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Do you want to step a VPN network for business? Don't waste time! Now lots of VPN service offer the VPN solutions for small business! Here we added the most reliable and safest business VPN service, Learn more now.

Businesses are getting involved with the online world and they need to be protected. A VPN offers privacy and security on the internet.

VPNs offer a lot more than businesses can ever imagine. Because of this, we have put together the 5 best VPNs for businesses that you can use today. They are as follows:

Why use a VPN service for business

As the online world keeps on growing, small businesses are relying on the internet more and more. This is especially true with the developments in online advertising and marketing, with social media requiring a lot of attention than before.

However, as small businesses begin to use the internet to send data and sensitive information, the risk of them being hacked becomes an elevating issue. That is why small businesses need to start investing in VPN services, so they can remain private and anonymous while they engage in business over the web.

Without a VPN, small businesses are restricting their online access and are exposing themselves to hackers on public networks, who can infiltrate their connections and implement viruses.

As well as access and security, VPNs provide many benefits to small and medium businesses who need to test various tools overseas (without actually being there), spy on the competition and to design more effective marketing strategies.

Most Reliable Business VPN – safest VPN services for small businesses

1. VyprVPN

VyprVPN for Business

VyprVPN is an excellent VPN system that is incredibly fast because it manages its entire server network. It is owned by a massive company (Golden Frog) which gives it a lot of funding and a lot of features, as a result. The VPN is great if you own a business and they have two plans depending on what you need.

As a VPN provider, they have 700+ servers in over 70 countries, which offers companies and businesses an incredible reach.

They also have 24/7 support and have software available for a range of applications, including mobile, tablet and various operating systems.

They provide some of the toughest encryptions on the market, including OpenVPN and 256-bit encryptions. Because they own their network of servers and don’t rely on any third-parties, their speeds are excellent which is perfect for business use.

With their business plans, you get an easy to manage interface that allows you to control all the connections being made by various employees and you can upgrade to a cloud-based VPN service which provides you with a dedicated IP that is deployable anywhere. This VPN is truly one of the best on the market when it comes to businesses and is even used by Reddit.

2. PureVPN

purevpn business buy

PureVPN is a well-known VPN service that millions of people use all over the world. However, despite being a well-known brand, it can sometimes be known in more negative ways, as opposed to positive ways.

Don’t get me wrong, the service is very good and is one of the few services to provide a business plan. It also does have a management dashboard/console, you can manage all the connections around your company from one screen. They also have a variety of payment options and allow for DDoS protection.

They also happen to have a massive network of servers in over 140 countries. Despite this, they have been known in the past to give the identity of their users to federal institutions and they do not disclose their encryption. I have no idea what they’re using under the hood. Their customer service is also pretty bad, so use this VPN service as a last resort.

3. HideMyAss

hidemyass Business VPN

HideMyAss doesn’t get featured on these listed too much because it doesn’t always compete with the other services. However, when it comes to business management, this VPN shines. This is one of the oldest VPN services in the world and has a massive server network available in over 190 countries.

If you’re a business who needs to access a lot of countries (or operates in many countries) this is a VPN to look at. Their business plans allow you to connect multiple devices up to 100, which allows the VPN to grow with your company. Unfortunately, they do not have a managed dashboard for individual connections.

As a general company, they are based in the UK which is not great for VPN privacy and log keeping. HMA has even revealed user details in the past, so it is good to wary of this aspect of the company. However, as a company, we don’t expect you’ll be engaging in illegal activities.

HMA also uses some of the best security protocols available and they offer a free trial with their business VPN. In general, HMA is a decent service to use if you’re looking to protect your business.


ibvpn business vpn

Invisible Browsing is another great VPN service that provides a business package for users. They are not a well-known brand but have a large number of servers in 46 different countries. They support a range of protocols, including OpenVPN, making it a versatile network.

They offer 24/7 customer support and have apps for a range of devices. They are also a unique company in the fact that they offer a proxy and SmartDNS service along with their VPN. This comes as a little bonus when you’re using this service.

