10 Best Tiktok Scrapers: Scrap Tiktok Data (Users, Videos, Hashtags)

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Do you want to scrape publicly available data from TikTok? Only the best TikTok scrapers can guarantee the best results, and this article provides you with the top TikTok scrapers to extract any data from TikTok with ease.

TikTok isn’t a new platform when it comes to popular social media networks.

In fact, the platform, over the years, has amassed more than 600 million active users as well as more than 2 billion downloads worldwide.

Web scrapers aiming at the platform for commercial or social listening purposes are not interested in the sheer quantity of users but rather the content generated by those individuals.

TikTok has so much social content available to scrapers for easy scraping. However, the question now is — what scrapers do you use to scrape data from TikTok?

For this purpose, I will show you some of the effective scrapers I have been using over the years to scrape data from the TikTok platform with mind-blowing results.

The good thing about these scrapers I have gathered in this article is that they don’t need you to have any coding skills.

In fact, they’re all already made and ready to make everything easy for you.

1. Bright Data (TikTok Data Collector) — The finest for extracting geo-specific information from TikTok

Bright Data for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: Begins at 500 USD (151k page loads)
  • Platforms supported: desktop, cloud, web-based
  • Supported data output type: HTML, Excel, CSV, XML, SON

When it comes to proxies, Bright Data is the top brand. The Data Collector is the primary instrument for its further expansion into web scraping.

The TikTok scraping feature of this program is available. Among the numerous possible uses for Data collectors is the extraction of information from TikTok user-profiles and content based on hashtags.

You’ll learn to enjoy this service since you can ask for support for any specialized data type that you need, but that isn’t already included.

Why I choose Bright Data:

  • Bright Data is my number one when I want to bypass blocks and CAPTCHAs when scraping TikTok data.

2. ParseHub — A free TikTok data scraper that is easy to use

ParseHub for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: FREE (for the Everyone package), but advanced features begin at 189 USD monthly
  • Platforms supported: Desktop, Cloud
  • Supported data output type: JSON, Excel

You can also scrape TikTok using a web scraper called ParseHub. The ParseHub website promotes itself as a cost-free alternative to other online scraping tools.

Although this is true, a premium service is available that is the genuine thing if you would like to scrape TikTok without worrying about being caught.

You’ll learn to appreciate the simplicity of this program’s interface.

Manually identifying some of the data through the tool’s point-and-click interface is all that’s required.

As it was built from the ground up for the current iteration of the web, you can rest certain that TikTok is not a JavaScript-heavy platform.

Why I choose ParseHub:

  • I look that it pulls 100% complete data. That’s not all; this data is always ahead of schedule. I am certain no other TikTok scraper is as good in this aspect.

3. Octoparse — Best for easy TikTok scraping experience

Octoparse for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: Begins at 75 USD monthly
  • Platforms supported: Desktop, Cloud
  • Supported data output type: SQLServer, MySQL, JSON, EXCEL, CSV

The Octoparse scraping program is another option for extracting data from TikTok that relies on visuals.

This program can be used to extract information from several sources, such as profiles, videos, and user comments.

While Octoparse can be used for free with certain restrictions, the service’s full potential is only unlocked by subscribing to its subscription plan, which is surprisingly affordable.

Octoparse makes it easy to export your TikTok data into a clean, organized CSV format.

You’ll learn to appreciate Octoparse’s ability to connect you with the firm behind the tool, who will then provide you with the information you need for a fee if you aren’t interested in performing the scraping chore yourself.

Why I choose Octoparse:

  • Octoparse is my go-to when it comes to converting fast and quick data scraping. It doesn’t waste my time with rigorous TikTok scraping processes.

4. ScrapeStorm — AI-powered visual TikTok scraping tool

ScrapeStorm for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: Begins at 49.99 USD monthly
  • Platforms supported: Cloud, Desktop
  • Supported data output type: GoogleSheet, MySQL, JASON, Excel, CSV, TXT

When it comes to web scrapers designed for users who aren’t familiar with programming, ScrapeStorm is among the finest.

This program provides a user-friendly interface for instructing it on the information to scrape via simple point-and-click exercises.

ScrapeStorm can be used to gather the information that is freely accessible on the TikTok website.

