Can Dogs Eat Oranges? – 5 Reasons to Give this Yummy Fruit to Your Pup

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If you’ve noticed your dog watching you eagerly while you’re eating something, you probably think it’s okay to give them a bite of your food. Dogs are declared to be omnivores, but that doesn’t mean they should eat anything. Their diet should be meat-based. At the same time, everything else should be represented in much smaller quantities.

This claim also applies to fruit. This food forms the basis of human nutrition and health, as it’s rich in vitamins and minerals. But for dogs, these delicious treats should be on their menu only occasionally. Since most fruits are high in sugar, it’s clear why your pet should limit the intake of this food.

Not every fruit is a good choice for a healthy pet snack. At this link, find a list of no-no foods for pups. Yet, citruses are generally allowed and desirable. And what could be better refreshment for your four-legged friend than a juicy bite of fresh orange?


1. Low-Calorie Snack

Commercial snacks usually abound in sodium, simple carbs, and artificial ingredients. You know these can do no good to your pet. This information matters if your pet has some excess weight.

On the other side, there are so many benefits of oranges, as it has only a few calories and no fat. It contains healthy sugars which quickly turns into energy that your dog waste in no time. So there’s no fear of fattening your pup with this fruity treat.

If your puppy can chew this juicy fruit, they should eat it every day, but in limited portions. A slice or two will be enough. Dogs can eat any kind of orange and not just the sweetest varieties, but other kinds as well, including those sourer ones. Just be sure to use moderation.

2. Improving Digestion

Dogs love fruits, and oranges are among the healthiest ones out there. There is a misconception that all citruses are bad for puppies. Indeed, some of these actually can cause an upset stomach in your pet, like lemon. This fruit has a very high amount of citric acid, which is not good for your pup’s stomach. But dogs can actually tolerate some amount of citric acid, and oranges have a lower content of this compound.

If your pup’s diet usually contains dry food, there’s not enough dietary fiber to benefit their digestive system. As a result, the dog may develop indigestion and diarrhea.  Fiber can help to improve the digestion of the food eaten. Oranges abound in these macronutrients, which are essential for proper digestion.

Vitamin C from this fruit is also beneficial for your dog’s digestive system. The acidity of this fruit helps produce hydrochloric acid. This acid is known to improve the digestion of fats, which can be a great solution for dogs eating a lot of meat. One to two servings of orange per day is adequate to supply a healthy dose of vitamin C to your pet’s body.

3. Preventing Dehydration

Fruits and vegetables generally contain more water. Oranges are rich in a large percentage of water, in which various phytonutrients are dissolved. It’s useful to add this fruit to your pup’s diet if they have a problem with dehydration or they just don’t drink enough water.

Visit the following link to learn how to recognize a dehydrated dog:

Orange can be of great help for dogs with disturbed kidney function and stones in the urinary tract. The juice of this fruit is an excellent method for the natural decomposition of kidney stones. As these are made of fats, toxins, and various undigested substances, orange acid will corrode these formations until completely dissolved.

4. Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster

It has also been proven that orange juice contains a type of bioflavonoid that can help strengthen your dog’s immune system. As this fruit has a bunch of vitamin C, which is known as an antioxidant, your pup will only need a small amount of this fruit to see the benefits.

Antioxidants, which orange is rich in, are fighters against free radicals, the cause of degenerative and inflammatory processes in the animal’s body. This fruit also contains proanthocyanidins which may cause a decrease in inflammation. That can be of great help if your pup suffers from urinary or bladder infection, joint inflammation, or some skin condition.

Because of potassium deficiency, many dogs lose energy and become exhausted soon. Increasing the amount of this mineral will be beneficial, as its chronic lack can lead to some severe health issues. By giving your pup a few slices of orange a day, they will have energy and a great metabolism.

5. Eliminating Toxins

One of the reasons why the answer to ‘can dogs eat oranges?’ is yes is because they contain a lot of water. Along with fibers, water helps to flush out the bacteria and toxins in the system. If your pet has constipation issues, a slice or two of oranges will solve this problem quite fast. Also, the orange will prevent dehydration if your pup has loose stool.

The burst of vitamin C from this healthy fruit provides that no bacteria are remaining in the intestines. That will prevent diseases like irritable bowel syndrome or infections of the digestive tract. Dogs usually have problems with parasites and infections caused by contaminated food or water.

The next time you peel a juicy orange and start enjoying its taste, invite your pup to join you. This fruit is the real essence of nutrients necessary for the health of your pet. When given in moderation, it’s a blast for your pup’s palate and health.

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