Pick the Best VPNs for Windows – Helpful Setup VPN Guides for Windows 10

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What is the Best VPN for windows? Finding the best VPN for Windows is difficult with all the brands and options available. Simplify things with our top 5 VPN comparison for Windows!

VPN is a fantastic way to keep yourself private on the internet and protect your Windows computer from hackers and other individuals who might want to snoop on your web traffic.

VPN for Windows is very useful and with one, you can hide your IP address and give yourself almost complete anonymity when you are online. Not even your ISP can see your traffic.

This works through the spoofing of your IP address and the encryption of your network. Your entire connection is channeled through another server with a VPN and the connection is encrypted with military-grade code, so nobody can view it, even on public Wi-Fi.

The other benefit of VPN for Windows is that they allow you to gain access to content restricted to geographical location – like Netflix (Which VPNs is still working for Netflix? Read more). With the right Windows VPN, you can unlock a lot of content and stream any movie you want.

5 Best VPNs for Windows – Secure your windows PC Now!

There are a lot of different choices when it comes to Windows VPN software but we have narrowed it down to just 5, They are all fantastic services and work amazingly with the Windows system, All of these will be elaborated on below.

1. ExpressVPN

expressvpn homepage


  • Servers in 94 countries
  • Great security and privacy
  • No usage logs
  • Excellent speeds
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Keeps some connection logs

ExpressVPN is a frontrunner in the VPN market and provides its users with excellent services, making it the most popular VPN systems in the world. ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN for Windows and has a very compact and easy to operate client.

The client is neat and sleek with a bundle of options if the users feel like tweaking their settings. The VPN uses great security protocols, including OpenVPN with 256-AES encryption and other various security features for handshaking and authentication.

ExpressVPN is also well-known for its privacy and anonymity policies with their Windows VPN software as the company keeps zero usage logs and any other logs are not tied to a single user.

Their customer service is excellent (24/7) meaning they will help you install the VPN on your Windows system if you are having trouble. Also, with servers in 94 countries, you can be sure that you’ll be able to stream content from all over the world on your Windows computer.

As a bonus, they allow P2P activity and have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So even if this VPN doesn’t live up to the expectations, you can get your money back without a hitch.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn homepage


  • Very tight on security
  • 6 available connections
  • No logs policy
  • Allows for P2P


  • Can be a little slow sometimes

NordVPN is another great VPN for Windows and is praised for the various security features and systems they have in place. Users will be in safe hands with this Windows VPN because Nord not only uses advanced security protocols such as OpenVPN and 256-AES encryptions but they also have specific servers that have added features.

For example, if you are very worried about your online privacy you can channel your connection through the Tor network using the Onion servers. Moreover, you can also double encrypt your network using two separate servers!

The Windows client is also been upgraded and is very useful. The client is easy to use and has been redesigned to make it look more friendly and attractive. There are a lot of different options on the client and you can change your preferences to how you choose. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a no-log policy, this is a great VPN for your Windows machine.

The only main issue is that this VPN can be slow at times. However, it doesn’t slow down enough to ruin the quality of streaming or torrenting so that is why it remains at number two.

3. VyprVPN

VYPRVPN homepage


  • Fantastic speeds
  • Own all their servers
  • Servers in 70 countries
  • Great client for Windows
  • Strong encryption


  • Some connection logs
  • No P2P
  • Worry that Golden Frog is US-based

VyprVPN is a Swiss company owned by Golden Frog – a huge company based in the US. This means that they have hundreds of servers all over the world and they own every server in their system, giving you excellent speeds for streaming and other internet activities. The fact the servers are all over the world also means that you can unlock all sorts of content very easily.

VyprVPN is a great VPN for Windows because of the fantastic security features they have, including our recommended protocol – OpenVPN. They also have a three-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which lets you try this VPN on your Windows system risk-free.

The only real issue with this VPN is that they do not allow for P2P or torrenting and they keep some logs. This is worse considering they are US-based so the NSA can ask for those logs at any time.

4. Buffered

Buffered homepage


  • Great speeds
  • Easy to use Windows client
  • Solid encryptions
  • Allows for P2P


  • Keeps some connection logs

Buffered is known for its great speeds on Windows devices which is why it has made this list. The service is based in Hungry which will satisfy the more paranoid buyers because this country is not very restricted when it comes to data retention.

Although the service keeps some logs, they will not be searched because of the country’s easy-going laws. The VPN service for Windows doesn’t have as many servers as other bigger brands (37 countries) but they are placed in locations that allow them to unblock even the most difficult of websites.

The security and privacy features on Buffered are excellent and they provide 100% uptime giving users amazing connection speeds for streaming and P2P.

Another cool feature that the VPN provides is open port detection, allowing you to connect to public Wi-Fi without the need for a password. With the addition of DNS leak prevention, a kill switch and a 30-day money-back guarantee, this VPN is a great choice for Windows users.

5. VPNArea

VPNArea homepage


  • Allows for 5 connections
  • Has servers in 65+ different countries
  • Very fast network
  • Has strong security features
  • Allows P2P


  • A newer service

VPNArea is a newer service provider that is beginning to climb the ranks towards the more premium VPNs on this list. This VPN is excellent for Windows because of all the security features that the service runs, including OpenVPN and military level encryptions.

