CleanMyMac X Review – Is It the Best Cleaner for Macos?

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CleanMyMac X helps to clean your mac and keep your device healthy. You can clean your mac with just one click. Wondering, What are its features? Pros and Cons?, then check out this CleanMyMac X detailed review 2022.

Overview: CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac overview

CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one app to keep your Mac fresh and clean. It is a software designed by MacPaw. Here, ‘X’ comes from the fact that MacPaw has now reached its 10th anniversary. In roman 10 is represented by the letter ‘X’. Even Though MacPaw Inc is unrelated to Apple, now CleanMyMac X has been notarized by Apple and can be downloaded directly from Mac App Store. Notarization is a process that confirms that an app is free from malicious files. CleanMyMac is a software product that cleans tons of junk and caches from your computer and makes it run faster. This app is fully optimized for the latest macOS and has over 15 million downloads.

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Now let’s jump to the section about what are the things we like and dislike about this software.

What we like:

  • Has a beautiful user interface and design
  • Easy to use
  • Efficiently cleans cache & junk
  • Has shredder which can delete any file permanently
  • Update and uninstall apps in a single click
  • Provides 24/7 support

What we dislike:

  • Its price is too expensive
  • Has weak virus scanning function
  • Provides limited features on the trial version
  • No backup before cleaning

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Now, we have information about this app’s good part and bad part so, let’s head towards the feature list that it provides. It has 5 main categorical features which are as follows:

  1. Cleanup
  2. Protection
  3. Speed
  4. Applications
  5. Files

1. Cleanup

CleanMyMac X with Cleanup feature

The Cleanup feature will clean junks and caches stored in your computers from different sources. Description of features that are available on the Cleanup tab are as follows:

System junk

CleanMyMac X with System junk

These are temporary files that are left behind by macOS and other applications installed on your PC. This takes significant space in a short time. Additionally, it even generates auto alerts after certain days, reminding users to clean up the system with unused apps, files, music, and duplicate content.

Photo junk

Photo junk

Anyone who uses their Mac’s photo library or iCloud to store photos will have junk accumulating, which can be considerable. This software can auto-detect and clean the thumbnails and caches without affecting photos.

Mail Attachments

CleanMyMac X with Mail AttachmentsIf you are using the mail application programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, your computer will constantly get attachments in messages like images, company logos, documents, etc. This will occupy significant space in the long run. Cleaner helps to detect such files and recommends you to clean.

iTunes junk

iTunes junk

iTunes will store the cache, broken downloads, updates, backups, etc. on your PC automatically. CleanMyMax X will detect and show you these lists to help you decide what to do.

Trash bins

CleanMyMac X with Trash bins

Even if you erase files from the recycle bin, they won't actually disappear from your hard drive. Also, Macs maintains multiple bins for different drives. This will occupy a bulk of memory. You can try this feature to free some space, but if you accidentally delete files, it can be hard to retrieve them.

  • Summary

Whether it’s outdated caches or broken downloads from a browser, useless caches, thumbnails or, or logs, whatever junk is taking up the disk space, CleanMyMac X will hunt it down from any corner of your Mac. A prominent improvement from the earlier versions, CleanMyMac X has the ability to identify dozens of unneeded file types that it can remove within a fraction of a second.

2. Protection

CleanMyMac X Protection

Under this tab, there are 2 very important features that are Malware removal and Privacy.

Malware Removal

CleanMyMac X with Protection

CleanMyMac X is now capable of distinguishing between junk and important files and, by default, never removes anything without your grant. The threat may come through the files you download or link that you click. Threats like Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Cryptocurrency miners, Viruses, and many more can lurk on your computer and damage the files. The malware detection can now be used to detect and clean up malware hidden inside your apps. It has a Safety Database which helps to detect such threats and fights against them.


CleanMyMac X with Privacy

Privacy is a serious issue for all of us. With the CleanMyMac X Privacy module, you can easily remove sensitive information such as browsing history, autofill forms (which may contain credit card-info and passwords), wi-fi info, chat logs, and cookies. There may be lots of data that you do not want to share with others for different reasons. It doesn’t scan and clean these files automatically, you have to scan and decide whether to take action or not.

