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You have been told how CleanMyMac X is one of the best Mac cleaners in the market. We have written a review about CleanMyMac X. come in now to read the pros and cons of it.

CleanMyMac X has been recommended by a good number of Mac software reviewers. Should you take their word for it? Well, according to own research, CleanMyMac X has good a good number of pros and cons

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CleanMyMac X Review

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CleanMyMac X Pros:

  • Excellent user experience
  • Comes with about 13 utility tools
  • Perfect at speeding up macOS

CleanMyMac X Cons:

  • Subscription price is expensive
  • Does not have support file duplicate finder

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CleanMyMac X Review

Compared to other computers, Mac computers have proven to provide a superior user experience – and it is consistent, good looking, and well-made. For these reasons, a good number of people see Mac as the go-to computers to enjoy a seamless experience.

However, besides the good looks, built, and experience it provides, Mac computers are just like any other computers – they depend on their RAM and memory, and when they get consumed, you are bound to notice a change in the fluid experience they are known for.

To clean them and get them to work at maximum speed, Mac cleaners were introduced. CleanMyMac X is one of the most popular Mac cleaner app in the market. This article will be used to review CleanMyMac X.

What is CleanMyMac X?

CleanMyMac X is an application designed to help Mac users clean up their Mac computers by wiping junk files, hidden large files, and closing unused apps to free up CPU power for the required apps to use, among other things.

CleanMyMac X is quite popular among Mac users. It prides itself as a real Mac cleaner app. It has recorded over 15 million downloads and won the iF Design Award 2021.

With this application installed on your computer, you can clean off all the junk files that have slowed down your machine. Aside from wiping unrequired junks, CleanMyMac X is also a Mac OS maintenance and optimization tool. It also comes with a malware removal tool.

cleanmymac x overview

This app has been developed by MacPaw, a reputable computer known for its development of Mac applications. While there is no doubt that CleanMyMac X works, there is more to an application than for it to just work. In this article, you are going to be learning about the pros and cons associated with CleanMyMac X. With this, you can tell if CleanMyMac X is the best Mac cleaner for your machine or you will have to look for an alternative.

CleanMyMac X Pros

For an application to have over 15 million downloads and an impressive rating, then there is no doubt that such an application has got features and qualities that makes people like it. But what are those features that keep Mac users loyal to CleanMyMac X?

Provides an Excellent User Experience

One of the biggest strengths of Mac is that it is easy to use – thanks to its logical interface and beautiful modern design. When I say Mac provides an excellent user interface, you will not even understand what I actually mean until you make use of it – it is better experienced than imagined. With the logical interface it provides, you will be able to install it and use it yourself without requiring the help of another person. Below is a picture of the interface of CleanMyMac X. there is no doubt that it is beautiful, sleek, and modern.

CleanMyMac toolbox

As you can see, the left side of CleanMyMac X serves as the toolbox and groups related tools together. Take, for instance, system junk cleaner, mail attachment remover, and the trash bin tool are grouped under cleanup.

For many of the tools, all that is required from you to get them to work is just a few clicks. This then means that you do not need the help of a technical assistant to show you how to make use of the tool – or even do it for you for a token.

Comes with a Complete Working Package – Packed with Many Tools

CleanMyMac X is not your regular cleaner app that is highly specialized in only a segment of Mac cleaning that other aspects are left to other tools. With CleanMyMac X, you will not need any other app to compliment it except a file duplicate checker as it does not have support for detecting duplicates. This is because CleanMyMac X comes with a good number of tools that all come together to fix most of the user-friendly problems experienced by Mac users. How many tools come bundled with the CleanMyMac X app together? 3, 5, or 7?

The CleanMyMac X app comes with 13 tools grouped under different categories – cleanup, protection, speed, applications, and files.

  • Cleanup Tools

CleanMyMac Clean tools

The cleanup tool consists of system junk cleaner, mail attachment remover, and trash bin tool. What this tool does is that it scans your files to detect hidden junks. Using the Smart Scan option will trigger this tool to work and make sure that all the unwanted system files, caches, and other junk files to be removed from the system in other to free up space for other usages.

