11 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels [Monetized & Aged Accounts]

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Buy YouTube Channel is an online marketplace that allows users to purchase ready-made YouTube channels with established audiences and subscriber bases. Users can select from a wide variety of channels ranging from gaming, education, entertainment, and lifestyle, with specializations in music, sports, food, and fashion.

Can I buy or sell a YouTube account?

It is against YouTube's terms of service to buy or sell YouTube accounts. Any user who attempts to do so risks having their account suspended or banned from using their services due to some existing violation the account may have.

If you sell an account, the new owner may be able to access your personal information, such as your email address and contact details.

However, you can still buy and sell a YouTube account since many new YouTubers out there need an account that has stayed for a long time and has a good number of organic subscribers.

Therefore, they will need to buy it from a private seller to enjoy the account privileges through the sites below.

1. Fameswap

Fameswap for Buy YouTube Channel

Fameswap is a leading marketplace site that allows YouTube users to buy and sell their established YouTube account for other YouTubers to buy through buyer and seller agreements.

The site is intended to be used by social media individuals who want to sell their accounts for money. Buyers can get genuine YouTube accounts in a safe transaction through the Fameswap site.

Fameswap: Pros

  • Verified Listing Data – The data displayed for each listing of the YouTube account is verified as the information is pulled directly from the YouTube account.
  • Fully encrypted payment capture.

Fameswap: Cons

  • Their transaction fee is expensive.
  •  Fameswap does not offer any guarantees. You're out of luck if you trade your item for something you don't want or need. There is no customer service to help you resolve any issues.

2. Accs market

Accs market YOUTUBE

Accs market is a unique and reliable partner that offers services that enables you to buy and sell YouTube channels in a secure deal between the buyer and the seller of the YouTube accounts. The site provides escrow protection and promises mediation in case of an issue abrupt from the buyer.

Recently in 2020-2021, the site reviews have gone negatively, and always do due diligence when you want to buy a YouTube channel.

Accs market: Pros

  • The site offers YouTube channels for different niches.
  • Competitively priced listing of YouTube channels.

Accs market: Cons

  • The quality of the YouTube account listing can vary greatly
  • Scammers' issues concerning Escrow are on the rise.

3. Trustiu

Trustiu for Buy YouTube Channel

Suppose you need to buy a YouTube channel. In that case, Trustiu is a secure online marketplace site to sell and buy YouTube accounts. The accounts vary from a few subscribers to accounts with tens of thousands of subscribers, where you can earn well as a new YouTuber since the channel will have pre-existed monetization.

Trustiu: Pros

  • It has a contact team that can support you in case of an issue.
  • Competitive price listing of channels that is right for you

Trustiu: Cons

  • Some pricing seems expensive

4. Useviral

Useviral for Buy YouTube Channel

Useviral is a marketplace platform that allows users to buy monetized YouTube channels. It is an excellent legal site that offers YouTube channel packages that are right for you and has all the niches to satisfy your content.

To get started, visit their website and get the YouTube channels with different Pricing that will fit your content.

Useviral: Pros

  • The amount of risk in online transactions is reduced.
  • It has 30 Day Money back guarantee
  • Customer satisfaction from their contact team.

Useviral: Cons

  • Some niches are more highly represented than others.

5. Mid man 

Mid man  for Buy YouTube Channel

Mid man is a digital marketplace platform that acts as a middleman for individuals and business organizations who want to buy a YouTube channel from the sellers on the platform. David Hayes founded the mid man in 2021, specializing in giving high-quality digital YouTube accounts.

Mid man: Pros

  • The site is safe for sellers and buyers involved in online transactions.
  • Have a chat feature on their platform so that you can have customer support.

Mid man: Cons

  • The site has no cash-back guarantee when things fall out on your side.
  • Sometimes channel you buy may not fit the legal requirement

6. SidesMedia

SidesMedia for Buy YouTube Channel

SidesMedia is another top marketplace platform where you can buy YouTube channels. Its website contains everything you want to know and has the old and new channels through which buyers may want to buy it.

Since 2016 SidesMedia has provided its users services and rented out social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and others. The site sells YouTube accounts to other YouTubers for a low price.

SidesMedia: Pros

  • Friendly customer care support that is dedicated to helping you purchase
  • You can get a high-quality channel that is monetized.

SidesMedia: Cons

  • The quality of the listing can vary greatly.