They have servers all over the world which gives you global coverage when you are looking to unblock content and stream from other countries. The security on VPNArea also keeps you safe when using public Wi-Fi and other unsecured hotspots.

VPNArea is beginning to be known for their fantastic speeds, which are on the same level as some of the other services on this top 5 list. The high connection speeds make this excellent for streaming and downloading on your Windows device.

Also, the extra 5 connections from one account mean you can secure more than just your Windows system but also your phones, tablet, and laptop. Also, because the servers are placed cleverly, the VPN can unblock difficult sites like Netflix and BBC IPlayer. Overall, the VPN is excellent considering the age.

Helpful Guides on VPNs for Windows

Why Windows?

VPN FOR Android

Windows is one of the most common platforms that VPNs are installed on and because of the easier system, their clients are often better and they work smoothly.

However, because nearly every VPN provider has clients for Windows, it becomes difficult to decipher which ones are the best. To help you out, here are the best VPN services for Windows.

Can I Get a Free VPN for Windows?

There is are ways to get free VPNs and if you need a thorough guide you can check out our ultimate guide to the best free VPNs on the market. However, although there are some safe and reliable services we suggest that you avoid them and pay for the premium options.

The reasoning behind this is that many of the free services are limited in some shape or form. Some services give you all their servers and options but limit you to the amount of data you can use monthly.

For example, TunnelBear is our favorite free VPN but you can only use 500MB a month before they restrict you. Other free services contaminate your system with ads and don’t give you access to certain servers and abilities. Some services are also only designed for anonymity and escaping countries with harsh censorship laws, like China.

As we have suggested, go and check out our Ultimate Guide. There are options but we always recommend you pay some cash for premium privacy.

VPN for Windows Considerations You Need to Makes

Even though we have listed the top 5 best VPNs for Windows just above, there are still some considerations you have to make before you jump in and purchase the first VPN you see.

Saying this, the top options cover pretty much every aspect a VPN can provide, so no matter what your preference, whether it be streaming, torrenting or privacy, the above VPNs will cover it (except for VyprVPN which doesn’t allow torrenting).

  • Check Your Windows Operating System

Depending on what version of Windows you are using you may need to apply some security changes before you start to use a VPN. If you have downloaded Windows 10 you need to go ahead and start to change some of the security features.

This is because the software was released with a lot of security bugs and you should fix them before you start messing for VPNs. The main things you need to change/disable include Cortana (and her memory), OneDrive, Tailored Ads and the Keystroke Logger.

  • Domain Name System (DNS) Leak Prevention   

One of the other main issues with windows is that the software can result in DNS leaks which ruin VPNs. This is because DNS leaks can reveal your true location to websites and individuals who can use this information to block you from their services.

It is also extremely bad if you are torrenting at the time because it could result in a copyright strike. Fortunately, some VPN services offer DNS leak prevention which stops this issue for Windows users.

  • How to Manually Setup a VPN on Windows 10

Almost all of the VPNs for Windows offer a separate client that enables you to access their servers and roam freely on the internet. Many of these clients are built specifically for Windows and are often very easy to use. You simply have to download the client, input your login details and you’re good to go.

However, with Windows 10 you can manually install the VPN service to your Wi-Fi options without the need of a VPN client. It is a little more difficult but if you are someone who would like to give this a go, the instructions are below. You will also need these details from your VPN provider which can be received via their customer service (in most cases):

  • The server name or address of the VPN
  • The security protocol you want (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP etc.)
  • Your username and password
Step 1: Navigate to your Settings

You will want to hit the start button in the bottom left of your desktop and navigate your way to the settings. The tab should be located on the initial pop-up menu but if it isn’t, search it.

Step 2: Navigate to “Network and Internet

You will want to click through on the “network and internet” option on the settings and then click on the “VPN” tab.

Step 3: Add the VPN Details

Once you have made it to the VPN tab in the settings, press the “+” button to add a VPN provider. You will see a form where you can add a VPN to your network options. In the VPN provider box, select “Windows default”.

In the connection name box, choose a name. However, sometimes you may need to input a specific name so ask your VPN provider if you are not sure. Next, add the server address or IP under the “server address” tab. You can select your protocol under the “VPN Type” section – select PTPP initially.

Step 4: Enter Your Password and Connect

Once all the above is complete, scroll down the page and tick “Remember my information”, so you don’t have to keep typing in your password. Click back to the VPN tab in the settings and you should now see your newly created VPN. You can either run it, delete it or mess with the advanced settings (not recommended if you’re a beginner).

Windows VPN Conclusion

A Windows VPN is a great way to explore the internet with privacy and security. The Windows software is full of loopholes and security flaws which made it prone to being exploited during online sessions. VPNs give it that extra security when you are surfing the web.

A Windows VPN lets you spoof your IP and unblock geographically restricted websites like Netflix and BBC IPlayer, as well as protecting you from ISP, Governments, and hackers on public Wi-Fi.

The 5 best VPN services have been listed above and they will cover all of your needs. Use this guide so that you can find the best VPN for your Windows machine.

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