15 Best Clipchamp Alternatives (Video Editors) in 2024

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Do you want the best video editing software you can use in place of Clipchamp? This article answers all your needs with the top Clipchamp alternatives to serve your video-editing need in case Clipchamp is down.

One of the best video editing and creation platforms is Clipchamp. You can use this tool to edit and create videos without stress.

That's not all about Clipchamp; it provides unique features that make your video editing a breeze. You can enjoy the quality of on-cloud video saving, recording, and uploading.

In addition, you can add effects, filters, and text, as well as crop and trim your videos with Clipchamp.

Clipchamp is sought-after because it is meant for both businesses and individuals, irrespective of the organization's size and even without technical skills.

There are many Clipchamp alternatives ready for use. This is important in case Clipchamp is down or inaccessible. Let's now review the best Clipchamp alternatives for you.

1. iMovie — One-of-a-kind for videographers

iMovie Overview

Using iMovie's capabilities can help you create engaging videos faster than the competition.

It can be used on both Mac and iOS, and it has many customization options and features that make the clip-editing process fun.

This video editing program is a fantastic discovery for Mac users who want to go beyond the box.

You will have access to about 24 transitions, 20 audio effects, and 35 visual effects.

That's not all. You can make a backdrop into a neutrality layer and overlay text over it rather than utilizing normal descriptions, captions, and titles.

Benefits of iMovie

  • It comes with several tools for editing audio
  • Supports chroma keying
  • It supports LUT
  • Ensures matching of colors for consistency

2. Adobe Express — Best Clipchamp alternative with customizable styles and templates

Adobe Express Overview

Several people strongly disagree on which application is better, Adobe Express or Clipchamp.

Adobe Express, however, distinguishes itself due to its versatility, allowing for more than just simple clip editing with features like backdrop removal, text animation, and the insertion of branding components.

Clipchamp, on the other hand, is only enough for basic changes.

As you launch Adobe Express, you'll notice the standard tools for working with video, such as cutting, cropping, reversing, merging, and exporting clips as GIFs.

Individuals with experience in video editing can develop ideas from scratch. This makes it one of the best in the industry.

Benefits of Adobe Express

  • Its interface is user-friendly
  • You can easily convert files
  • Designing a website with only one page is possible.
  • Modifiable layouts and a plethora of premade resources

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus — So many transitions available with Movavi

Movavi Video Editor Plus Overview

Expert filmmakers who find Clipchamp lacking will find all they need in Movavi Video Editor Plus.

The software includes a suite of powerful editing tools.

The most recent update added new media embedding options and Object Animation capabilities.

Benefits of Movavi Video Editor Plus

  • Amazing user interface
  • Supports chroma keying
  • It can easily be used for cloud transition
  • Provides image-in-image tools as well as motion tracking

4. VideoPad — Comes with a customizable user interface

VideoPad Overview

Those who are just starting and wish to learn at their speed will find VideoPad invaluable.

Creating professional-quality 3D movies with seamless transitions and effects has never been easier.

VideoPad is a great alternative to Clipchamp for businesses who want to create advertising material with audio, subtitles, and GIFs.

If you're satisfied with your work, you can upload it to YouTube and promote it on Facebook.

Benefits of VideoPad

  • It provides great stock sound effects
  • It is available to both PC and MAC users
  • Its interface is easy to use

5. Visme — It integrates with Microsoft Office

Visme Overview

If you're interested in presenting infographics layouts and seeking a good alternative to Clipchamp, Visme is an excellent choice.

In addition, you can record your voice directly in the workspace or upload video and audio files.

Background pictures, solid colors, and gradients can be adjusted or uploaded if the default options don't suit your needs.

When finished, your creations can be downloaded in many forms, including PDF and picture, or posted on your website or social networking pages.

Benefits of Visme

  • It supports a drag-and-drop system
  • It provides you with a detailed learning process to understand how it works.
  • It's audio and stock videos library is more than 500 placed at your disposal

6. Wideo — Best for organizations to prepare product presentations and market content

Wideo Overview

Wideo is worth considering if you're in the market for an app with a user interface and feature set comparable to Clipchamp.

Experts will enjoy the ability to start with a blank slate, while beginners will benefit from a wide variety of premade templates.

The software is widely used by businesses that want to save time when creating marketing materials, product presentations, and other similar materials.

Screen recording, text-to-speech synthesis, scene transitions, storyboarding, and the organization of template and graphic libraries are all available with Wideo.

Benefits of Wideo

  • It provides you with over 75 templates that come premade
  • You can use it to download full HD videos and export them to GIF
  • Supports more than 100 fonts

7. Hippo Video — Best for recording and sending video straight from your email address

Hippo Video overview

The similarities and differences between Hippo Video and Clipchamp were fascinating to explore.

Logos, words, and photos can be added to premade templates for the desired effect.

But Hippo Video attracts filmmakers with the ability to record films using Google Chrome extensions and a web launcher, including camera, audio, and screen recording capabilities.

Benefits of Hippo Video

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard
  • It enables premium content hosting
  • It protects your content with a password
  • You can export your videos to Google Drive, Vimeo, and YouTube

8. Vyond — Comes with a large template library

Vyond Overview

In terms of making dynamic and effective media, Vyond, as a whiteboard animation tool, is unparalleled.

Users are not limited to only tinkering with text and images but can create character-driven narratives and compelling data visualizations.

You can access an extensive collection of premade videos when you purchase its explainer video maker.

