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Bitcoin's meteoric rise shows that the price of bitcoin jumped from $10,000 last year to $64,000 in April. Over the past few months, other cryptocurrencies have taken eight spots with blockchain-focused companies making a record 50+ fintech lists in a single year.

Institutional adoption and the ensuing wave in it have brought capital crowds with crypto startups. It has spawned all those companies with some new crypto unicorns with a valuation of around $1 billion, and also signalled their ‘coming of age in the industry.

It is joined by some enthusiasts who, along with liberals and technologists, are building a different world future together with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With which central banks and government sanctions are creating a free market. It is a secure, democratic and anonymous currency.

Some people are investing with bitcoin using online sites like bitcoin pro, joining this market together with automated bots. Maybe it's a bubble of sorts for others that may never be the currency, or better yet, let's see why.

Other debutants include some of the leading cryptocurrencies Fire Blocks and custodian Anchorage. In this, institutional investors and corporations wake up to crypto disruption, with one of the main goals being to get some large bitcoin positions now. Crypto Custody has some services of its own that have seen a huge increase in interest.

Anchorage is one of the first crypto-native firms to be granted the charter of all conditional national trusts, by the Controller of the Currency. The last rain Fire Blocks have seen an increase of 2023 %, with this digital transfer of over half a trillion dollars.

Why can't it be currency?


Due to other pertinent reasons, there may be no future for units of account with cryptocurrency payments, which perform their functions as money. Today this currency has become the most in-demand, its supply cannot meet the requirement.

The supply of bitcoin is determined asymptotically. Bitcoin-based could face permanent deflation with economic consequences, for investors, the economy, and its future to grow. Throwing light on this aspect, it has been decided by the mysterious creator of these coins that only around 21 million bitcoins have been created so far.

Due to which whenever its demand increases, the price also increases. One may wonder what it means with bitcoin currency to increase its value. With this currency, you can buy twice as many things. This means that the price of bitcoin has fallen drastically in all respects. This means that deflation: up to 95 per cent is accurate. If you want more information regarding this, you can go through the The Crypto Genius to better understand it.

De Grauwe has a flip side to which the future of bitcoin is linked, which is making it an even more relevant and dangerous currency, for one main reason, and that it is facing a perceived ideal world. is. Where bitcoin is centralized. This is a real-world with which bitcoin will not be backed by lenders and central banks of last resort.

It does not involve any central bank, providing liquidity in it, which is prone to deflation and insolvency. The bitcoin economy as a whole is not flexible enough. Its absence with central banks is considered most notable for the market, along with outright radicals. The bitcoin market has become a symbol of a free world for all, completely free from government control.

This allows many people to create wealth, and at the same time prevent many crises with self-regulated markets. Bitcoin continues to play a central role, but still not in its real-world, concludes De Grauwe. Equally important, O'Brien considered it not a failed currency, but a failed payment system due to its slow speed and cost, which did not make it a new and a better PayPal.

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