As TikTok is an online program that heavily utilizes JavaScript, this web scraper was built for the current web.

If you’re worried about anti-scraping measures, you shouldn’t be; the developers behind ScrapeStorm are all former members of Google’s crawler team.

Why I choose ScrapeStorm:

  • I love its simplicity. ScrapeStorm is easy to use and also doesn’t require you to have programming or coding knowledge.

5. Apify TikTok Scraper — Unlimited TikTok Scraper

Apify TikTok Scraper for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: FREE
  • Platforms supported: NodeJS library
  • Supported data output type: JSON

With the many actors (bots) available on the Apify platform, you can finally automate those tedious browser-based chores you’ve been putting off.

Several of the most visited websites on the web have their own dedicated scrapers, but TikTok does not.

But I have found success in scraping TikTok using the free Apify Web Scraper, which has built-in support for Chrome page rendering.

I recommend you purchase their home proxies rather than utilizing the free shared proxies they provide.

Apify is aimed only towards Node.JS programmers, as opposed to Data Collector by Bright Data’s general audience.

Why I choose this tool:

  • I like that it enables you to scrap data from TikTok based on hashtags

6. Smartproxy Web Scraping API — Easy TikTok data collector at scale

Smartproxy Web Scraping API for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: Begins at 50 USD (for 25k request)
  • Platforms supported: API
  • Supported data output type: HTML

In my opinion, the Smartproxy Web Scraping API is the finest solution for collecting content from the TikTok website.

This alleviates the burden of maintaining proxies, rendering JavaScript, and deciphering CAPTCHAs off the developer’s shoulders.

You just have to deal with the little effort involved in extracting information like engagement rates, usernames, and comments.

The unprocessed HTML of a TikTok page can be obtained with a single API query.

The underlying technology is Smartproxy, which provides access to IP addresses from more than 40 million users around the globe.

As a result, data scraping from geotargeted TikTok accounts is now possible for every nation in the world.

Why I choose SmartProxy:

  • I like that its data collections are in real-time.

7. ScrapingBee — Best for staying anonymous while scraping TikTok

ScrapingBee for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly (for 150k API Credits)
  • Supported data output type: JSON

When it comes to TikTok scraping, the Smartproxy Web Scraping API is among the finest options available.

This alleviates the burden of maintaining proxies, making JavaScript, and deciphering CAPTCHAs off the developer’s shoulders.

You just have to deal with the little effort involved in extracting information like engagement rates, usernames, and comments.

The unprocessed HTML of a TikTok page can be obtained with a single API query.

Web Scraping API’s geolocation support is one of its strongest features.

It uses Smartproxy’s vast IP address database, which includes over 40 million internet protocol addresses available in more than 195 nations.

The fact that all nations are supported, therefore, doesn’t matter where you are located if you’d like to extract geotargeted TikTok data.

Why I choose ScrapingBee:

  • Personally, I consider ScrapingBee as the best when it comes to bypassing blocks. This gives me the confidence I need to scrape data without getting caught.

8. Oxylabs — Best scraper API for effortless data gathering

Oxylabs for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD monthly
  • Supported data output type: JSON, CSV, TXT, Excel, MySQL, GoogleSheet

For scrapers without coding skills, Oxylabs web scraper is highly recommended.

By incorporating this program, you have access to a user-friendly interface with built-in visible click actions for data scraping.

Scraping information from the TikTok website app is possible using Oxylabs.

Oxylabs is a powerful platform for today’s applications.

Oxylabs’s crew is well-versed in evading the anti-scraping measures established by TikTok to restrict third-party access to the platform’s data.

Oxylabs offers its services for 99.99 USD monthly, and there is also a 7-day, fully functional trial available at no cost.

Why I choose OxyLabs:

  • My first time using OxyLabs was pretty easy because of how it’s built. That’s to say, even without coding experience, you can use OxyLabs, thanks to its simplicity.

9. ScraperAPI — Easy-to-understand TikTok scraper for beginners

ScraperAPI for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: Begins at 49 USD (for 100k API Credits)
  • Platforms supported: NodeJS
  • Supported data output type: HTML, JASON

Those who want to promote their brand on TikTok but are aware of the platform’s limitations may find ScraperAPI useful as a scraper.

