10+ Best Chrome Video Downloader Extensions from Any Website

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Do you want a free video downloader for Chrome? This article has got you covered. This article provides you with the best free video downloader chrome extension for easy download of videos online using Chrome.

Chrome has a plethora of positive qualities to list here; nonetheless, its compatibility with a sizable portion of video-downloading applications is what piqued my curiosity enough to write about it. The popularity of Google Chrome can be attributed, in part, to the fact that it supports a wide variety of add-ons and extensions that can be used to improve the browser's functionality.

There is a never-ending supply of Chrome video downloaders for people who simply want to utilize the browser to view videos from their preferred content sites. Chrome also integrates well with third-party downloaders, whose superior intuitiveness makes the whole process of downloading videos much more straightforward.

This post will examine many popular video downloaders for Chrome, going into detail about each one's capabilities and pricing so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

1. Flash Video Downloader — Best Snart Chrome Extension

Flash Video Downloader Homepage

  • Price: FREE

Flash Video Downloader has the finest browser addon available anywhere on the internet. As its name suggests, Flash Video Downloader is excellent for downloading videos in flash format. However, it also performs admirably when asked to download videos in other common forms.

This nifty add-on is only available for the Chrome web browser, but it can be used to download videos from any website. After adding the extension, you can easily search for and download any video you see on the site. When you find it, tap the extension icon in the browser's toolbar.

2. Catchvideo — Best Video Downloader for Chrome Effective for Downloading High-Definition Videos

Catchvideo Homepage

  • Price: FREE

Catchvideo, as the name implies, is a great web application for downloading videos from any website on the internet. Therefore, you can share everything you want on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as video-sharing sites like Dailymotion and YouTube.

3. FlexClip — The Best to Use When Searching for High-Quality, Royalty-Free Footage to Download

FlexClip Homepage

  • Price: FREE

FlexClip is a user-friendly, all-inclusive video editor that goes above and beyond to produce high-quality films for a wide range of uses. Although it isn't technically a video downloader, it does provide a large library of stock footage that can be used in your own films without having to pay for the rights to do so.

FlexClip is the sole software on this list that provides not just a library of video footage to work with but also hundreds of sound clips, stickers, graphics, and video transition effects, all of which can be used without having to pay royalties.

4. SaveTheVideo — The Finest in All-Service Superior Video Editing and Processing

SaveTheVideo Homepage

  • Price: FREE

SaveTheVideo is one of several video downloaders available in Chrome, but it seems to elicit the strongest reactions from its users. The apparatus does not have a very appealing appearance. There's also the fact that it's plagued with ads that drive users away.

The capabilities it provides and the way it performs, though, are really remarkable. In addition to downloading videos, SaveTheVideo also provides tools for editing and converting video. Very little thought is required, and it can be carried out at lightning speed.

5. SaveFrom.net — Best for Downloading Videos from YouTube Quickly and Easily

SaveFrom Homepage

  • Price: FREE

If you're looking for a unique video downloader, go no further than SaveFrom.net, which allows you to quickly and easily download videos by pasting a URL into its user interface. However, you can also choose to download the utility that allows you to record a video straight from the website it was uploaded to.

When it comes to YouTube, SaveFrom.net shines. After installing the extension in Chrome, the download button will appear automatically underneath every YouTube video you watch. After clicking the button, a little scroll bar will appear from which you can choose the desired resolution and output format; after making your selection, you can then press the download button.

6. Video Downloader Pro — The Top Choice for Quick and Simple Online Video Downloads

Video Downloader Professional

  • Price: FREE

A powerful video-downloading Chrome extension, Video Downloader Pro is a highly clever utility. The program quickly recognizes video material across all supported platforms and asks the user to download it in the native format.

You don't have to make any extra effort on your part since the tool will detect the output format for you. Depending on who you ask, this might be a boon or a bane. In addition, it can get videos from almost any website outside YouTube. Since YouTube is such a massive resource, this can stand out as a sore thumb.

7. Video Downloader Plus — To Get Movies in A Wide Variety of Formats, This Is the Best Platform to Visit

Video Downloader Plus

  • Price: FREE

This fantastic Chrome extension, accessible only for Chrome users, allows you to easily download movies from almost any website. Video Downloader Plus is a handy add-on that can recognize and assist you in downloading clips from sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook with just a single click.

Videos can be downloaded in a wide variety of formats that can be played on many devices. Users can also save time by downloading many movies at once using this helpful option. It is one of the most user-friendly video downloaders for Chrome, with features like automated video identification and the ability to capture live video streams.

