Top 12 Chrome Extension to Optimize YouTube

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You probably never thought you could do more things on YouTube with plugins and extensions, such as downloading your favorite videos, skipping ads, etc.

YouTube is no doubt one of the leading platforms for watching videos in the 21st century. However, it has gradually become hard to enjoy content on YouTube because of numerous ads and the platform has some restrictions.

Fortunately, you can make your experience with YouTube better by using plugins and extensions. Here are some of the best YouTube extensions that you should consider using as you enjoy content in YouTube.

Top 12 YouTube Extensions

1. Enhancer for YouTube

Enhancer for YouTube logo

No doubt that this reliable extension can change how you watch videos on YouTube. Enhancer for YouTube comes with unique features that enable you to control what you watch and how you watch it. The good thing about this extension is that it can also run offline.  Enhancer for YouTube is easy to use, thus suitable for beginners.

Enhancer for YouTube

Once you install the extension, you can control the playback speed and volume level by moving the mouse wheel. You can also get rid of annoying ads from videos, remove annotations, and loop videos. The extension lets you use a more significant video player, pin the video player, and use custom videos. To top it all, you can perform your actions using JavaScript if you have Enhancer for YouTube extension.

2. Turn off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights logo

If you want to get a cinema experience when watching videos on YouTube, then Turn Off the Lights is the extension that you need. The extension turns the page dark so that you can watch videos as if you're in a cinema hall.  Once you install the add-in to your computer, you can fade the pale to dark with a single click on the lamp button. You need to click the lamp button once more to return the screen to normal.

Turn off the Lights

The good thing about this extension is that it also works on popular video sites other than YouTube. More so, the extension is compatible with all browsers. Turn Off the lights works in all videos irrespective of their format and quality.

3. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy logo

Are you a content creator, and you would like to be successful on YouTube? Then TubeBuddy should be your partner. You need to install this extension on your computer if you want to ease channel management and YouTube optimization. Don't worry about the safety of your channel because TubeBuddy is a trusted extension. Over 4 million creators and brands love the extension, and you can be one of them. You can use TubeBuddy on the go because it’s available as an app for Android and iOS.


The extension also comes with bulk processing tools, promotion tools, video SEO tools, productivity tools, research tools. Here you get everything you need to take your YouTube channel to the next level under one roof.

4. Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Actions for YouTube logo

Just like its name reads, Magic Actions for YouTube does magic to your experience with the YouTube platform. The extension is all you need to improve how you watch videos on YouTube. For instance, you can turn on the cinema mode and control volume using the mouse wheel if you have installed Magic Action on your computer. The extension is user-friendly, thus suitable for those new on YouTube.

Magic Actions for YouTube

You can use Magic Actions for YouTube to start to play all videos in HD, switch to cinema mode and use the mouse wheel to regulate volume. The extension also comes with over 20 predefined color themes, and you can customize your colors. Magic Actions allow users to delete watch history, use the mouse to enlarge avatars, replay a video and hide comments.

5. GIfit!

GIfit logo

Don’t just watch YouTube videos. You can also have fun by making GIFs with them from YouTube videos. All you need is to install the GIFit extension on your computer.

Gif IT

Once you install the add-in, start the video on YouTube, go to the toolbar, and click on the GIFit icon. Set the start and end time, set the right options, and click the GIFt big red button. Click the “Save GIF” once the GIF is ready. You can create GIFs for fun or save them in other online activities.

6. Video Blocker

Video Blocker logo

It is usual for YouTube to suggest more videos for you based on videos that you watch regularly and your location. The good thing is that you can use Video Blocker to stop videos from any channel you don’t like. Just install the extension on your computer, and you're good to go. You don’t have to skip videos that you don’t want on YouTube.

Video Blocker

On the contrary, hide them and protect your block list with a password. That way, you can enjoy watching videos from your favorite channels without interference.

7. Video Preview

Video Preview logo

You don't have to watch videos on YouTube blindly anymore. Just install the Video Preview extension on your computer and start watching previews before watching the video itself. This great extension is easy, thus suitable for beginners.

Video Preview

Video Preview scrolls through the pics automatically, giving a preview of the video. Just move the mouse over the video thumbnail to see more images for the video you want to watch.

8. Adblock for Youtube

Adblock for Youtube logo

People who own YouTube channels make money through ads that keep appearing as they watch a video. However, these ads can be annoying to viewers who want to watch a smooth video. The good thing is that you can remove ads from your videos using Adblock for YouTube. Just install the extension on your computer and grant it default permissions to block ads on YouTube.

Adblock for Youtube


That way, you can watch a smooth video without interference. You don’t have to worry about your online safety and privacy when using Adblock for YouTube because it’s safe. Additionally, the ad doesn’t track or see what users do.

9. Ratings Preview

Ratings Preview logo

It’s now easy to see rating previews on YouTube Videos thanks to Ratings Preview extension. The plug-in also shows display-rating bars on all of the video previews on YouTube. That way, you can easily tell whether a video has poor or good ratings.

Ratings Preview

The good thing about this extension is that it doesn’t collect any data from users. That way, you don't have to worry about your safety and privacy when using the Ratings Preview extension.

10. In the video for Youtube

Invideo for Youtube logo

Do you know that you can search within YouTube videos? Yes, you can comfortably do it using the Invideo for YouTube. It doesn't matter what you're watching a film, talk, or lecture video.

Invideo for Youtube

You can search the part that you want and skip right to it fast and with ease. All you need is to install the Invideo for YouTube on your computer, and you’re good to go. If the extension fails to works, reload the page, and it will get better.

11. Floating Video

Floating Video logo

This extension allows you to watch the video in a floating window with no interruptions. Floating Video also comes with playback video controls that you can use to regulate how you watch videos from the floating video player. Just select the video that you want to open on the floating video player.

Floating Video

Additionally, you can customize the floating window just as you do in the original video player. Floating video supports videos of all formats and doesn’t affect the quality of videos.

12. Looper for YouTube

Looper for YouTube logo

It's now easy to watch the same video on YouTube without having to press the replay button every time the video ends. All you need is to get yourself, Looper, for YouTube extension. Once you install the extension, you’ll get a loop button just below the YouTube player. Click the button once, and the video will keep repeating itself until you stop it. That way, you can watch a video as many times as you want without having to click the replay button.

Looper for YouTube

You can also set loop counts and loop portions depending on the part of the video you want to watch repeatedly. Additionally, you can press “P” on your keyboard as a shortcut to start the loop.


Don’t watch YouTube videos just like anyone else. Yes, you can enhance your experience on YouTube by using various extensions and plugins. Just look for the right extension depending on whether you’re a viewer or a content creator.

It would help if you also looked for extensions that are compatible with your browser and the OS that you have on your computer. All the above extensions are available free of charge and you can easily download and install them on your computer.

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