TOP 8 Place to Buy Twitter Accounts [Real, Active, Safe] 2023

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Buy Twitter accounts and give your online presence a boost! With over 336 million users, Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms and can help you reach a large audience. When you buy Twitter accounts, you'll gain access to an established platform that already has followers, which helps increase visibility for your brand or business.

“Buy a verified Twitter account for a strong online presence. Boost your brand's exposure and engage with millions of active users. Choose from a variety of established accounts with a large following, tailor-made for your niche. Get started now and start reaching your target audience today.”

Can I buy or sell a Twitter account?

Selling or buying a Twitter account is not legal, but some users sell their Twitter channels to earn money to make profits. Many users consider selling their accounts as unethical for just making a profit. At the same time, buyers buy Twitter accounts as an option to avoid starting from scratch, which takes time before you start monetizing it and have an already existing audience.

Before you purchase a Twitter account, always be safe since many scammers exist. To purchase an existing channel, you must find a reputable seller from an online marketplace that sells verified Twitter accounts. These marketplace sites include the following.

1. twitter is a quick and secure online marketplace where Twitter users can buy and sell Twitter accounts through a perfect deal. Buyers using this platform are guaranteed a safe transfer to their new Twitter account.

The seller also is guaranteed to get payments or for your account to be returned to you. The site uses escrow services, enabling sellers and buyers to transact safely. If you want to buy a Twitter account, you can look at their website. Pros

  • It has secure escrow services that facilitate a secure transaction between a buyer and the seller.
  • There is a guarantee of your money back if the account you buy differs from what you want or has fake followers. Cons

  • There is no guarantee of a refund policy when the order is already done. The person to blame in case of being banned is the seller, who will be responsible.

2. Swapd

Swapd buy twitter channel

Swapd is a popular platform that has a high active user base. It is a trusted middleman service that provides users with a safe way to sell and buy their accounts virtually.

There are many social media accounts, like Twitter accounts, on this site where you can buy and sell accounts. The platform also has a mobile app where you can still purchase and sell Twitter accounts.

Swapd: Pros

  • There is buyer and seller protection where scams are non-existence on the website.
  • It has a referral program where members make 2% of each purchase on the website.
  • Speed in supporting clients 24/7.

Swapd: Cons

  • There is no Twitter account protection when the order is completed between the sellers and buyers.

3. EpicNPC

EpicNPC buy twitter channel

EpicNPC is one of the multipurpose marketplaces where you can buy and sell any social media accounts. This site helps to offer safety when buying and selling Twitter accounts. It has an active user base where you can buy a Twitter account from the sellers.

If you get scammed on the platform when the middleman has control of the account you bought, EpicNPC returns a partial payment of your cost to you plus the middleman fee.

EpicNPC: Pros

  • It provides a free trade guardian, an automated service that provides instructions to assist members during buying and selling accounts.
  • Provides escrow services that protect the seller and the buyer transactions.

EpicNPC: Cons

  • There is no guarantee of total protection when a buyer buys a Twitter account.

4. ViralAccounts

ViralAccounts buy twitter channel

ViralAccounts is the most trusted marketplace site that has existed in operation since October 2010. Through this site, you can buy and sell social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and others.

You can buy and sell Twitter accounts on the site, where transactions are done mainly by PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire transfer,  and TransferWise. The company does a lot of screening, anonymity, and quality control and provides safety to every seller and buyer.

ViralAccounts: Pros

  • They provide excellent customer care to support their clients.
  • The site is a registered European company that offers secured transactions between the buyer and the seller of the account.

ViralAccounts: Cons

  • Once an order is done between the seller and the buyer, there is no return policy of refunds.


USEVIRAL buy twitter channel

UseViral is the best-trusted provider site where you can boost your followers on Twitter. This site uses the highest quality and latest technology to increase organic followers on your Twitter channel with the help of a dedicated team that will assist you.

UseViral differs from other marketplace sites in how to buy; it has Twitter promotion services where you buy real Twitter followers, likes, retweets, video views, and female followers on your Twitter channel.


  • Guarantee your channel to grow big with many followers.
  • Customer support is excellent for their members


  • Buying real followers is expensive compared to getting fake followers.

6. Mid Man

Mid Man buy twitter channel

Mid Man is a valuable platform that guides you in buying and selling Twitter accounts with a secure transaction. The site matches your needs by finding the proper account for you.

It has an expert team that makes buying and selling accounts verified and trading conveniently. Visit the MidMan site, and you can buy a genuine Twitter account that has real numbers.

Mid Man: Pros

  • Transaction between the buyer and the seller is secured.
  • It has a support team that makes the process of buying and selling to be fast.

Mid Man: Cons

  • There is no guarantee from the company after completing buying from the seller. The seller has a short and extended warranty for the account.

7. Sidesmedia

Sidesmedia buy twitter channel

Sidesmedia is a popular platform that assists in boosting your Twitter channel to gain more exposure to build your brand audience. The site has a Twitter promotion service that buys real Twitter promotions like Twitter followers, likes, retweets, and video views.

Sidesmedia offers a growth service in your account by giving you real followers that will make you top in the Twitter ranking. Avoid companies that provide fake followers since it will ruin your account, as the followers will no longer follow you or tweet, and your account will risk being banned.

Sidesmedia: Pros

  • Your Twitter account will grow rapidly compared to using Twitter ads, as you will get real followers.
  • Assist your account to compete against Twitter algorithms.

Sidesmedia: Cons

  • Buying real followers is expensive at some point.

8. PlayerUp

PlayerUp buy twitter channel

Playerup is one of the first-world companies that ensures safe and legal protection of player-2-player account transactions. It acts as a middleman service that safeguards sellers' and buyers' transactions. The site offers many social media accounts, such as Twitter, where buyers buy them to have an already audience with real followers.

PlayerUp: Pros

  • The process of transactions made on the site is always secured and free from scammers.
  • It has a contact middleman support that can guide you on their services and your Twitter account.

PlayerUp: Cons

  • The site is not user-friendly when navigating more the site.

Tips for buying a Twitter account

Tips for buying a Twitter account

  • Check the growth potential of the Twitter account before buying. Accounts with higher followers it has the potential of growing large followers
  • Confirm the type of audience of the Twitter accounts if they are real or fake.
  • Check the quality of copyrights, followers, and prices compared to other Twitter accounts to get the best out of them.


Q. Is it safe to buy a Twitter Account?

It is 100% safe, and you have no risk of being banned. However, it can be unsafe to buy an account if the buyer doesn’t check carefully the quality of the account sold by the seller.

Q. Does buying Twitter accounts come with a guarantee?

Most intermediaries’ sites offer a secure transaction between the buyer and the seller, but when the trade is made, the middleman does not guarantee your account anymore. That is why it's good to check the account you are buying from the seller carefully.

Q. The disadvantages of buying fake followers on Twitter.

Fake followers will boost your Twitter account for a while and look good, but they will later stop following you, and you will be back from square one.

Q. Is it safe to buy a Twitter account outside of Marketplace?

It is not safe. Accounts owned by the sellers might have fake followers who will not be real and active. It takes a lot of time to move around searching for Twitter followers  and also trying to see if the seller is not a scammer


Finally, apart from buying Twitter accounts from marketplace sites, you can also buy Twitter followers from various sources to make your channel grow and become famous. This can be a quick and easy way to boost your channel's popularity.

However, it is essential to note that only buy real followers from reputable sources compared than fake followers. There are a lot of fake accounts out there, so you need to be careful since Twitter will ban your account.

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