8. FBDOWN.net — Best for Exclusive Facebook Videos Download

FBDOWN Homepage

  • Price: FREE

The massive problem that Facebook creates for its users is easily remedied by FBDOWN.net, which allows users to download videos from their Facebook timeline. Indeed, it is one of the apps that makes feasible the hitherto hard task of downloading material from social networking sites.

In addition, it has an intuitive interface. To download a video from Facebook, all you have to do is copy the URL, paste it into the appropriate text box on FBDOWN, and click the download button. Once you've selected a download location, the video will begin downloading and be saved to that location on your device.

9. Video Downloader Professional — Only Available as A Chrome Extension for Video Downloading

Video Downloader Professional

  • Price: FREE

There are a number of useful tools, of which Video Downloader Professional is one, that can be used in tandem with Google's Chrome web browser to make the whole process of downloading videos quick and straightforward. This clever program can identify online videos on any given website.

A high-quality video downloading option will appear after you tap the green arrow located in the upper part of your browser next to the URL bar. On the next screen, choose the video quality and format you want to download.

10. MiniTool uTube Downloader — Superior Online Video Processing Downloader

MiniTool uTube Downloader

  • Price: FREE

MiniTool's primary strength is in its ability to edit and convert videos, for which it is widely regarded as the industry standard. On the other hand, it's an excellent Chrome video downloader—specifically for YouTube.

It provides a proven and true internet download method, so you can get any video you want off of YouTube. MiniTool makes it easy to get videos off the web by requiring you to just copy the video's URL, paste it into the application, choose a quality and output form, and hit download.

11. Leawo Video Downloader — Ideal for Downloading Web Videos Six Times as Quickly!

Leawo Video Downloader Homepage

  • Price: FREE (also available with a year license for 29.95 USD as well as a lifetime license for 39.95 USD)

Music videos, videos in 1080P/720P, and more can all be downloaded with the help of the Leawo Video Downloader. It allows users to capture footage from live streams and save it locally. You can use it to get videos from over a thousand different websites. It's six times as fast. The program is cross-platform, working with both Mac and Windows.

12. 4K Video Downloader — Best for 8k and 4k Video Downloading

4K Video Downloader

  • Price: FREE (for the Starter package and 15 USD for the Personal package, and 45 USD for the Pro package)

When paired with Chrome or any other modern web browser, the 4K Video Downloader performs well. The program does exactly what its name implies, letting you download films in resolutions and quality levels much beyond those of conventional high definition. This program requires you to copy the video's URL from your browser and then paste it into the program itself if you want to download the video.

In order to preserve the video's original quality, the program will immediately begin downloading it. The 4K Video Downloader also allows users to bulk-download whole channels and playlists. Subtitles and commentaries for web videos can be downloaded using this program as well. Subtitles are available in 50 various languages and can be downloaded in SRT format.

13. YouTube ByClick Downloader — The Most Effective and Straightforward YouTube Downloader for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome

YouTube ByClick Downloader

  • Price: Available for FREE for download

When you need to save a video from any website, but especially YouTube, you can utilize the streamlined YouTube ByClick Downloader. The videos are available for download in a number of common file types, including MP4, MP3, and so on.

All major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and IE, are supported. Videos greater than 20 minutes in length can be downloaded in one fell swoop using YouTube ByClick Downloader.


Q. Is it legal to download videos from Chrome?

Using a video downloader for noncommercial purposes, such as watching a movie offline or editing it, is entirely within the law. On the other hand, it is a severe crime to download videos that are subject to strict copyright legislation without the consent of the original owner.

Q. Is it free to get Chrome video downloaders?

As basic, video downloaders don't cost anything. Some provide a free trial period, while others provide paid services with more functionality.

Q. Which is the best between paid video downloaders and free video downloaders?

If you are unable to pay for a downloader or will only use it sometimes, a free downloader is your best option. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid ads and have access to more functions, it is recommended that you invest in a paid tool.


Because of the meteoric increase of individual makers of internet material, video downloaders have become practically essential in the modern day. So, it's prudent to be prepared with a video downloader in case the necessity ever arises. You have several excellent choices when it comes to choosing the finest video downloader if you utilize Chrome.

As a result, I advise you to go with Video Downloader Plus if you want a downloader that provides more than just basic video downloading. MiniTool uTube Downloader is the easiest program to use, and it also does other video processing tasks quite well.

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