban game or an ATM simulator.

The monthly fee for the premium package is 49 USD. For an additional 99 USD per month, you can upgrade to the Premium Pro package and have your coding style analyzed.

Overall, this is a great software for novice programmers learning Java.

4. Codecademy Go — Provides easy structure for its lesson

Codecademy Go Coding Apps

  • Fee: 39.99 USD monthly

The famous Codecademy online coding classes now have a smartphone application counterpart called Codecademy Go.

The mobile app, Codecademy Go, does not provide as many options as the full online version, Codecademy. Even so, it's a fantastic method to hone your coding skills away from the comfort of your desktop.

CodeAcademy Go can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. Basic use is free, while a pro account will set you back 39.99 USD a month, but both will help you learn to code.

5. Khan Academy — Best for learning SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Khan Academy Coding Apps

  • Fee: Free

The Khan Academy application continues the institution's tradition of offering adaptable educational tools. Even while Khan Academy covers a wide range of topics, it also provides instruction in computer programming languages, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

Khan Academy's application for both Android and iPhone allows anybody to access these courses at no cost.

6. Sololearn — Covers more ground than any other for teaching programming

Sololearn Coding Apps

  • Fee: Basic plan is free. Pro costs 12.99 USD monthly

When it comes to learning to code, SoloLearn is your best bet. Tutorials for newcomers are provided, and they are both brief and comprehensive, covering the basics with typical aspects like lessons and tests.

You can channel your inner competitor and brag about your accomplishments on the app's social network.

SoloLearn is a great option for self-motivated students or those who want to go beyond the fundamentals. SoloLearn is a great resource for learning about any technology-related field you can imagine.

You can use Sololearn on your Android or iOS device. A sololearn.com account is available at no cost. The monthly fee for Sololearn Pro is 12.99 USD, and the yearly fee is 49.99 USD.

7. Programming Hero — Perfect for having fun while learning to code

Programming Hero Coding Apps

  • Fee: Premium subscription costs 9.99 USD monthly

Developers of Programming Hero set out to make a game out of learning to code. Programming Hero, which has a space-themed interface, presently provides web programming tutorials.

The process of creating a mobile application development course has begun. If you can't wait, you can utilize Programming Hero to get a head start on learning web development languages like DOM manipulation, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

You can use Programming Hero with an Apple or Android smartphone.

You can play Programming Hero on either an Android or an iOS device. Although certain services are free, premium membership costs 9.99 USD per month or 39.99 USD per year.

8. Mimo — Provides a simple, user-friendly interface for easy learning

Mimo Coding Apps

  • Fee: It provides two free courses, but a fee of 49.99 USD is required for full access

Mimo is a coding tool that allows you to choose from many different learning routes based on the kinds of things you're interested in creating. It offers a user-friendly layout and provides bite-sized courses that can be done anywhere.

Using streaks and badges, Mimo turns learning into a game to keep you engaged and motivated to code. PHP, SQL, C++, Kotlin, Swift, SQL, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, and Python are only some of the languages and technologies used in the program.

The Mimo app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. Two of our courses are available at no cost inside the app. An annual subscription costs 49.99 USD to have full access.

9. Encode — The best coding app with real-time learning examples

Encode Coding Apps

  • Fee: 2.99 USD monthly

If you're just starting with Android development, I highly recommend the app Encode, which is based on the programming language JavaScript.

If you're having trouble getting started with Encode, don't worry; the app's dynamic user interface is accompanied by detailed and comprehensive tutorials and assistance materials.

With the foundational exercises provided by the Encode instructional system, you can get right in and learn the ropes or go back for a refresher at any time.

Encode's bite-sized courses are ideal for retaining knowledge and preventing burnout when time is limited. The feedback provided by Encode's interactive training ensures that you stay on track.

Both Android and iOS users can use Encode. To use Encode, you'll need to pay 2.99 USD per month (or 6.49 USD per year) through in-app purchases after downloading the program for free.

10. Grasshopper — Best for learning JavaScript

Grasshopper Coding Apps

  • Fee: Free

When it comes to learning to code, Grasshopper is the whole package. Fun and fast games are used to expose the user to the fundamentals of programming.