Vyond's tiny templates are designed to change certain moments inside a video, unlike the full-clip templates offered by competing businesses.

As a result, you can tweak one component without affecting the rest.

Benefits of Vyond

  • Its soundtracks, images, and templates all come as ready-to-use
  • It provides you with the option for media uploading
  • It supports lip-synching automation

9. Powtoon — Best Clipchamp with auto progress saving

Powtoon Overview

It's easy to choose between Powtoon and Clipchamp, with the former catering more to professionals because of its advanced capabilities.

Many types of animation, such as cartoons, infographics, and whiteboards, are available inside the application.

Professional-quality sceneries, props, characters, films, music, and more are all stored in a tidy library accessible through a straightforward interface.

One of the best things about Powtoon is how simple it is to share your creations on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Moreover, you can make great, highly-customizable films on various themes owing to the wealth of powerful animation options.

Users have a lot of leeway in customizing the process, with options for adjusting animation duration, sequence, behavior, and a wide range of postures and actions.

Benefits of Powtoon

  • Its interface is easy and user-appealing
  • Its auto-progress saving ensures you're protected from the sudden loss of files
  • It enables the addition of voice-overs and custom images

10. Biteable — Best for image-to-video conversion

Biteable Overview

Biteable might become your go-to resource due to its abundance of templates, which will come in handy if you routinely produce new items for marketing, teaching, announcing, business, and related fields.

Clipchamp users also have access to various templates; however, the selection is more limited.

You can add flair to Biteable's premade designs to make something unique.

Also, this software includes tools to edit, upload, download, and monetize your videos.

Benefits of Biteable

  • It updates its templates, animations, and clips every month
  • Its templates come pre-designed
  • It supports voice-over

11. FilmoraGo — The best easy-to-use Clipchamp alternative

FilmoraGo Overview

FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use video editor packed with various editing options. You can produce your music videos and movies and upload them to enjoy with others.

Having a good time and not wasting time is simple. With FilmoraGo, getting to all the features you need is a breeze.

Whatever your aesthetic preferences may be, FilmoraGo has the effects you're looking for. It allows you to import music or sound effects from your iTunes collection or browse for ones that don't need payment.

Publish to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with a single tap. Keeping track of multiple timelines is a breeze with the timeline view.

Benefits of FilmoraGo

  • Easy to use
  • Making videos is a breeze
  • Time-saving and fun to use
  • Supports video posting to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

12. VJump — Ideal for professional video editors

VJump Overview

With VJump, you can use your video editing abilities to create incredible effects and transitions on TikTok.

It is made so skilled editors can combine your clips and add special effects for a polished final result.

You're looking for new, exciting transitions and effects to make your films stand out and go viral.

The VJump video editor provides users with various premade video templates that already include stunning visual effects and smooth transitions.

It gets new content regularly. You can choose from a library of over a thousand video endings, beginnings, and anything.

Benefits of VJump

  • Easy for merging video footage and high-quality video creation
  • Provides unique transition effects

13. VEED — One-click video creation Clipchamp alternative

VEED Overview

Make professional-quality videos with a single click. The audio can be transcribed, and subtitles added.

Everything from information to logos to color schemes can be stored in one convenient location. Having your own Brand Kit at your disposal is sure to boost efficiency.

Workspaces are a great way to organize your stuff. In the cloud, teams can work together on projects and customize their processes.

For collaborating on and evaluating work, this is an excellent resource. Your viewership, interaction, ability to modify videos, and professional connections will all rise, thanks to VEED.

You can expand your internet influence by following this tried-and-true plan.

Benefits of VEED

  • Easy and quick video creation
  • It supports audio transcription and subtitles

14. Kapwing — Best for both professional and beginners

Kapwing Overview

You can edit videos and photos online using Kapwing, which is excellent for beginners and seasoned artists.

This intuitive program allows the whole team to work together quickly and efficiently on multimedia projects.

Subtitling, making collages, editing screencast recordings and bug reports, annotating photographs, and other jobs can be completed more quickly.

Increase efficiency with this cutting-edge content production package for your team.

Benefits of Kapwing

  • It is made for both professionals and novices with its easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Ensures time-saving

15. WoFox — Best for creating brand visual content

WoFox Overview

WoFox provides all the tools you need to leverage your assets in creating brand graphic material.

You can make graphics for everything from print to advertisements to websites. Creating and distributing your original videos is crucial to effective video marketing.

We use branded GIFs and short-form animations that loop can aid in marketing planning.

Adding movement and life to still photographs of goods, models, or landscapes is a great way to strike a more personal chord with your audience.

Benefits of WoFox

  • It supports any graphic designing
  • Suitable for marketing strategy


Q. Is Clipchamp free?

Clipchamp video editing is free and suitable for professionals and those without experience in video editing. However, it has a pro version which costs a few dollars.

Q. Does Clipchamp have a watermark?

While using your content or the free media from Clipchamp's stock collection, your output videos will not have any branding or watermarks.

Q. Which Clipchamp alternative is the best?

There are a lot of Clipchamp alternatives. The idea of which is best comes down to user preference and need. You can try any Clipchamp alternatives discussed in this article to see which meets your requirement.


This concludes this list of the best Clipchamp alternatives. With Clipchamp, customers can access various free animation resources, collaboration resources, and rebranding options. Many videographers would benefit from this capability, but only once they've registered for access to the tools.

Not everyone is comfortable with this method, and many are looking for alternatives to Clipchamp. The need for this search is further justified by the absence of necessary functionality, such as video compression and conversion.

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