How To Grow a Cannabis E-Commerce Business

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As a cannabis entrepreneur, it is of utmost importance for you to create a very robust and dynamic online presence as part of your brand building. The worldwide web is rapidly becoming the turf for many cannabis businesses.

You can purchase almost anything online like medical marijuana, seedlings, and even weed vape. For people who are looking for the best train to grow their first high yield, they are now available online.

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The retail industry of cannabis and cannabis-based products and paraphernalia has drastically changed due to countless reasons.

First, the legalization of marijuana has brought the marijuana business from the black market into the public.

Now that the sale and purchase of these products have become acceptable, people now have transformed their once illegal business into a lucrative source of income. Whereas before, the cannabis industry faced countless legal barriers that would have sent anyone in possession of a joint in jail, now, people with business acumen can finally sell this herb in some of the poshest neighborhoods.

Secondly, the widespread use of the internet and innovations in smartphones and computers has brought the cannabis industry from mortar and bricks stores into the worldwide web.

Many marijuana entrepreneurs have now started with their expansion into the digital marketplace. Like for example, marijuana companies are setting up some of the most profitable websites for selling marijuana and marijuana-based products and gadgets.

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As many contemporary consumers prefer to browse stores and make their purchase goods online using their smartphones at the palm of their hands and in the comforts of their home, more and more is the need for businesses, especially those in the marijuana industry, to transition toward expanding their brand into the digital space.

Having a concrete store in the downtown area just will not cut it anymore. E-commerce has drastically changed the way we do our shopping and it is never going back to how it was before. So for marijuana businesses, to sink or swim, would depend on their capability to follow their market online.

Of course, setting up a business online is not very easy. This is why this article was written to help you and other marijuana business people like you catch up to the trend. Below are just some of the best practices that many successful businesses have done in order to break through the internet and successfully launch their marijuana eCommerce store. Hopefully, through these tips, you will get to find steady, sustainable growth and long-term success in your business.

Tips for Online Cannabis E-Commerce Business

Here are some important considerations when building your marijuana eCommerce business.


A very good website should be able to be aesthetically pleasing and also easy to navigate. It is important for someone who would like to set up a marijuana E-Commerce business to develop a website that harmoniously combines beauty and efficiency of use.

The design of your website must be visually appealing and must showcase your brand’s identity. It will be the same with designing a physical store, what kind of ambiance or mood do you want to evoke in your site? In order to ensure that your website is easy to navigate, you need to avoid clutters and make sure that clickable links and portals are visible. You also need to add a SEARCH bar to facilitate easy navigation. Lastly, you need to be able to provide an efficient, and secure checkout interface. Use standard symbols for shopping carts and check out. Make sure that the buttons are visible.

Also make sure that your website is viewable in DESKTOP and SMARTPHONE setup. Make sure that your website is not only beautiful and efficient on your laptop, you also have to make sure that it is also pleasant and efficient when accessed through a smartphone.

Unless you use a site-building service that comes with hosting, you'll want to find a reliable hosting platform that delivers high uptime percentages and protects your customers' personal and financial information when they shop at your store.


While having a great website is important, your website need not be the sole outlet for your products.

Social media platforms are often used by many marijuana e-commerce businesses to peddle their products. Social media platforms are cheap and very easy to maintain. It is also easy to market using social media. However, because marijuana and marijuana-based products are usually illegal in many parts of the globe, you can land yourself in hot waters with social media if you are not careful.

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What is really being recommended by many is to join an eCommerce platform. Of course, you cannot just join any E-Commerce platform. You need to look for platforms that fully support the sale and trade of legal marijuana. There are many eCommerce platforms that do not allow high-risk products like cannabis. You need to find platforms that do not have the same restriction.



Always be mindful of the security and privacy of your customers. It does not matter whether it is for cannabis or just for ordinary items, any kind of business that is running online must have the appropriate security measures.

Make sure to install firewalls and antivirus and anti-malware apps on your computer. Also, look for site platforms that will allow you to include SSL authentication, DNS leak protection, and high-grade encryption on your website. Make sure also to inquire about the platform’s policy for data storage and sharing.

There are more tips to help people such as yourself. But the above-mentioned tips are just some of the primary things that you ought to make sure if you want to dip your toes in marijuana e-commerce business. Make sure to follow these incredible tips and you will be ready to start your own marijuana business online.

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