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Do you want to The Cheap But Good VPN Services? VPNs don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. We have found the best cheapest VPN services that provide enormous value. Check out the guide now!

Having a VPN is great and can unlock a lot of features online. However, they are not always the cheapest of services and if you want a premium software you are going to have to pay for it.

However, although some VPNs are quite expensive, there are some diamonds in the rough. These services provide some fantastic features for an affordable price and allow money-conscious users to have some sort of online privacy.

Moving to a cheaper VPN service is a great idea both if you’re on a free service or don’t have on at all. This article will be catered towards the individuals who have not experienced a VPN before but is also useful for people who are stuck on a bad free plan and want to move into something a little more secure.

Cheap VPNs are not much different from the expensive, high-quality VPNs you see in some of our guides. They provide you with similar security and privacy features, as well as zero logs. Where they differ is in unique features, server network, and other factors, like customer service. Nonetheless, they are still useful and are a necessary upgrade if you’re surfing the web in the open.

5 Best Cheapest VPN services – From Only $1.89 Per Month‎

In this guide, I will be laying down 5 of the cheapest and best VPN services on the market at this point. They are the cheapest in their category and will be related to their annual plan.

With all VPNs, the annual plan is going to be the best with the biggest discount. Services like to reward customers for their loyalty and it is common to find discounts when you increase your commitment. Nonetheless, here are the 5 cheapest VPNs at the moment.

1. CyberGhost

Lowest Price: $2.75 per month (3 years Plan)

cyberghost homepage

CyberGhost is a very well-known VPN and is still a free and paid VPN service. A lot of reviews have claimed they are no longer offering free service but, in reality, you just need to dig a little deeper. Their free service is great but their paid service is even better. However, the reason CyberGhost has made it on this list is that it offers its premium service for just $2.75/month for their 3-year plan. This is by far the cheapest on this list and you get a whole bunch of additional features.

CyberGhost offers very tight security with 256-bit encryptions with an OpenVPN security protocol. They also have 28 different countries available to users and their speeds are some of the fastest I’ve come across.

CyberGhost has a unique client that looks a bit like PureVPN’s, as it offers different options depending on the use you have for it. Despite being cheap, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to claim your money back if you’re not satisfied with the upgrade.

2. NordVPN 

Lowest Price: $2.99 per month (3 years Plan)

nordvpn homepage

NordVPN is one of my personal favorites when it comes to VPNs because not only is it one of the more secure VPNs on the market but it is also very cheap.

Although it cannot beat the prices of the last two, it makes up for it with features and popularity. If you want to test drive NordVPN, their 3-year plan is only $2.99/month. For all the features you get this VPN is an absolute steal.

As for the features, NordVPN offers, they are sure to grab your attention. NordVPN is one of the frontrunners when it comes to security and privacy. They offer tough 256-bit encryption with OpenVPN and have added extras like double encryption and VPN over Tor.

They have also revamped their client recently to look more modern and they have over 60 countries available – one of the biggest on this list. This is classified as a very premium VPNs, so for this VPN to be on this list is a luxury you need to take advantage of.

3. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Lowest Price: $3.33 per month (1 years Plan)


Private Internet Access is a company that sticks to its name when you look at their VPN. They are another favorite of mine and are underrated in the VPN industry.

They have a ton of servers and at a 2-year plan of $3.49/month, they’re definitely worth some attention. They like to act like a family-friendly VPN that is designed to keep you and your children safe on the internet. That is the impression their website gives off anyway.

As for the specifications, PIA has a ton of servers, totaling to around 3341 servers over 32 different countries. Although the density could be a bit more spread out the number is still impressive.

They also secure your network with a tough 256-bit military encryption secured by OpenVPN, as well as other protocols of your choice. They allow for P2P and 5 simultaneous connections from one account. Although this service isn’t as flash as NordVPN it still can compete on other factors.

