10+ Best Timesheet Apps for Efficient Time Management

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 Do you want to keep track of the time you spend on tasks and projects? Picking one of these 14 best timesheet apps allows you to estimate each task and track your time.

What Is Timesheet App?

Sometimes, keeping track of our time spent on tasks pose huge challenges. Timesheet application is an app that is used to monitor the time spent on projects or tasks. Users can enter the start and end times of the tasks.

It provides a thorough breakdown of the time spent on various tasks. This information can be used for task estimation, time recording, project expense, payroll, and customer billing.

Employees utilize various time tracking types at work, such as POS, biometrics, punch cards, time tracking, spreadsheet, or paper.

Manual time tracking or time tracking of paper & spreadsheets has a 50% risk of time theft. There is also a chance that employees may not enter the time spent on meetings, emails, etc.

According to the Harvard Review Business report, forty percent of workers have never recorded their time writing emails or reading. Similarly, several individuals cannot record the time during meetings.

To prevent any of these inaccuracies, you can use the timesheet application to track the time spent on various activities, track PTO, assist with invoices, count billable hours, etc. These apps can be used on iOS and Android devices to fill in timesheets and track time.

10+ Best Timesheet Apps for Efficient Time Management

1. Paymo

PaymoAre you a freelancer, small/established business? Paymo is the right choice for you. Paymo is good for freelancers and small and established organizations. Paymo time tracking tool tracks time through website timer, desktop widget, pay plus, and smartphone app. It offers the facility to enter time through a click and drop on the timesheet. It helps to capture your task in depth.

Let’s examine some of Paymo’s features:

  • Paymo offers a rich and transparent time entry card.
  • You will be able to configure the timesheet settings according to your wants.
  • You can display the team's time through different views, such as daily viewing, weekly viewing, monthly viewing, agenda view, and active timers.
  • Paymo lets you share time reports with your clients or team.

Paymo Pricing:

Paymo provides two pricing options, Small Office (8.95 dollars monthly for one user) and business (14.25 dollars monthly for one user). You can also try Paymo free of charge for 15 days. It also provides a free plan.

2. TSheets Timesheet App

TSheets Timesheet AppTSheets Timesheet App is also good for freelancers and small and established organizations. TSheets is a timesheet software for employees. It runs on devices such as iOS and Android. It has an on-site time tracking function. It follows both manual and automated time tracking. It has task scheduling and time-based PIN entry features.

Features of TSheets Timesheet App:

  • TSheets has a 4-digit PIN timesheets entry
  • It enables custom, punch, and manual time entry in the timesheet.
  • TSheets also helps track PTO
  • It provides an automatic reminder for both clock in and clock out.
  • It runs perfectly on any device.
  • TSheets enables alerts for overtime.

TSheets Timesheet App Pricing:

TSheets offers a free plan for individuals or single user. However, it costs 4 dollars monthly (per user) for small organizations with about 2 to 99 workers. In this sense, the base fee will be 16 dollars monthly. It costs 4 dollars (per user) monthly for enterprises, including the base fee of 80 dollars monthly.

3. Monitask

MonitaskMonitask is good for freelancers, small organizations, and remote teams. With Monistask, there is often no need to manually fill out or manage timesheets—timesheets for employees synchronize to the web-based live dashboard in real-time. Also, Monitask is hundred percent automated.

Features of Monitask:

  • Monitask is simple to use.
  • It has features such as detailed reports, application tracking, and task tracking.
  • It also has automated time tracking.

Monitask Pricing:

4.99 dollars monthly for one user

4. Monday.com

MondayMonday.com is good for established businesses. It offers a time management application to help users effectively manage time. It also offers different features such as setting due dates, prioritizing items, assigning owners to new tasks, etc.

Monday.com gives you a clue to how much time is spent on each task and project. It has a mobile application that helps you track time easily. It can help centralize your task in a single place and be integrated with your favorite tool.

Features of Monday.com:

  • com allows you to put your task on autopilot, such as “Alert anybody on my team once a task is completed.”
  • It is a colorful and easy app that offers an exact time frame for tasks. It provides automatic as well as manual time tracking
  • It has functionalities such as flexible reports. This feature enables you to review your data as you like.
  • With Monday.com, you break downtime by tasks, clients, and projects.