Grasshopper provides a fun and interactive environment in which novice and experienced programmers alike can learn to write genuine JavaScript.

In addition, with continuous practice and detailed feedback, programmers can rapidly improve their abilities.

11. Programming Hub — Best for learning coding at your pace

Programming Hub Coding Apps

  • Fee: Free (there are in-app purchases)

Learning to code or any technical topic has never been more accessible than with Programming Hub, a sleek and appealing coding tool that employs a unique methodology.

The lessons in each course are presented in a narrative structure, and there are tests at the end of each section to test students' grasp of the content.

The depth and breadth of Programming Hub's course catalog are what sets it apart. Courses are available to teach a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to Julia, Scala, C++, Python, JavaScript, and Java.

The text-to-speech capability of the Programming Hub interface is a nice bonus. This is a thoughtful addition that will help a wide variety of people get started with computer programming.

12. Enki — Best simple-to-use coding app

Enki Coding Apps

  • Fee: Free (but there are in-app purchases)

If you want to develop your programming and data science skills, Enki is the greatest coding tool for you.

The developers of this program for learning to code have made sure that it is accessible to people of all expertise levels.

Engage in coding-based tasks, take part in quizzes, and peruse a wealth of educational resources to further your knowledge.

13. DataCamp — Best for learning SQL, Python, and R

DataCamp Coding Apps

  • Fee: Free (but there are in-app purchases)

If you are interested in learning much about data science, you can also check out DataCamp.

There is an emphasis on the use of R, Python, and SQL, among other computer languages, for data science.

For a dedicated data science software engineer, DataCamp is an indispensable tool.

14. Swift Playgrounds — Provides proficient knowledge in Swift programming

Swift Playgrounds Coding Apps

  • Fee: Free

You can use Swift Playgrounds on your iPad to learn the language. Swift Playgrounds provides newcomers to the language with several hands-on practice opportunities in the form of building challenges.

Swift Playgrounds is a great place to get straight into the development process with fun and challenging interactive problems. You should know that this software is iPad-specific.

15. Learn Web Development — Best for learning web development

Learn Web Development Coding Apps

  • Fee: Free

The name of this software says all about its function. Consider downloading this program if you're actively seeking to improve your web development abilities.

You can learn anything from HTML/CSS to website development fundamentals with their comprehensive lessons and training.

While some information is free, others, such as verified certifications, expedited assistance, and device synchronization, require payment.


Q. How do I start coding as a learner?

Getting started with actual coding exercises is the greatest approach to learning the language. To get started, look at some beginner-friendly coding program options. Check to see whether the software you're considering supports the programming language you want to learn.

Q. Is it possible to learn coding without using a laptop?

Yeah, of course. There are a variety of introductory coding applications available for download that negate the need for a computer in the course. When it comes to learning to code on your mobile device, Codemurai, CodeHub, and Enki are some of the best options.

Q. Can coding applications teach me how to code?

Yeah, of course. There are several introductory coding applications available that can help you learn the basics. While it still requires dedication and experience, coding applications simplify the step-by-step process and increase the fun factor.

Q. Which coding language is the easiest to learn?

One cannot provide a universally applicable response to this question since it may depend on the person asking it. Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, nevertheless, are among the more accessible programming languages.

Q. Is it possible to hack a system using just code?

Learning how to code is the most crucial ability for every hacker. All networked devices are vulnerable to hacking. Coding expertise is also necessary for protecting sensitive data stored digitally. For this reason, a hacker needs to be fluent in several different programming languages.


These are the best coding apps for you. Remember that the most useful programming tools are those that fit your needs. You can try any of the applications on this list without paying anything at all, so there's no risk in downloading them.

You can learn the fundamentals of programming with the help of coding applications. Some even include built-in interactivity, simulations, and compilers. To succeed, however, you will need to upgrade your study methods to use a desktop or laptop computer.

The most effective programming applications serve to jog your memory and provide opportunities to practice wherever you happen to be.

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