As for their business package specifically, they allow for an insane number of connections – 250 to be exact. This has to be one of the largest on this list. Although they offer a lot of connections, they’re limited by the fact they don’t have a management dashboard like some of the VPNs above.

Furthermore, the business plan only gives businesses more simultaneous connections and no other fancy features. So, if you’re looking for a standard, easy to use service, IB VPN might be just up your street.

5. SaferVPN


Safer is one of the best VPNs if you own a business and need that extra security when you’re online. Like many VPN services, SaferVPN has a business plan that is best suited towards business owners and their employees.

As a company, they have over 400 servers in 35 different countries and offer some of the best security/encryptions available, keeping you safe when your company is online.

They have two different options when it comes to business VPNs and plans. They have the standard business package and the enterprise package, which is used for larger companies.

The enterprise package is custom and you need to contact Safer is you need to clarify what they can offer your business. As for the general features, they offer a way to manage all the individuals' VPN connections and give you an advanced API that sends alerts if there are any issues.

As well as other general SaferVPN features, you also get 24/7 customer support, a range of encryptions and security protocols, as well as software available on a range of devices, including mobile, laptop and routers.

SaferVPN has upgraded its business plans and it’s a massive improvement. If your business needs more security and privacy, this VPN is perfect.

What Are The Benefits of a VPN for Businesses?

So now that you know the best VPNs to use if you’re looking for something for the business, it is time to dive into the benefits that VPNs provide businesses who engage in online activities.

There are a ton of benefits to using a VPN when you’re a business, maybe even more than if you were a solo user. Here are a few that I’ve listed below.

  • Dedicated IP

Compare the private or personal VPN plan, the Businesses VPN usually give you Dedicated IPs to use, that's usually a virgin IPv4 address. It's not shared with others! So you can get much fast speed when a Dedicated IP.

With this Dedicated IP, you can get better performance! You do not worry about the IP address banned, for the IP address is only used by you! The virgin IP gives more trust for your Business!

  • More simultaneous connections

This one should no need to explain. Usually, personal VPN gives 3-7 simultaneous connections for one user, It's obviously not enough for a small team! Business VPN for the team, you need to based on your employee to choose the plan.

  • Improves Your Marketing

Social media is incredibly difficult to access in some countries. With China, in particular, you will not be able to access standard social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

If you’re a business or have an employee who accesses these platforms as part of their job, you’ll be out of luck if they’re in China. With a VPN, however, you’ll be able to bypass the firewalls and get access to your social media for whatever marketing purposes you need it for.

VPNs also help when it comes to SEO. SEO can sometimes include techniques that Google and other search engines might not like, so you can get around them through using various IP addresses.

Many people tend to use proxies but they can begin to get expensive as you’ll have to keep buying more and more. With a VPN, you can use one service and have access to hundreds of servers instantly. Allowing you to perform certain SEO methods under the radar.

  • Allows You to Test Tools

Sometimes you may need to test tools to see if they work overseas. This is incredibly difficult if you don’t have any departs abroad and it can be expensive to send someone over for that one purpose.

This is where a VPN can come in. With a VPN, you can spoof your location and test the tool from a server in your desired location. They’ll be no need to travel when you have a VPN at hand.

  • Allows you to Manage Your VPN Better

If you’re using a VPN in your business already, you may have found that keeping track of your employees’ connections is incredibly difficult.

You may have read above that some VPNs allow for a management system so you can watch all the connections and servers being used.

  • Better Security

As with all VPNs, one of the largest benefits is that they provide you with improved security when you’re online. Some of your employees will be working in coffee shops from their laptops.

This is all good but the fact they using public Wi-Fi could land you in trouble. Anyone can jump into your connection and see what you’re up to. With a VPN, everything is encrypted so no one, not even your ISP, can see what you’re up to.


Having a VPN for your business is incredibly important if you want to improve your privacy, security and to improve your business as a whole. Having a VPN for your business enables you to test tools from abroad, market your business easier and even spy on your competition without being caught.

The possibilities of a VPN are limited by imagination. Above we have selected the 5 best VPNs for a business as they have special plans that cater to this industry. With enough research, we are certain you’ll find one you enjoy.

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