TOP 15 Twitter Followers Trackers in 2023 [Free & Paid]

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Twitter is a social and marketing platform with a massive active user base across the globe. Keeping track of your Twitter account is easier if you use analytical tools dedicated to that specific work. Here are the 15 best Twitter follower trackers that you can use to keep tabs on your Twitter account.

Social media platforms have become the go-to solution for marketing and branding solutions. Many companies utilize social media platforms like Twitter to market their products or services. It is easy to use social media platforms like Twitter, and you can use it to keep tabs on your growth over time. You can use tracking tools to track your progression on Twitter. This post contains the 15 best Twitter follower trackers, and you can use any of them to track and audit your progress on Twitter.

1. Who unfollowed me 

Who unfollowed me

Who unfollowed me is one of the widely used Twitter analytical tools. The analytical tool is widely known for its ability to keep track of people who unfollow you on Twitter. You can use the analytical tool to assess and determine accounts that have blocked you on Twitter. You can use it to identify accounts that do not follow you back. Who unfollowed me makes it to the top of the list because you can use it to get detailed reports and optimize your Twitter account.

2. Fllwrs


 Fllwrs is an efficient Twitter analytical tool for getting data like who followed and unfollowed you on Twitter. You can use it to get daily reports on whom you followed and who followed you. The Twitter analytical tool sends you a notification whenever someone unfollows your account. You can use the analytical tool to get data for a specific period. You can also use it for automated functions like managing your delete list, tweeting, blocking, and deleting tweets.

3. Unfollowspy


 Unfollowspy is one of the best Twitter tracking tools for professional and amateur bloggers. It is a Twitter tracking tool that bloggers can use to manage their audience, analyze their Twitter statistics, and flash their inactive followers on their Twitter accounts. You can use the Twitter tracking tool to schedule your tweets when you are Indispensable. The tracking tool has extra features like the friendship checker tool for checking mutual friendships. The tracking tool makes life easier by taking away the trouble of scrolling through your followers' accounts.

4. DoesFollow


DoesFollow is a unique twitter tracking tool, and its function is to compare two Twitter accounts. You can use the Twitter tracking tool for tracing mutual friendships between two Twitter accounts. It is easy to use DoesFollow, and you can input two different Twitter handles before getting a comparison report. You can use the data report to target new followers or grow your fan base.

5. TwitterAudit


 Twitter Audit is one of the most widely used Twitter trackers because of its memorable name. You can use the Twitter tracking tool for auditing your account and tracking your Twitter followers. You can also use the TwitterAudit tool on other public Twitter accounts and help you pin down the right person to help you grow your brand. You can get a free first audit, but afterward, you need to upgrade to a pro version to find and block unwanted followers on your account.

6 . Followerwonk


You can use the Followerwonk tool to help you assess your growth on Twitter. The Followerwonk tool is easy to use because of its daily growth metrics report that you can also get on a weekly or monthly basis. The twitter tracking tool is also helpful if you want to identify your demographic in terms of your followers on Twitter. The Twitter tool is excellent when giving follower analysis and tracking new followers/Unfollowers. You can use the Followerwonk to track one account for free, but you have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to use or compare more than one account.

7. TweetBinder


 TwetBinder is a fantastic Twitter tracking tool with a graphical interface. You can use TweetBinder to get followers and engagement reports on your account or other public Twitter account. You can use it to track the best-performing Twitter influencers and Twitter users with the most engaging Twitter accounts. TweetBinder is a comprehensive tool because you can also use it to generate reports for +500 tweets and analyze hashtags. TweetBinder is free to use for the first seven days, but you can upgrade to an affordable package on your 7-day trial lapses.

8. Unfollower Stats

Unfollower Stats

 Unfollower Stats is a popular Twitter analysis tool among influencers and social media marketers. You can use the Unfollower Stats to track your Twitter followers/un-followers and get analytical reports on multiple accounts. You can download the Unfollower Stats app and experience its user-friendly interface and dashboard. You can use the app to access features like managing inactive user accounts and evaluating different Twitter metrics. Unfollower Stats has a free version account for managing up to 30k followers, but the free version has tons of advertisements.

9. Follower Audit

Follower Audit 

 The follower Audit tool is slowly solidifying its name as a trusted Twitter tracking tool. You can use the Follower Audit tool to monitor your Twitter account and keep track of your Twitter followers. However, the Follower Audit tool only works on public Twitter accounts. The tracking tool has advanced features like bot identification and spam blocking.

10. Tweepi 


 Tweepi is a lightweight tool that you can use to analyze your Twitter profile. The Twitter analytical tool employs AI technology to scan your Twitter profile before giving you a follower insight report. You can use the tool to search for Twitter followers based on your preferred hashtags and influencers. You can also use the tool to improve your engagement and gain more followers on your targeted audience.

11. ManageFlitter


ManageFlitter is an excellent tracking tool for tracking your Twitter followers. However, you can use ManageFlitter to track followers on a public Twitter account. The tracking tool also provides sorting features for grouping your followers according to your preferences. You can use the tracking tool to track credible influencers on Twitter. ManageFlitter identifies followers with similar interests to your account, and you can use it to sift out inactive or fake accounts. ManageFlitter does not offer a free app or a free trial period, but the services are worth the subscription fees they charge.

12. SocialRank


 SocialRank is more of a Twitter analytical tool than a tracker tool. SocialRank is an effective Twitter analytical tool that you can use to sift your best, most influential, and most engaged followers on Twitter. You can use SocialRank, especially if you want to track the most engaging people on Twitter.

13. Crowdfire


 Crowdfire is an effective tool that you can use to manage your followers on Twitter. Crowdfire has a Whitelist feature that you can use to place a list of all the people who would like to follow and engage. Crowdfire can also be used to identify inactive people, people who have unfollowed you, and new followers on your Twitter account.

14. Linkreaser


 You can use Linkreaser to track all the people you would like to engage on Twitter. It is simple to use Linkreaser. You can key in your preferred keyword, and Linkreaser does its magic before presenting you with a list of tweets and influencers you may want to follow on Twitter. You can pick from three categories and include industry professionals, aspirational talent, and influencers.

15. Followfly


Followfly is one of the best sorting and social media feed aggregation tools for Twitter. You can use Followfly to sort and aggregate your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Followfly is an effective tool because it can identify new Twitter accounts to follow and follow their content on other platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram.


You can use the above Twitter tracking tools to grow your Twitter following. You can try them one by one until you find the best tracking tool that works for you.

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