4 Bitcoin Payment Processors for 2022

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The transaction gateways industry is flourishing as well as the crypto-cash sector is developing quickly. A Crypto transaction gateway is an arrangement for internet transactions that allow businesses to accept payments within cryptocurrencies.

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Very few players controlled the new marketplace five years earlier. Nowadays there are thousands of them. The question today is how you can select a secure and advantageous payment gateway company. Five of the greatest payment systems have been analysed by our staff. Each possesses its unique benefits, audience and particulars.

Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase Commerce

The largest cryptocurrency exchange on the planet is Coinbase. It is primarily centred on the US market. In February 2018, Coinbase, the crypto transaction gateway, was established and it is regarded as just about the most dependable and familiar transaction gateway for the online business industry. Coinbase Commerce is much like BitPay, having invoices sent out for fixed charges for services and goods.

Coinbase Commerce, the transaction gateway, placed itself in the marketplace as an effective remedy for Internet stores needing to accept cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Commerce has combined its solutions with Shopify as well as other eCommerce systems such as Opencart and Magento in this manner.

Coinbase Commerce states it doesn't impose a commission whenever a merchant withdraws money from their account, which miners pay just the system charge for transaction delivery.

Quite a few customers have in recent months discovered the system payment is substantially higher on Coinbase Commerce than on the competing platforms, resulting in speculation regarding concealed costs for merchants.


CoinGate is yet another old-timer within the crypto processing gateway sector, having been created in 2014. In 2018 the firm became one of the primary bitcoin infrastructure solutions for applying the Lightning system, an answer to the bitcoin Network scaling issue. It increased the number of purchases.

CoinGate, similar to BitPay and Coinbase Commerce, concentrates on the e-commerce business and handles crypto payments through invoices. Retailers might utilise an API as well as an e-commerce plugin to incorporate the gateway. Distributors are offered the choice of getting payment in crypto or maybe fiat money. CoinGate instantly converts money into fiat currency (Euro or maybe US dollar).


Bitpay is an American business that developed the crypto monetary system market. It was launched in 2011, just 2.5 years after Bitcoin was initially launched. If the crypto and cryptocurrencies sector was beginning in September 2013, the users base of the BitPay transaction gateway surpassed 100,000 and the transaction amount 270 830 BTC.

2018 was a year wherein the transaction volume was more than USD 1 billion. This was because of bitcoin's growth as a payment gateway amongst B2-B customers of the payment system. BitPay may be the web-based transaction gateway which concentrates on settlement payments by invoices issued by websites for services and goods at fixed prices. A 1% percentage commission is charged by Bitpay.

BitPay permits the instant transformation of crypto currencies to US dollars, euros, and British pounds along with other currencies in case the buyer likes to get the cash in fiat currency. BitPay merchants may even transport their fiat for their accounts out of the BitPay account.



With a large list of supported cryptocurrencies, crypto payment gateway CoinPayments sets itself aside from the remainder of the crypto community. The organisation additionally lets customers pay in cash for items in internet stores for a record amount of coins, 1860.

Among the competitive benefits of CoinPayments is it offers among the cheapest profits for crypto processing. The solution consumes just 0.5% of the total price of the transaction. CoinPayments offers a shopping cart plugin much like various other crypto payment alternatives. The payment gateway may be incorporated by utilising API.

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