  • Summary

The Protection of CleanMyMac X mainly has malware removal and privacy features. These tools do a good job detecting the harmful files and applications that are sneaking and stealing information. The detection is facilitated by the built-in Safety Database of CleanMyMac X which distinguishes between junk, important files, and malware. The Safety Database gets updated frequently.


3. Speed

CleanMyMac X SpeedSpeed is one of the main reasons People prefer Mac over other computers. It has a powerful chipset, SSD, and cache memory. But, junks, cached items, and heavy applications will slow down the speed. That’s why your computer needs maintenance and optimization. The speed tab has optimization and maintenance features. The functionality of these tools is described below.


CleanMyMac X with Optimization

Optimization features of this tool let you manage login items, launch agents, hung applications, and heavy consumers at a single dashboard. Optimization is a startup manager that checks for programs that have been running in the background and kills them. This also optimizes the apps that are hiding the memory or booting in the background.


CleanMyMac X with Maintenance

The latest version of the software has 9 different Maintenance tools. They repair permissions and can do much more to make sure your app runs well. The maintenance features continue to include macOS optimization and speed improvement features like running maintenance scripts, free-up RAM, Purgeable Space, Rebuilding Launch Services, Repair Disk Permissions, and thinning of Time Machine Backup Snapshots. With these tools, you can free up RAM and ROM. These will make sure your hard disk is healthy both physically and logically.

  • Summary

The Optimization and Maintenance tools in CleanMyMac X can help you become more productive by speeding up your Mac and making it as fast as new. This feature speeds up the boot-up process and also keeps your device healthy.

4. Applications

CleanMyMac X ApplicationsThe application tool has 3 different tabs that are: Uninstaller, Updater, and Extension. These tabs deal with the application and the space it is occupying.


CleanMyMac X with Uninstaller

Software applications can leave a mess, especially when you uninstall them. They keep their folders and configurations as it is which will occupy space on the disk. Its uninstaller helps you to clear the folder and files associated with that application. With uninstaller, you can choose which app to uninstall. It sorts the app by size and you can easily know which app is taking how much space. Here you can choose to safely uninstall any app from your Mac. It sorts them by file size, so you can easily see what’s taking up valuable hard drive space. When you do uninstall an app, it’s often interesting to see the associated files that are removed with it – things that would have remained had you simply drag the app to the trash, like you may have done in the past.


CleanMyMac X with Updater

This checks if any installed software on your computer has the latest version available. If available then you can easily update the software with one click. It is a handy tool to update your apps and avoid software incompatibility.


We all use different browser extensions for different purposes. This feature lets you enable, disable, or remove extensions easily. It also tracks usage of extension and recommends to clean if that hasn't been used for a long time.

  • Summary

This feature will find your updates automatically and clear leftover upon uninstall of the application. This tool lets you manage your browser extensions. This also clears the folder, cache, and finds the latest version of the software.

5. Files

The different features under the files tab are as follows:

Large & old files

CleanMyMac X with Large & old files

The older your device is, the more likely you have old files somewhere on your Mac taking space. This tool helps to identify large and old files. This tool will scan and order files based on their size and time. You can choose which files you want to keep and which to delete. Also, It is great at finding large video-files or multi-layer Photoshop PSDs. With this software, the largest and oldest is scanned to recover lots of space.


CleanMyMac X with Shredder

This cleaner has Shredder which erases any sensitive data completely. This feature lets you delete the stubborn files and leave no trace.

  • Summary

This feature of CleanMyMac X lets you analyze the file size, folder size which helps you to see what is covering more space. Also, this has a file shredder feature that lets you delete files permanently.

Verdict: Do I Recommend CleanMyMac X?

CleanMyMac X is all in one software package. This app removes unnecessary junks and files from your Mac and makes it run better. If your mac is slowing down then this can definitely help to speed up. Its price is quite higher than its competitors like MacBooster. But, since this is all in one kind of software so this software is highly recommended for mac users.

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