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Are you looking for a great place to download free ebooks? This is a list of top websites similar to Bookfi to get free popular ebooks and magazines.

What’s better than a library in one place – and the one that you can carry all around? Today we have found so many ways to ease our necessity for the written word and we can do it on the internet with just a few clicks.

Even more tempting than just being able to click and get a book right on your drive is, of course, being able to get it for free!

Bookfi is an amazing website originated from Russia and in its lifetime it went through some variations in a name. You may encounter it before as Электронная библиотека (the Russian name for Electronic Library), but now it’s much more famous as Bookfi.

Official Bookfi Website: (English version)


With over 2 million books in various readable formats (pdf, epub, etc) this site is definitely the most popular place to get anything – comics, scientific publications, academic research from respectable magazines, and of course various belletristic- for free!

Knowing the legal issues sites like these may face, you may want to secure yourself. Even if you just don’t like the aesthetics of this website, it is good to keep in mind various alternatives that are lurking on the internet.

Here is the list of top Bookfi alternatives to download and read free books.

Top 7 Websites like Bookfi to Download books free

1. B-OK


As a part of the project to make the largest free e-library, B-OK is a website you will have trouble letting go. It used to be named Bookz before but after a lot of trouble with keeping it on the surface, it got rebranded.

Now you will find a quick and easy way to download over 3 million books and, believe it or not, over 75 million articles and publications. If you need a large data for academic research, you may find it here. If you want to find books of theory, philosophy, or whatever – it is here.

The downside is that the books are not sorted by any category except author name and the year they were published or added to the website, so you will need to know exactly what you are looking for. Nevertheless, this is an important place to have in your bookmarks.

2. Ebook3000


eBook3000 has a catchy name but unrelated to the exact number of books in its database. If you enter this website you will see some things that are better than most free ebook aggregates, and that is – categorizing of their content.

You will be able to search the books by the category, by genre and the best thing – by ISBN code. That will make your life much easier!

Of course, the database of this website is reasonably poor compared to some other free ebook giants, but you will find a lot of interesting stuff here quite easily.

3. Read-Any-Book


Read-Any-Book will provide what it says it will provide. A reading platform for popular and not-so-popular headlines that will make you feel like you are in a global library and all the books always ready to be borrowed.

On this website, you will have not only categories and a bunch of popular books, but you will also see other users comments and reviews which is something that many websites about ebooks lack. It is always nice to see other people’s comments and reviews before opting for a long read.

Read-Any-Book will also offer the opportunity to download any piece in any preferable file but the quality of the content may vary since anybody is open to upload. Some books are top-quality, while others may require a bit of restoration.

4. Ebook-Dl


This is an interesting website that is maybe under the radar yet, and probably why it was never brought down in all these years. You will be surprised by some of the things you will find on this website regarding popularity and recent publications.

You will also be unpleasantly surprised by the number of things you will not find here, but that’s why you have so many websites in these lists. Some things you will find here, some in other places.

The peculiar thing about Ebook-Dl is the number of newspapers that you can find. You will find some great stuff in various languages as well as entertainment and science magazines. A great website.

5. Ebookee


Ebooke is more of a search engine and aggregate for finding some books and publications in the darkest depths of the internet. You will find many useful options on this website and in my experience, Ebooke offers some neat search options.

You can find books by popularity, you can dive into different genres, comics, magazines and so on. You will quickly notice the difference between this and other websites regarding the way it works – it will take you to third-party places where you will have to battle with pop-ups and adds. It still offers you a brilliant catalog, so it’s not such a big deal.

6. Ebook Bike

Ebook Bike

Ebook BIke will make you cycle through their library in 5th gear. Once you start going through their brilliant minimalistic website design, you will notice so many benefits. Categories to sort out the genres on the left, nice large images of book covers and a quick way to download will all get you hyped up.

You will find everything, from obscure authors that you thought you will not encounter online, to some of the most popular big shots of the genre. You will be satisfied with the simple navigation and convenient style and this website has honestly really little, if any, a downside to it.

7. BookSee


Another Russian gem. This one will remind you of some of the hot shots from the top of the list. It also offers a huge database of books in an abundance of languages and it is only one step from moving onto your hard drive.

Despite the site being in Russian, you will have no trouble finding the huge search bar and then typing what you want, getting the desired result and downloading the book. The formats vary, but, fortunately, they will be stated before you click the download button. This is another great website.

You may be like,


There it is! The list worth tens of millions of books, and a hundred million magazines, comics, and academic publications. It is not easy finding a quality place for getting free books, but this list tries to sort them out in the best possible way.

Feel free to comment, add, remove, or share your feedback in the comments and read well!

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