Bitcoin Advertising Networks: Everything You Need to Know

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Bitcoin advertising networks appeared as the blockchain industry’s answer to the global online bans that governments started to impose upon the crypto related businesses.

First, it was the social media platforms that banned all possible blockchain related ads and then the doors were shut by Google Adsense, the whale of the online banner advertising.

These new boundaries that the established marketing platforms had to comply with, practically cut out the blockchain industry and its businesses from the exposure they were in need of.

Therefore, it is the appearance of the crypto ad networks that provided the much needed push and gave crypto projects a chance to be discovered. 

Today, bitcoin ad networks are nothing short of established marketing companies and act as the main platforms that deliver exposure and drive traffic to crypto and blockchain projects, products and services. Keeping that in mind, let’s evaluate what bitcoin advertising networks are all about and how to find the best one.

Marketing tools for crypto projects

Marketing tools

In order to fully understand the importance of bitcoin ad networks, we must evaluate other marketing tools available to the blockchain industry, and frankly speaking there isn’t much. Since the ban on crypto related advertising, the projects and companies had to fully devote themselves to forums and community growth.

If not for crypto ad networks, this trend would have remained and as a tool, communities and forums do boast a couple of substantial and beneficial attributes. 

The only problem with communities, is that your community must be discovered first…

Communities that companies form around their products and services are one of the pillars of the successful business growth as they represent the loyal audience base that shares the company's values and will most likely opt for this company regardless of how great competition is.

The only issue with communities, is that your community must first be discovered and it is the advertising networks that are responsible for the discovery part. 

Bitcoin ad networks 101

Bitcoin ad networks

In simple terms, advertising networks are the platforms that are amplifying your business exposure and bring you prospective clients. Once this happens, you can utilise a myriad of other marketing tools to turn prospective leads into loyal customers, but again, it is the ad networks like Bitmedia that cater the exposure. 

This exposure is created by distributing your ads in the form of banners and native ads across the web. If we were to live in the world with no bans on crypto promotion, these banners would have been placed on every possible website your prospective user base visits, but as we all know, the ease of regulations is not there yet.

Luckily though, the explosive pace of blockchain development has created its own personal world around itself with, for example, news publications that cover and serve crypto industry only.

The list is not limited to digital news outlets and is expansive, just like the non crypto web is and therefore the aforementioned bans are not that much of an obstacle for the industry any more. 

As a result, regardless whether you run a newly found blockchain startup or a well established crypto firm, it is thanks to these networks that you can run marketing campaigns and get all the exposure you need. 

Why choose bitcoin ad platforms are as follows:

    1. Specified targeting. This tool allows you to broadcast your banners directly to those people who you believe form your prospective user base. Better still, as in the case of Bitmedia, you can set up adaptive campaigns and make your banners follow your leads or switch in bitcoin ads distribution strategy depending on the signals platform gets from other resources. 
    2. Knowledge is king. It is important to remember that bitcoin ads networks are not the new kids on the block. The best ones have been around for years now and it means that they store heaps of useful knowledge about practically every niche and blockchain industry segment and sub segment there is. We spoke to Bitmedia team about this and they showed us how they advise each of their client on the best strategy to take, tweaking and altering each campaign so it becomes effective both in conversions and costs.  
    3. High conversions. Ad platforms make sure that you succeed in your growth and traffic channelling. The mechanics here are simple. If a client gets no conversions on ads, chances are, the company will sooner or later leave and this makes a good bitcoin ad network do everything it takes for their clients to grow. Of course it is not always easy to find a genuine advertising platform, but we have found that going through their blogs often portrays a good picture of the attitude such marketing platforms employ. Hence, by tailoring your marketing campaign right, bitcoin ad networks ensure high level of conversions, resultant from the right targeting and campaign setup. 
    4. Support. Taking into account that digital advertising can sometimes be set up in a very intricate way, it is important to always keep your hand on the pulse of its distribution algorithms. This is where support provided by the bitcoin ad network comes in as a great help. More so, if for example your campaign does not generate an expected level of conversions, you can always consult with a professional account manager and see how to alter your current bitcoin ad campaign to make it work.

Summarising bitcoin ad networks

Regardless of how extraordinary your crypto project is, it will still need to be promoted to reach the right audience and for the public to find out about it. This is why bitcoin ad networks become a god send, by amplifying your exposure and delivering traffic to your product.

Once that is done, you should create communities and turn prospective leads into loyal clients, but it is traffic acquisition that remains primary to your company being discovered. Therefore, it is incremental to your business growth to find the best marketing platform out there and we hope that this article will aid your search. 

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