Monday.com Pricing:

It provides 4 pricing plans such as Basic (8 dollars (per user) monthly), Standard (10 dollars (per user) monthly), Pro (16 dollars (per user) monthly). All these prices are for yearly billing.

5. Buddy Punch

Buddy PunchBuddy Punch is good for small and established businesses. Buddy Punch is a time-tracking software that has an easily customizable interface. It can be incorporated into common payroll management items. It's an easy web-based time tracking software.

Buddy Punch helps ease your timesheet online. It also helps you to produce weekly reports manually. It has functionalities that enable you to set reminders or notifications.

Features of Buddy Punch:

  • Buddy Punch helps you track PTO, vacation, or sick.
  • It enables you to establish and assign rules to any number of workers to assist you with automated breaks.
  • It offers GPS tracking functionalities that you can use to track and audit every single shift of the day.
  • You can easily integrate Buddy Punch with payroll and accounting software.
  • It allows you to log in to the system using various modes such as facial recognition, email address, username, password, etc.

Buddy Punch Pricing:

It provides annual and monthly pricing plans. It has two pricing plans:

  • Time and Attendance: 25 dollars monthly
  • Time and Attendance and Scheduling: 35 dollars monthly.

It enables you to try a product free of charge for thirty days.

6. Clockify

ClockifyIt is a timesheet application that comes for free. Clockify is also an online app that enables employers to fill timesheets. The app runs perfectly on a browser. Clockify also has the features of carrying out payroll calculations and billable hours.

Features of Clockify:

  • Clockify enables you to streamline the timesheet collection procedure.
  • It is good for hourly and monthly employees
  • You can use its timesheet data for project status reporting, governance activity costing, client billing, and HR and Payroll.

Clockify Pricing:

Clockify is entirely free.

7. ClickTime

ClickTimeClickTime is good for teams and individuals. Its timesheets are available on smartphones and have both view and edit options. With ClickTime mobile application, you can capture receipts’ pictures.

Features of ClickTime:

  • ClickTime has a mobile stopwatch
  • It provides expenses tracking
  • Through its mobile application, you can track time
  • It also helps capture time for tasks, projects, and clients.

ClickTime Pricing:

ClickTime provides a 30-day free trial for all its plans. It offers four pricing plans:

  • Starter: 9 dollars (per user) monthly
  • Team: 12 dollars (per user) monthly
  • Premier: 24 dollars (per user) monthly

8. Homebase

HomebaseHomebase is good for teams and individuals. It is a timesheet app with functionalities of team communication, timesheets, time clock, and scheduling. You can export its timesheets to popular payroll providers.

Features of Homebase:

  • It helps track paid and unpaid breaks
  • Homebase enables you to know about the labor cost in real-time
  • Homebase carries out the automated calculation of the time for breaks, overtime, and total hours.

Homebase Pricing:

Homebase provides 4 pricing plans

  • Basic: free
  • Essentials: 16 dollars monthly
  • Plus: 40 dollars monthly
  • Enterprise 80 dollars monthly

9. ZoomShift

ZoomShiftZoomShift is good for hourly employees. It is an online timesheet application with functionalities such as payroll, GPS tracking, time tracking on phone, etc. ZoomShift has a free plan that works best for small businesses. You can directly send exported Timesheets from ZoomShift to the payroll provider.

Features of ZoomShift:

  • You can easily export ZoomShift
  • Its timesheets are available on daily, weekly, and monthly.

ZoomShift Pricing:

ZoomShift provides 4 pricing plans

  • Essentials: free
  • Schedule Pro 2 dollars (per team member) monthly
  • Attendance Pro 2 dollars (per team) monthly
  • Schedule and Attendance Pro 3 dollars (per team member) monthly

10. Time Recording

TimeRecordingTime Recording is good for Android devices. It is a timesheet application that has the features of daily notes and check-in and check-out task assignments. With Time Recording, you can view the timesheets for day, week, or even month.

Features of Time Recording:

  • Time Recording offers detailed notes
  • It has task assignment features
  • You can integrate its backup and reports with OwnCloud, DropBox, and Google Drive.
  • With Time Recording, you can export reports in HTML or Excel formats.

