15 Best Torrent Sites for Games in 2023

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Are you looking for torrent sites to download the latest video games? Here are some torrent sites for game downloads you need to check out.

Gaming is a very good way of whiling away time with friends. In order to make it even more exciting, you want to learn to play the latest games. This is the only way you will sharpen your skills. However, finding and downloading the latest games can be very expensive. There are many sites offering these games but at a cost.

Unfortunately, not many gamers want to spend a dime on games. Once you have the gears and PC set and ready, one expects to access the game free of charge. So how do you go about finding, downloading and playing your favorite video game?

Torrent sites are all you need. And you’ve got to find the best because there are many sites masquerading as torrent platforms. In this review, we have rounded up some of the best platforms you may want to consider. Check them out.

15 Torrent Sites to Download PC games for free

Here is a list of top game torrent sites for games that are regularly updated and recommend trackers.

Note: We highly advised to Use a VPN When you're Torrenting Downloading!

1. Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

This website is probably the king of torrent downloads, you wouldn’t just find game downloads here, but also pretty much anything that you can find online.

These were the first ones that made downloading via torrent famous. If you want to visit the link provided, you may need to set up a VPN or have an anonymous website like Tor.

Because most likely, the government has blocked this website so that people would not be able to access it. But take note, this website is the best so going via VPN would be a very good decision.

It is important to note that it this platform has had a very rough past. In fact, it was almost closing down at some point. As it is today, however, it appears everything is moving as planned and it has put all its troubles behind. If you are looking for the best place to download the latest gaming torrents, look no further than the king of Torrents.

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Key Features of Pirate Bay:

  • Very lightweight website.
  • A good search box function has an advanced search box.
  • You can browse torrents via category.
  • Has TV shows that are categorized.
  • I had active blogs and forums.

2. P2P Guru

p2p guru for games

P2P Guru is the ultimate multimedia project that considers user-experience, privacy and security as its priorities and for that reason, P2P Guru offers a completely ad-free user experience without any malware-infected files or distracting pop-ups lurking on you behind every other click.

P2P Guru addresses all multimedia (Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Books) and presents all relevant information together with ratings from IMDB, Metacritic, and other popular review sites. Keeping user-friendly interface in mind, Quality Index feature works as a metrics system that indicates the quality of each torrent file as the average number based on the ratio of seeders vs leechers and quality resolution of the file so it is easy to find the best files even for complete beginners.

In addition, all multimedia content on the site is logically categorized and organized based on multimedia sections, or by genres, popularity and year of release and the site also offers many useful features such as ‘Notify Me' button or personal ‘Watchlist' that could users share with each other via private links.

The idea behind P2P Guru is to develop a complex, independent and decentralized multimedia platform that reacts to the current issue of Internet censorship and dirty tricks of advertisers, where all relevant information could be found on one single website without a need to look for it on multiple sites while also establishing a community where everyone can take part.

Key Features of P2P Guru:

  • Clean UI without the annoying ads
  • User-friendly content navigation
  • A large collection of latest games

3. Zooqle


One of those new but strong torrent websites found online. Because others were mostly blocked by the government, this one grabbed that opportunity which caused its boom and rise.

There are more than 3 million verified torrents here, and thousands are added to it every single day. There are also lots and lots of games found in the database of Zooqle. You can also choose to subscribe and register to the website so you get updated of their RSS feed.

This site has a wide collection of the latest gaming torrents. The interface is very attractive and simple for easy navigability. Zooqle is a legit torrent site. As such, you can be sure to have it around for the longest time. Absolutely no single instance of domain change I know of ever since I started using Zooqle.

One thing that is worth noting is that the platform has plenty of adverts all over the place. Joining the platform is simple. Just signup and create your account for free. You can also join their RSS feed for timely updates on the latest gaming torrents.

Key Features of Zooqle:

  • Advertising banners everywhere.
  • Pop-ups show up, but can be blocked.
  • You can subscribe to their RSS feed.

4. Torrentz

The second strongest torrent website that you can find out there is Torrentz. Games are also found on this website too, as it has also a huge database of downloadable files.

It functions pretty much just like how Pirate bay does. It has magnet links, huge database, and most importantly, it also is under government surveillance.

Which means sometimes, the links wouldn’t work. But hey, people are fast to create alternative sites! I also love the attractive and navigable user interface. If you are looking for the latest games, I highly suggest Torrentz.

Key Features of Torrentz:

  • Very friendly UI.
  • It indexes torrents of other major torrent providers
  • The procedure to download file is not usual but a little bit complex.
  • Wide collection of the latest gaming torrents.
  • This is a legit torrent site.

5. 1337X


This is one of the best game torrent sites. Gamers that wish to download games that they want often refer to this website for downloading, most of the time. The website itself helps you to discover the games that you want to play and download it.

The library that it has is continuously being maintained and it is also an expanding library, so expect to have more games as time passes by.

This is one of the best game torrent platforms. It has a wide collection of the latest arrivals. All these are updated onsite as soon as they are available. I love the intuitive and simple user interface that makes navigability nice and easy.

It has a very active community forum that keeps users updated. You will find updates on the latest domain shifts and other related info. There are a couple of ads on this platform.

