10 CMovies Alternative Sites to Watch New Movies Online for Free

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Looking for CMovies alternatives? Check out this list of websites where you can watch new release movies online for free without signing up.

For all the cinephiles out there digital world opened a door to countless ways of spending their free time – on watching movies.

CMovies is just one of the most notable websites that serve as a streaming platform where you can watch movies and tv shows completely free of charge (usually by creating an account on the site) or charging a symbolic fee.

One of the reasons this website is popular is because it contains a wide range of different genres (from children cartoons to explicit adult content) and it is completely legal!  The website doesn’t have its own storage but instead sends its users to third-party websites.

However, something might make you search for an alternate streaming site – whether it may be the user interface, choice of movies and TV shows and sometimes even legal circumstances.

In most EU and Western countries it may be illegal to use some free streaming services which is considered piracy – so it is good to keep in mind some various alternative streaming sites.

Here is a list of best CMovies alternatives where you can enjoy the various palette of cinematic fruitions – from classics and b movies from the beginning of 20th century to the new blockbusters. Keep in mind – not all websites will offer the same service, so you make sure to pay attention to the description.

Top CMovies alternatives to watch new release movies online for free

1. GoMovies


This website had many incarnations. It is known as a 123movies hub and it is a grandiose Netflix-like CMovies alternative. GoMovies contains everything a modern movie-watcher might request and the way to navigate throughout the page is easy and nice. The library is gigantic and the general consensus is that this is probably one of the best in the streaming business.

One of the things that make GoMovies great is various subtitles added to all the movies – you can find most European and Asian languages in the database for most of the movies and TV shows which makes watching movies much, much easier.

2. YesMovies


YesMovies is a great streaming alternative that is, similar to some other sites using torrent service to stream its movies. At the moment it is not blocked in many Western countries, and it is relatively new.

YesMovies is maybe the most aesthetically amazing of all the CMovies alternatives. The whole thing is stylish, modern and is running smoothly. I would recommend this one for users who like to feel good while browsing for their next movie. It has a movie quality-labeled on the thumbnail which is a noteworthy perk.

3. Putlocker

The original Putlocker website is a legendary free streaming service that was set up 8 years ago and now serves as one of the main data providers to various other platforms. It’s easy to manage and deemed one of the safest streaming websites around.

Putlocker is probably the best CMovies alternative there is – it offers a lot of information (Imdb page, summary, different versions of the same movie) and an unmatchable database of new and old movies. Putlocker has its own incarnations of a similar name, but so far they’re not a match.

4. FMovies

FMovies is a great CMovies alternative which stands out not only because of its ever-growing popularity, but because its eye-catching interface and convenient handling are probably the best there is so far in free streaming.

This streaming service also has a respectable database and offers an aesthetically pleasing view so it’s no wonder it has a large fanbase.

5. Movie4K.is

This website is the best alternative there is to one of the biggest movie-streaming aggregates that ever existed named Alluc (which is now unfortunately down). This website offers you an unbelievably large set of information which you can sort and modify in a way you like – from the year of release to how long the movie is.

Movie4K.is is a great Cmovies alternative too since the genre of the movies goes from the most harmless to the 18+ ones, so watch out if you want to give certain permissions to the minors of the family!

6. StreamDor


An interesting website that serves kind of like a medium for the YouTube streaming service. Its database is huge, really well-managed and organized and has almost 15 thousand movies.

The catch with StreamDor is that it is a CMovies alternative for completely responsible users since it only has permissions for the YouTube streams, which means it is completely legal in the whole world.

7. Niter

Niter Watch for free

When you go to Niter you will see it is really similar to CMovies and FMovies, but a lot more ad-centric, so you will have trouble clicking through all the pop-ups until you get to start the movie that you want, which is not really for the impatient ones.

When you manage to fight the ads off, you will see the real deal of this website. The focus is on the new releases mostly, and they are usually of the top visual quality. If you are patient enough to go through a couple of clicks you will be tremendously rewarded!

8. Kingmovies


Kingmovies is a website that got a lot of attention in recent years because of a growing number of visitors and a really good social media presence. The design is a bit less traditional than the aforementioned CMovies alternatives and it contains some interesting tools. A little sidebar that will always display what is currently streaming.

Another notable thing is that this is a rare streaming site that showcases exactly what kind of video quality you may expect, with details in the corner of the thumbnail stream. That is bound to please many people that are sometimes disappointed to see a low-quality video when they already play it.

It is also a user-friendly website, always showing what others are watching and you have a little movie request bar on the side which is acknowledged.

9. ProjectFreeTV

This one might be one of the old dogs and if you searched for any streaming sites in the past 10-12 years you may have come across this website. It has yearly number of visitors that is counted in hundreds of millions, a monumental base of movies and a great search feature with a lot of tweaks and filters.

Only downside to this amazing service is it’s not for the flashy modern people who are repulsive to the simple aesthetics since ProjectFreeTV hasn’t changed its clothes since around 2006.

10. iWatchOnline


If you are sick of ads ruining your experience this is one more streaming service site that lacks it in abundance. It is one of the more popular websites that has a dedicated fan base, a respectable list of movies and you can easily use it with your mobile phone.

Its database is maybe not as big as the other mentioned web sites but I can bet you will not be able to watch it all in one lifetime anyway!


What do you think? We might have missed some great up-and-coming website that is relatively unknown so feel free to mention anything else in the comments. If you have anything positive or negative to say about our mentioned suggestions feel free to discuss!

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