11. Timesheet.io

TimesheetioTimesheet.io is good for contract workers, individual professionals, and freelancers. It is a time-tracking app with functionalities such as customizable invoices, reports, mobile trackers, and project management.

Features of Timesheet.io:

  • io has statistics and reports.
  • You can export Timesheet.io to CSV and Excel formats
  • Timesheet application enables you to bill through customizable invoices

Timesheet.io Pricing:

  • Basic: free
  • Plus: 5 dollars monthly
  • Pro: 10 dollars (per user) monthly

Timesheet also provides a 30-day free trial for its pro plan.

12. TimeCamp

TimeCampTimeCamp is good for any business size. It is time-tracking software with features such as invoicing, team management, project management, attendance tracking, and productivity monitoring. TimeCamp has a mobile app that is available on Android and iOS devices.

Features of TimeCamp:

  • You can integrate TimeCamp with your favorite tool.
  • It provides day timesheet and week timesheet features.
  • TimeCamp week timesheet has functionalities such as real-time and graphical timesheet time tracking.

TimeCamp Pricing:

TimeCamp offers free plan for individuals. Alos, it has 3 more pricing plans:

  • Basic: 5.25 dollars (per user) monthly
  • Pro: 7.50 dollars (per user) monthly
  • Enterprise: 450 dollars

13. Toggl

TogglToggl is good for small businesses, agencies, and teams. It offers software for online timesheets. Toggl also provides an automated and manual type of tracking. Its time tracking software helps you with time breakdown for tasks, clients, and projects. You can use it as a chrome extension, mobile application, or as a desktop application.

Features of Toggl:

  • It offers insightful and exquisite time reports
  • You can easily export its employee timesheets
  • Toggl also offers valuable insight into your daily tasks and projects

Toggl Pricing:

It provides a 30-day free trial. It has a free Basic plan. Toggl also offers 3 more pricing plans:

  • Starter: 9 dollars (per user) monthly
  • Premium: 18 dollars (per user) monthly
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

14. Hubstaff

HubstaffHubstaff is good for remote teams. It is a time-tracking software that offers online timesheets. This timesheet enables you to carry out an administrative task using payroll, billing and tracking features. It has an automatic and manual type of tracking.

Features of Hubstaff:

  • It has automated and manual time entry.
  • Its timesheet application is available for Chrome, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Hubstaff allows task creation by breaking down projects. This functionality provides more accurate timesheets for you.
  • Also, it possesses functionalities for payroll, GPS tracking, employee monitoring, and scheduling.

Hubstaff Pricing:

Hubstaff also has 2 pricing plans:

  • Basic: 5 dollars (per user) monthly
  • Premium: 10 dollars (per user) monthly

15. ezClocker


ezClocker is a highly rated timesheet and scheduling app for small businesses. Ideal for small teams who need a simple to use app that works within their budget. One of the reason’s ezClocker is highly rated is its simple design where even a non-tech person can figure out how to use it.

Features of ezClocker:

  • Employees can track their hours using a desktop or phone.
  • Assign jobs to time entries to keep track of labor job costing.
  • Prevent overtime by restricting early clock-in.
  • GPS is recorded if the app is installed on a phone.

ezClocker Pricing:

ezClocker offers three paid plans–Basic, Standard, and Premium. The Basic plan costs $10 per month which covers up to 15 employees so if you have 2 or 15 employees you pay one flat fee of $10 per month. The Standard plan costs $25 per month and it covers up to 30 employees in addition you get payroll integrations and jobs. The Premium plan is $50 per month.


In this article, we reviewed and contrasted the top timesheet apps. TSheets is a PIN-based employee timesheet app. Clockify is an entirely free timesheet software for a team. Homebase is a timesheet app with functionalities such as time clock and team communication.

ClickTime is an employee timesheet application for individuals and teams. ZoomShift is the perfect online timesheet application that works best for hourly workers. Time Recording timesheet application also runs perfectly for android devices.

Hubstaff Time tracking software offers online timesheets. TSheets, Homebase, and ClickTime provide free trial plans. TSheets, Homebase, and ZoomShift provide a free plan for individuals or with basic functionalities.

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