So, you better be ready for more and more pop-ups. That notwithstanding, this is a very good place to download your favorite game torrents.

Key Features of 1337X:

  • Could add tags and operators in the search bar.
  • Active community forum
  • Great design with minimum ads.
  • Not much of redirects.
  • Large collection of verified game torrents.

6. YTS.am


YTS.am is one of my favorite game torrent platforms. Its interface is among the simplest I know of. As such, you will have no hard time choosing the game that you wish to download.

Contents are classified into distinct categories. This implies that access and navigability is simple and easy. And there’s a very active community forum where you find insights on the latest game torrents.

You also find updates on likely system updates like whenever the site is down for whatever reason. It has a wide collection of torrents to choose from.

Key Features of YTS.am:

  • The website is dedicated to
  • Simple to look at with a quick game description displayed.
  • Simple user interface
  • Contents are well categorized

7. LimeTorrents


A very great search engine that dedicated for torrent materials found on the vast internet space. This is fairly used amongst all of the torrent users out there.

It has a very friendly user interface that you will immediately get a hold of once you arrive on the website. Also, the torrents that you want to look for are all categorized for easy browsing. A gamer would surely love strolling around the website.

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Key Features of LimeTorrents:

  • Lots of games available for every platform.
  • There are lots of links for multiple games.
  • Fast and responsive user interface.



You can also download games in this torrent website. Unlike other torrent websites, there are not much of redirecting happening on this website.

Some people even call this as one of the best torrent websites out there. This website doesn’t like VPNs, so for sure, it is a fast one without more installation needed to access the site.

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Key Features of RARBG:

  • It has been on the internet for over a decade.
  • The layout hasn’t changed ever since.
  • Very-well maintained the torrent

9. KickAss Torrents

KickAss Torrents

A very good torrent website that has been there for a couple of years already. It is not just for games but also if you want to look for movies, series, books, and all the other categories, you may check on to this website.

It has been blocked by the government a couple of times already, but they’ve been changing domains every now and then so that the government wouldn’t be able to just easily block them.

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Key Features of KickAss Torrents:

  • Really big database of torrents.
  • The search engine provides good content.
  • Good for torrent enthusiasts.

10. GamesTorrents

GamesTorrentsPretty much a torrent site that is just dedicated to downloading games. This one is one of the best torrent sites to download games via torrent online because it is only for downloading games and no other. This site says hello to the games in absolutely a whole new level.

You can browse around the website and get so many games, get cracks, limited editions, and many more.

Key Features of GamesTorrents:

  • You can also download iOS games.
  • A better experience will be felt when using the website.

11. SeedPeer


SeedPeer is one of the torrent sites out there that cater to the needs of a gamer that wants to download his or her desired games.

However, you still have to register in order to get access to all the torrents that are found on the website, if you do not register, you won’t be able to download the games.

If it is not available on your website, then you need to use a VPN because it might probably be blocked.

Key Features of SeedPeer:

  • Very good search feature.
  • Needs a registration before you can begin.
  • Can bookmark torrents, upload torrents and comment on them.

12. The isoHunt

The isoHunt

This is a good site for searching torrents online, even for those who love games, since games are also found in the torrent database of isoHunt.

There are lots of people that were using this website before until the government has been doing some actions with it. However, they are back now and doing everything that they can to provide for everyone.

Key Features of The isoHunt:

  • Unnecessary ad popups.
  • It provides users a massive amount of files.
  • Excellent site.

13. BTScene


If you want to stroll around the internet and find a new torrent website for games, you can have BTScene.

Previously, this has received lots of traffic and data, which means this was once a tiger in the torrent industry. But today, if you still want to browse through this torrent site, it still provides and works well in any way.

Key Features of BTScene:

  • Categorized torrents.
  • Can upload torrents.
  • Can choose if popular or from today.

14. MagTors


A simple torrent website that you can use to do the basic torrent website functions just like any other website.

If you want to search for the torrents, you can do those functions around the website. Not just that, games are also found here so you can read some time most of the games here and enjoy it while it is there.

Key Features of MagTors:

  • Has a fast and responsive homepage.
  • Well displayed torrents around the back.
  • Friendly UI.

15. Torrentz2


If you wish to download games in a torrent way, then this website is a good choice for you. This one only has games in it, so you won’t get confused if you are encountering a video or a game.

There have been lots of users that were using it and they have good reviews and thoughts about this website. Free game setups are found here too. Their servers are all dedicated to ensuring safety.

Key Features of Torrentz2:

  • Less chance of getting fake and dangerous links.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Has a number of ads.
  • A large collection of validated torrents.

[Bonus]. TorrentDB


A new torrent platform that probably not everyone has encountered before. The website itself is very chill and it will give you what you need right there and then.

You can download torrents like games, videos, music, books and lots of stuff around the website. Their main objective is to popularize downloading stuff via torrent.

Key Features of TorrentDB:

  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Designed in the most intuitive way
  • Kinds of Stuff were added by users and were verified.


It is so much fun when you know that you can download games via torrent out there. But here is a very good and important side note, you must know which torrent is safe to use.

As there are lots of dangerous links out there that just circle around these websites. But nonetheless, when you have found your game, you should enjoy it as much as you can. Have fun downloading and gaming!

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