ScraperAPI provides more than just TikTok scraping tools; it also provides a proxy to hide your IP address and prevent your scraping from being traced back to you.

You can give them a try before committing to a purchase, and the greatest thing is that you don’t even have to give up your credit card information for the privilege.

The usage of a proxy featuring API scraping capabilities has made it easier than ever to get access to the data you need to improve your TikTok presence and attract a new demographic of customers.

Why I choose ScraperAPI:

  • I like that while it enables me to scrap data from TikTok, it also provides me with its anonymous feature through its proxy.

10. Phantombuster — Best TikTok profile video extractor

Phantombuster for TikTok Scrapers

  • Price: The starter plan costs 59 USD monthly
  • Supported data output type: JASON, CSV, GoogleSheet

Phantombuster is where you should turn if you want to scrape videos from TikTok.

In order to keep up with the latest TikTok trends and ensure that you’re always making high-quality films, you can use our TikTok scraper to quickly and simply gather all of the relevant data from a set of TikTok videos.

With this scraper, you can easily collect data from the TikTok postings that you find interesting, allowing you to monitor the activities of your rivals with ease.

Why I choose this tool:

  • I like that it is specifically made for scraping TikTok videos. This makes it easy for me to understand what I need it for.

Using Selenium and Python to Scrape TikTok Data

As was already said, TikTok scraping is a challenging endeavor. The great thing about web scraping is that spoofing the servers is as simple as switching IP addresses.

But that’s only one of several obstacles you’d have to overcome to scrape TikTok effectively.

TikTok requires JavaScript in order to be scraped, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to compare it to other sites.

To illustrate, suppose you discover that turning off the system’s Wi-Fi instantly activates JavaScript.

This feature, along with others, helps you realize that TikTok is heavily dependent on JavaScript while still feeling and looking like a native program.

This means that Python developers who want to Scrape data from TikTok may forget about using Scrapy, Requests, or BeautifulSoup.

Note that this also precludes the use of typical scraping libraries for languages that cannot properly display and execute JavaScript while attempting to scrape content from TikTok.

I recommend utilizing Selenium as the learning aid by this Inference to guarantee scraping success. A popular browser automation tool is Selenium Web Driver.

In this piece, I focus on how well it can display TikTok videos so that you can get the info you need. It is necessary to utilize proxies in order to achieve scalability while implementing IP tracking.

By using proxies, you can hide your true IP address and visit TikTok from any of a wide variety of locations, making it more difficult for the service to track your activity.

To be clear, this would only be effective if your proxies were of a high grade, making them difficult to identify, and your network allowed for frequent IP address changes.

TikTok users should be aware that mobile proxies are pricey and proxies hosted in a data center are easily detected; therefore, using residential proxies is the best option.

To get the most out of this procedure, it is advised that you utilize the residential proxies that Smartproxy or Bright Data offers.

You can choose which cookies to keep and which to delete since you are not obligated to store any when using your own scraper.

For this reason, it cannot be emphasized enough that you must scrape websites in an ethical manner.

Although this guidance is crucial for those who use a strong scraper that has the potential to overload the TikTok server, others who scrape on a medium or small scale need not worry; the TikTok servers have been designed to scale and handle huge requests successfully.


Q. Is it legal to scrape TikTok?

The Terms of Service for the video-sharing network TikTok expressly forbid the practice of content scraping and duplication. Depending on your country’s privacy regulations, this might possibly be illegal.

Q. Which data can be scraped from TikTok?

Various data you can scrap from the TikTok platform include hashtags, shares, likes, comments, videos, and user profiles. All these are possible when you use effective TikTok scrapers like Bright Data, SmartProxy, OxyLabs, and ScraperAPI.

Q. Is it against the law to use scraped TikTok data for commercial use?

It is considered illegal when you use scraped TikTok data for commercial use, except if you take permission from the author of the content.


From what you’ve read in this article, it’s obvious that data scraping from TikTok is possible even if you don’t know how to code. You are free to create your own TikTok scraper if you are a proficient programmer and would want to do so.

If you don’t know how to code or have little expertise with web scraping and your attempts are being banned, an existing TikTok scraper is your best bet. You’ll notice that all the scrapers discussed here are generic in nature and can be used for scraping a wide variety of different websites.

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