  • Protection Tools

CleanMyMac Protection tools

CleanMyMac X comes with two tools that will provide you protection – a malware remover and a privacy tool. For those that already have a good antivirus installed on their system, they won’t be needing this malware removal. There is no denying that Mac has one of the most secure security systems.

Because of this, you might not get to know the effectiveness of the malware removal tool that comes with CleanMyMac X. The privacy option that comes with this tool helps you remove your browsing history and clean up your chat history from your IM applications.

  • OS Speed Tools

CleanMyMac Speed tools

For speed, the optimization tool and maintenance tools are the tools meant for speed optimization. I will be discussing these tools below, so let skip doing that here.

  • Application Tools

CleanMyMac apps tools

CleanMyMac X comes with a good number of tools you can use to cleanup your applications. It comes with an uninstaller that will help you correctly remove unwanted apps and clean up their unwanted files, too – without using a tool like this; apps will have their junks remaining after being uninstalled.  Aside from this tool, it also has an updater for checking for updates and installing updates for your apps. It also has an application for managing extensions.

  • File Cleanup Tools

Tools in this category are focused on running checks on your application to detect unwanted files. Very important is the Shredder Tool that can be used for removing sensitive data without leaving any trace. You can scan for large and old files in other to remove them using the file cleanup tool.

Looking at the long list of tools that CleanMyMac X comes with, it can be said to be an all in one Mac cleaner app as it does much more than just removing junks.

Perfect at Speeding up macOS

I know I have already mentioned the tools that help to speed up Mac, but since this is the major function of CleanMyMac X, it deserves a separate mention. Many Mac cleaner apps in the market come with the promise of speeding up your Mac, but when you install them, you will discover they do not live up to their promise. Is CleanMyMac X one of such applications? Without missing words, I tell you that CleanMyMac X is not one of them. It lives up to its promises.

CleanMyMac X comes with a good number of features that make full-scale macOS optimization possible. You can use it optimization tool to free up RAM and purgeable space,find and disable apps that cannibalize your CPU resources, fix small errors, and even switch off background plugins to enable your applications to run at the maximum speed it can.

By using the optimization and maintenance tools that CleanMyMac X provides, you can turn a slow Mac computer into a fast one. One thing you will come to like about CleanMyMac X will not only speed up your OS; the application itself is very fast, and the result for any action is available in no time after initiation.

CleanMyMac X Cons

From the above, it is clear that CleanMyMac X does not only work, but it also works very well. However, just like every product in the market, it also has its own weaknesses you have to aware of. Interestingly, CleanMyMac X does not have many weaknesses. Let take a look at the few below.

Expensive Pricing

By now, you should have known that CleanMyMac X is a paid tool. Forget about the free trial that comes with it, the limitation and restriction will even frustrate you. If you must make use of this tool, then you must pay for it. What I see as a turnoff is not the fact that it is a paid tool but for the fact that the pricing is not friendly when compared to other alternatives in the market. The starting price for a one-year subscription for one mac license is $39.95. If you want to go for their one-time purchase option, then you will have to pay $89.95. If you intend to use the license on more than one device, then you have to pay for more licenses at a discounted price.

CleanMyMac Pricing

There are a good number of free cleaners such as CCleaner, OnyX, and AppCleaner. Some are also paid but quite affordable. That being said, you have to know that CleanMyMac X is not the most expensive Mac cleaner app in the market. There are a good number of Mac cleaner apps that are much more expensive than CleanMyMac X.

Duplicate Search Not Supported

Another drawback you will notice when making use of the CleanMyMac X application is that it does not have support for searching duplicate files. This means that space occupied by duplicate files can’t be recovered automatically as the tool does not support that.

MacPaw, the creator of CleanMyMac X, developed another paid tool known as Gemini 2 for dealing with duplicated files. You have to do this on your own. If this feature had been incorporated into CleanMyMac X, then the only major problem with this tool would have been only pricing.

Verdict: Do I Recommend CleanMyMac X?

Yes, I highly recommend CleanMyMac X for use by Mac users to clean junks and speed up their computers. If the only major problem of an application is its pricing, then I will say there is no problem except you are unable to afford the price labeled on it. For CleanMyMac X, you can be sure that the application is worth the price. We are not the only one recommending CleanMyMac X, Macworld, iMore, and MacStories all recommend CleanMyMac X as a cleaner app.

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