Features of Choosing a Proxy Server in Pakistan

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Since 2010, Pakistani authorities have begun restricting citizens' access to many popular media portals. As part of this policy, the country's Supreme Court blocked, for example, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Modern Pakistanis get around the bans using proxy servers to keep abreast of current news. They visit blocked platforms by applying the IP addresses of the providers from the legal regions.

According to statistics, the list of worldwide leaders using a proxy site Pakistan includes a long time ago. But sometimes, even experienced Pakistanis find it difficult to choose a suitable server to bypass the blocking of the necessary sites.

Experts advise such users to contact authoritative companies (for example, SOAX LTD). Reputable enterprises usually propose qualitative services at attractive prices.

What is Better – a Free or Paid Proxy Server?

a Free or Paid Proxy Server

There are many gratis online gateways on the Internet. Pakistani users often choose such applications. Free proxy servers mainly have a comprehensive interface together with strong support, and it seems most of the necessary for layman functions. But the online users shouldn't forget that often free cheese can only be found in mousetraps.

Disadvantages of Chargeless Servers

The main flaw is that the IP addresses of most free proxies have long been included in various spam databases as well as blocklists. Among the other disadvantages, it's worth noting:

  1. Unstable work – the gratis gateways cannot boast constant operation at a high data transfer rate. E. g., a minute ago, the speed could have been quite comfortable for web surfing. But a moment later, several users simultaneously connected to the same server (since the proxies are wholly open and anyone can apply them). The speed may be almost zero because of it so that the lightest web pages will load extremely slowly.
  2. High risk of malware infection – some of the open public gateways are part of botnets or trojan-infected applications.
  3. Insecurity of personal information – in fact, free proxy users trust their private data (for example, bank card details) to unverified companies.
  4. Thus, consumers who regularly carry out important transactions by applying the Internet generally choose paid gateways.

Features of Chargeable Proxies

Such servers stand out for their smooth operation, stable traffic, as well as strong support. The latter is extremely important if users' income depends on the transactions' timeliness. The other benefits of paid gateways are:

  • guarantee of anonymity and protection (it's because of the improved efficiency of caching);
  • opportunity to select an individual IP specifically for a user's appropriative needs;
  • possibility of detailed server settings;
  • high website responsiveness while applying proxy.

Thus, сhargeable gateways are the best option for posting ads on forums, promoting profiles or groups within social networks, etc.

What to Consider When Choosing a Paid Proxy Server?

What to Consider When Choosing a Paid Proxy Server

Reputable companies offer their users several service packages. Thus, consumers with different budgets may choose the right option for themselves. Moreover, the users should pay attention on:

  • ability of various proxy types (e. g., residential and mobile);
  • presence of any significant awards (for example, Proxyway);
  • company rating on authoritative forums (e. g., Trustpilot);
  • provision of a real-time proxy connection;
  • automatic rotation of IP addresses on each port.
  • presence of the option of detailed targeting (as part of this function, clients can set up geo-targeting of user IP addresses that are accurate to the country, city, or provider in consumers' accounts).
  • Pakistanis may find a proxy server containing all the features described, for example, on soax.com.

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