Classic Mullet Haircut Styles

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Mullet haircut styles are becoming quite common among both younger and older generation. Here are some common styles you should try this year.

Mullet haircut styles are some of the most common and modern hairstyles that are evolving as time passes by. It is characterized by some hair hanging from the front and the rest of the hair at the back of the head for a complete look.

Mullet haircut styles

The modern types of mullet requires you to have long hair and best work for men with curly and wavy hair though those with straight hair can still rock them.

Growing and styling of mullets requires you to have some understanding on how to maintain them so that they look as you desire them. Grooming of mullets is necessary to keep them in the formal or the casual look you desire.

Here are some of the most common ways you can style a mullet haircut. Take a gander.

1. Layered Mullet Haircut

It is best for thick hair, brushed roughly using fingers to give it a complete look and the desired shape.

2. Quaffed Mullet

This type of mullet haircut works best with plenty of hair that is bulky and long in height.

The front is brushed on the sideways while the sides are brushed backwards together with the lower bottom hair.

Quaffed Mullet

3. Fade Mullet

This traditional type of mullet has been customized to give it a modern look.

The sides are well trimmed and a soft cut made on the sides to give the style a look that will make it easy to manage.

4. Slicked Back Mullet

This hair is styled backwards using gel to give the hairstyle a casual look that is neat and attractive.

The gel is toped up with some shine to polish the hair and make it more presentable and beautiful look.

5. Mullet With A Beard

Combining a mullet and a beard brings the whole style together for an exemplary look.

According to MensHaircuts, paring the style with beards makes you appear more casual and at the same time well-composed for any event.

6. Long Mullet

Letting the layers of your hair grow long and fall all the way down is another way of styling your mullet.

Instead of trimming the edges, let them lie down towards the back of your head and allow natural movement and the hair to curl.

7. Colored Mullet

Want your mullet haircut to stand out from the others? Well, throwing a dye into the mix will do the magic.

If you are a friend of color then coloring a mullet can add an extra touch to your hair. Dull colors work best if you want to add flavor to your mullet.

8. Sailor Aground

This is also called the wind-swept mullet because its appearance looks like as if it has been blown by wind.

The sides are well shaved and the remaining hair is moisturized and styled using gel to ensure that it stays in position.

Sailor Aground

9. Alabama Shag

This style looks like sheep sheers that are being held in a hand but are not in line with each other.

Similarly the edges are trimmed in unequal lines to give them layers after they have been combed and styled.

10. Subtle Mullet

Another way to settle your mullet haircut is to give it a throwback look where most of the hair is combed towards the front and forming a subtle at the middle of the head, then the rest of the hair combed backward.

11. Batty Boy Mullet

This is a type of religious mullet as it contains a symbol of religion on the sides where the hair has been cut short.

The tails are rat-shaped and add features that run down towards the neck and shoulders. A great spiritual inspiration haircut.

12. Short Spike Mullet Haircut

This is more of a casual look while kept very formal at the front but it is left to hang at the back of the head.

The sides are well-trimmed and then the hair is straightened but then made spikey at the ends to finish the look.

13. The Rats Nest

This style has a much smaller tail and is molded into the shape of a nest at the top of the head to make them look more attractive.

The sides are then well-trimmed to match the short tail at the back of the head.

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