7. 123accs

123accs for Buy YouTube Channel

123accs is the best digital marketplace that provides youtube channels that are not monetized. The channels on the site are cheap, and PVA has new accounts. If you need to buy cheap YouTube accounts, consider services from this site. The site includes 5PVA accounts, 25 UK Followers, 10US followers accounts, and many more.

123accs: Pros

  • The site Has a safe payment option, always using cryptocurrency
  • Customer care support can be reached easily via emails and skype.

123accs: Cons

  • It has a negative reputation from reviewers.

8. Playerup

Playerup for Buy YouTube Channel

Playerup is a site that has produced a market platform where buyers can buy YouTube channels that are authentic, credible, and affordable. The channels listed on the site are of high quality, which has been a positive review that has assisted in marketing their brand to people who wish to buy new YouTube channels.

Playerup: Pros

  • There are a lot of sellers on the platform. So as a buyer, you have many options for where to buy YouTube channels.
  • The site is transparent in opting for go-between services to buy and sell YouTube channels.

Playerup: Cons

  • Some bad experiences with escrow services from the buyers.

9. Eazy Viral

Eazy Viral for Buy YouTube Channel

Eazy Viral is a marketplace company that deals only with monetized YouTube channels. If you have any issues, the platform has an excellent customer service team that will sort out your problems. Eazy Viral site assists in the quick approval of YouTube channels, enabling YouTubers to go viral using the accounts.

Eazy Viral: Pros

  • The best and safe place to buy monetized YouTube channels
  • Quality graphics included.

Eazy Viral: Cons

  • Some of the listed channel prices are expensive.

10. Audience Gain

Audience Gain for Buy YouTube Channel

Audience Gain is the place to visit if you are seeking a YouTube channel that can make you earn good money. The YouTube channels on the website give a free Google Ads account, depending on your country.

Many people prefer to buy YouTube channels from this site, and their Pricing of the YouTube channels starts from a minimum of  $619 which you can get your account.

Audience Gain: Pros

  • The site offers a free consultation to their customers and gives free advice on what you should do.
  • It offers two types of YouTube channels that you can buy. One is an aged YouTube Channel, and one is a Monetized YouTube channel.

Audience Gain: Cons

  • There is no cash-back guarantee to the buyer when the account bought has issues.

11. Eazy SMM

Eazy SMM for Buy YouTube Channel

Every aspiring or established YouTube has a shared dream of becoming viral on YouTube. This dream is hard to achieve at once since you need to build an audience for some time. Most creators, brands, or businesses don’t want to start from scratch. They need an audience already so that they can begin at their peak. To achieve all that, Eazy SMM can assist you in buying YouTube channels on their site in an easy way.

The YouTube channels on the site are of good quality, help you acquire the channel, and allow you to start using the monetized YouTube channel.

Eazy SMM: Pros

  • The channels on the site are original and can be converted to any niche.
  • Their buying process for YouTube channels is safe and easy to use.

Eazy SMM: Cons

  • The quality of a listing can vary in a big way.

Tips for buying a youtube account

Tips for buying a youtube account

  • Check whether the number of subscribers that the account has is real or fake. Having many real subscribers mean you will be successful compared to counterfeit subscribers.
  • Look for any strikes on the account. Always note that If you get three strikes on your account, you will be banned from YouTube. So always check if the channel you buy has received three strikes in the past three months.
  • You need to consider the number of videos a channel has. It is essential to know the quality and quantity of videos posted before. An account with five videos is not worth compared to an account with 200 videos.


Q. Will the purchased YouTube account be banned?

It won't since buying and selling a YouTube account is legal, and few companies and people have built their brands on existing channels. You can be banned if you buy a channel with copyright issues and other violations. So, you need to know the tips for buying a safe YouTube account.

Q. How to transfer ownership of a YouTube account?

YouTube channels always have multiple email accounts where one email is the primary owner. When you buy the YouTube channel from the seller, always ensure that your email is made the primary owner of the account. The request to change the email to primary can take up to 24 hours for YouTube to approve.


Before buying a YouTube account, do your due diligence to determine if the channel you want to buy has a reasonable engagement rate, no strikes, quality & quantity of the existing videos, and has real followers. You can purchase the channels through the intermediaries’ sites discussed above if you have all the information.

They will provide you with safety when dealing with the right sellers since you might lose your money when you deal directly with a seller who might be a scammer, and this is the last thing you need to see your earned money disappearing in a matter of seconds. When you get an excellent monetized YouTube channel with organic subscribers, you could make a massive profit in your channel.

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