15 Tricks to Boost your Instagram’s Account Activity During Holidays

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We all know how marvellous it is to engage with Instagram communities. But did you know that holidays represent an asset, too? Well, during such time off, additional followers or potential customers access social media platforms. This means that you can manage to achieve more engagement and boost your revenues if you share insightful content during such times. Read on to find out what experts’ recommendations on how to increase your account’s activity during holidays are.

How to boost your Instagram’s account activity during Holidays

1. Be wise and Share Insights About Holiday Offers

Share Insights About Holiday Offers

The secret is to mention your offers as early as possible. Take as an example Christmas time. Marketers say that it is highly recommended to share details about your December offers as early as November. In this way, your audience will have information about your promotional approaches. Also, it is best to share content daily with insights about gifts, offers, or promotions during holidays.

2. Help your Audience Choose a Gift

Gift for Audiences

Another useful thing you can do is tailor some attractive gift suggestions. And to do this, you will have to analyze your account’s insights to determine what your audience is like. With this data, you can create gift ideas that can match their needs and expectations.

3. Create a Team to Manage Instagram Requests

Manage Instagram Requests

Well, holidays are demanding, and you will not have time to answer each query immediately. So, for the best approaches for your business account, you should consider having a team in place. This team can follow up on content and user reactions, while they can answer comments or additional queries on this platform. Our tip is to use the services available at SocialBoss.org for the best results.

4. Respond as Fast as Possible

Respond to customer

Following the tip mentioned above, you should do your best to answer messages or comments as quickly as possible. This will better user experience and will make your audience more likely to complete a purchase on your website.

5. Create a Posting Schedule

Well, social media platforms allow you to schedule content, and Instagram is no exception to this. This feature can be extremely helpful during busy holidays, and you should focus on scheduling your content with at least one week in advance.

6. Reveal Contact Options

Instagram account bio

Another tip you should implement for your Instagram account is adding in your bio or about pages clear information concerning the means one can contact your business. Many users look forward to reaching out directly, without leaving a comment.

7. Share Links to your Business Website

Share business


Nowadays, audiences are versatile and prefer searching for additional information. This means that you should have in place a link to your business or store. In this way, your audience won’t spend unnecessary time searching for your brand.

8. Share your Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule


Of course, during the holidays you might have distinct working hours. And if you implement such changes, you should share that information with your audience. Marketers say that you should remind your followers about this special schedule every three days.

9. Talk About Sales

future offers

So, let’s talk about Christmas again. Many people look for gifts. But at the same time, there are lots of users who look forward to the January sales. Hence, it would help if you tease your audience with the future offers, they might access during January. In this way, they will remain engaged with your account, as they expect the big sales approaching after the holidays.

10. Keep a Close Eye on your Competition

digital marketing strategy inspiration

Your competition is useful for gaining additional knowledge about what your audience looks for. Also, you can get some inspiration from their digital marketing strategy, so that you can boost your account’s activity.

11. Reveal the Discount Value

Discount Value

It is not enough to tell your followers’ you have a discount in place. The thing that will convince them to visit your store or website is clearly revealing the difference in price.

12. Focus on Stories

Instagram Stories during holiday

Instagram Stories are your ally, especially during the holidays. You can share anything ranging from short videos to contests. This feature has the power to attract new followers in no time.

13. Offer Gifts

Instragram quiz and contest

Keeping your audience engaged during holidays can be rather tricky. But you can keep up their interest by inviting them to participate in a quiz or contest. Offer them in exchange a coupon or discount so that you encourage them to complete a purchase with your business.

14. Use all Social Media Platforms

Sharing social media

Well, you should focus exclusively on Instagram. Sharing your content on linked accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook, can increase brand exposure and engagement.

15. Don’t Forget to Thank your Audience

followers support

Lastly but not the least significant, you should express your gratitude for your followers’ support, as soon as the holidays end. This will make them notice how much you value your audience. Besides, you can invite them to join your brand during January sales, too.

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