5. Trust.Zone

Lowest Price: $2.88 per month (2 years Plan)


Trust.Zone is a less well-known service provider that is one of the final cheap VPNs on this list. Trust.Zone is the mush similar to PIA in price, coming in at $2.88/month on their annual plan.

They are a smaller but effective brand to go with and are highly rated on other sites similar to this. They provide a lit value with the features they allow and are a VPN you need to check out.

They offer great encryption with OpenVPN as their primary protocol and give users the ability to choose over 32 different locations. They are also P2P-friendly and have a client very similar to ExpressVPN. This is a fantastic service and I urge you to go and have a look.

5. PrivateVPN

Lowest Price: $1.89/month (2 years Plan)

Private VPN homepage

Second, on this list is PrivateVPN which doesn’t tend to make a lot of these lists. However, when it comes to value for money, this little VPN service goes through the roof.

PrivateVPN has a ton of features and offer uses them for only $3.82/month on their annual plan and $1.89/per month for 2 years paln. In addition to the low price, PrivateVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service.

As well as being a very cheap VPN service you get a lot of value. PrivateVPN has excellent security with OpenVPN as a security protocol and because it is based in Sweden.

This is great if you’re privacy-conscious and don’t want to be watched by the Five Eyes Authorities. They also have a zero logs policy and decent speeds. Finally, with 48 different locations available and P2P allowed, you’ll be able to unblock/unlock content on a worldwide scale.

[Bonus] Surfshark

Lowest Price: $1.99 per month (2 years Plan)

VPN price comparsion

Cheap VPNs? What About Free Ones?

So there you have it, the 5 best and cheapest VPNs for 2022. Although cheap VPNs are a fantastic alternative to expensive ones, everyone always asks me,

What about free VPNs? I understand that many of you reading this might be on a free VPN scheme and are looking to upgrade. Firstly, let me say this: upgrading would be a fantastic decision.

When you are using a free VPN service, you may feel like you’re protecting yourself online and that you don’t need to upgrade. In reality, you are probably leaving yourself in the open in many ways that you haven’t thought of. This is because free VPNs don’t tend to have as many resources as the paid versions, meaning they lack encryption, protocol, features, and logs. Logs are a huge one because if you’re caught doing something naughty online, you could be prosecuted.

Also, if you’re on a free plan, you’re limited by the number of servers you have access to. Cheap services like NordVPN have tons of locations and you can even unblock BBC IPlayer and Bypass Netflix VPN block with their service – another luxury you lose when using free VPNs.

Long Story short – if you’re serious about your online security, invest in one of these cheap VPN services. They provide you with enormous value for only a few dollars a month.

Are There Any Restrictions to Cheap VPNs?

Simply put, no. Cheap VPNs are not that much different from the more expensive services like ExpressVPN and VyprVPN. The only real differences are in the server count, speeds, and unique features. Admittedly, some VPNs are lacking in the logging and security department but they can still be used with zero issues.

To be completely honest, unless you’re a hardcore internet user, investing in the more expensive services might be a waste of time.

The only real extras you get are more servers, cool stealth features, and unlockable Netflix and IPlayer. However, saying this, NordVPN can unblock those services and it is on this list. The only catch is you have to sign up for 2 years at a time.

What if I Have Money to Spare?

If you do have the money to spare and you’re not money conscious like the majority of the users reading this will be. I say you should go all the way and purchase a service like Vypr or ExpressVPN. They are amazing providers and their speeds, customer service, and additional features are unmatched by some of the smaller services.


Cheap VPNs are a fantastic compromise if you don’t want to splash out lots of money on an expensive VPN service. They are also useful if you’re coming from a free VPN service and are a little money-conscious.

The top 5 cheapest VPNs on these lists are incredible and will provide you with all the features you need. They are almost the same as some of the bigger brands but are affordable for anyone. If you’re still on a free plan, I heavily suggest you move off that and get yourself a proper VPN.

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