5 Call of Duty Warzone Challenges You Can Try

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As addictive and popular as Call of Duty’s battle royale mode of Warzone is, there’s not a whole lot of diversity within the standard game mode itself.

Obviously you have the different amount of squad members and the ever-terrifying Solos, and currently, the Outbreak event is actually bringing a distinctly unique feel to the action with its horror stylings.

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If you do feel like mixing things up, playing the game in a slightly different way or interacting with the game beyond just running around, seeing people and shooting them, feel free to add one of the following parameters to your next match to spice things up a bit.

One Chest

This one is fairly self-explanatory; you’re only allowed to open one chest in the game and have to make do with the equipment that comes from it. There are other restrictions that you can enforce on yourself to make it either easier or harder too.

One Chest

For instance, you can allow yourself to pick up ground loot (as long as it doesn’t pop out of a chest) or you can forbid yourself from touching anything other than what you grab from your first box of goodies.

This is much better to do in Solos, mostly because all you’ll be doing is annoying your teammates by refusing to open any chests other than your first one.

Naturally, you’re better off waiting to find an Epic chest to grab either a lot of cash or usually something like an Armor Satchel or a Self-Revive Kit to help you along your way. However, doing so may mean you’re searching for some time.

Hot Swap

This one is a little bit more involved. Here the idea is to take the weapon of the enemy you kill each time or to get a kill and then have to swap your weapon out for another one and never accrue more than one kill with the same gun.

You don’t have to take both guns, but you do have to take at least one of them and you are allowed to choose which weapon.

This starts out as not that bad in the first couple of circles, but fighting in the last few zones and having to sprint over open ground to loot your opponent can be costly.

Especially if you’ve managed to nab someone’s kitted out Mac-10 and the person you just put down only had the starting X16.

This is probably an all-or-nothing way to play. If you’re going into Solos, that will be no problem, but if you’re in squads make sure everyone is on board to add a bit of healthy competition, otherwise, you’ll be a pain to play with.


This is a really good one to do in a full four-person squad. The aim here is to get a kill in every named area of the whole of the Verdansk.

Obviously, you can do this in a game by yourself, but you can have a lot more fun if you and three friends are riding around in a chopper bringing death from above.

You’re more than welcome to go around on foot if you wish, but I very much doubt you’d make it to the four corners of the Kastovian landscape before a second circle severed a good chunk of the map away.

For a different take, have all four squad members pick a different drop zone. Someone lands at Prison, another at Quarry, etc. Then make it a race to see who can secure their kills first in each area of the environment.

I’ve tried this with a few of my friends, and it turns what can be a most rage-inducing session into something a lot more enjoyable when you play with this dynamic. For a less stressful experience, feel free to take on this challenge in the Plunder game mode.

No Loadout

Again, the clue is in the title. Challenge yourself to try and secure the victory without touching those lucrative drop crates.

No Loadout

What seems like a daunting task can actually prove quite liberating. Removing the factor of ignoring your loadout completely means you’re free to spend your money on more instantaneous benefits like Self-Revive Kits, Munition Boxes, or killstreaks without having to spend lots of time in the early game scrounging around for stacks of cash.

Obviously not having your own weapons and the huge plus of perks like Ghost are a big loss, but the current Season’s ground loot sports a wide selection of very powerful weapons that can stand up to most people’s setups.

Rough Economy

The almost opposite of the above challenge, the Rough Economy or “No Shop” challenge means you can’t grab anything from any Buy Stations. No armor plates, no additional loadouts, no buying squad members back.

All ground loot is permitted, and you can salvage your free loadout drops.

This means you’ll be better off dropping at more prominent areas like Superstore, Train Station, Downtown, or TV Station, or even one of the Keycode Bunkers.

The caveat is that these are “hot drops” because of all the potential loot that’s housed there, so you’ll seldom land in any of these locations (and a number of others) without a fair bit of company.

This is more challenging/annoying if you’re playing as a squad as anyone losing their gulag or finding themselves on the wrong end of a sniper bullet in the late game is locked out even if you have the funds.

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