11 Best Telegram Proxies in 2024 [Anonymity & Account Separation]

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Do you wish to access your Telegram on more than one device without any restrictions? Only the best Telegram proxies can ensure you bypass any IP restriction imposed by Telegram. This article provides you with the top best Telegram proxies ready to serve your need.

It’s hard to find a better chat app than Telegram. It supports a broad range of operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android) and provides free, encrypted, cloud-based messaging services.

Telegram Apps

Telegram is popular due to its convenience and security, although it does have certain restrictions.

Because of how Telegram is designed, you can only have one active session on any one device. An exception to this is when you’ve two phones.

You must log out of one Telegram account before you may access it from another device or Desktop client.

If you need to access your Telegram account from more than one gadget at once, this might be a problem.

Thankfully, Telegram proxies provide a workaround for this issue. By connecting using proxies, you may bypass Telegram’s restrictions and utilize several devices and accounts simultaneously.

Proxy servers provide several benefits, including anonymity, account separation, and a faster, more reliable connection.

1. Bright Data — Provides a large pool of proxy servers

Bright Data Homepage Overview

It is widely believed that this tool, which acts as a Telegram proxy, is the best proxy provider.

Customers that own businesses and want to enhance their Telegram profiles by drawing on publicly available information are specifically targeted.

I really like this proxy service because they offer trials to potential customers so that they can see how the service works before committing to it.

If data collecting is your first priority when choosing a Telegram provider, you’ll notice from their platform that they specialize in this area.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • I like that it has a large pool of proxy servers worldwide. This gives you a feeling of service authentication and reliability.

2. Smart Proxy — Best for circumventing bans

Smart Proxy for Telegram Proxies

Using SmartProxy, you can connect to proxies from all around the globe, including several from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

In order to meet the needs of a growing consumer base, the firm plans to enter new international markets.

The network provides both dynamic (which change often) and static (which remain active) proxies for data centers.

Telegram data harvesting works best with the rotating proxies this service provides.

Setting up proxies using tens of subnetworks and an infinite number of destinations is a breeze thanks to Smartproxy’s datacenter proxy functionality and its promise of infinite simultaneous connection requests.

This paves the way for an uninterrupted Telegram experience.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • I like that it makes it easy to bypass geo-blocks and bans.

3. PrivateProxy — Provides personalized services for maximum satisfaction

PrivateProxy for Telegram Proxies

At the lowest pricing on the market, PrivateProxy provides residential IP proxies for your Telegram needs from a wide range of locations.

It aims at around 127 places that are themselves commercial hubs and provides access to over 6.7 million IP addresses.

That’s because they’ve partnered with other well-known companies to ensure you have a fantastic day.

As compared to other types of proxies, residential proxies have the benefit of being difficult to discover and block.

PrivateProxy customer service staff is ready whenever you need them. You may contact them via several channels, such as email, chat, and phone.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • I like that it prioritizes its customers to ensure maximum satisfaction. Also, it’s been in the industry for over a decade. This offers the belief that they’re reliable and offer great service.

4. The Social Proxy — High-quality 4G and 5G Telegram proxy

TheSocialProxy Overview

If you’re looking for a secure and reliable Telegram proxy, the Social Proxy is also an excellent option to consider.

Because mobile access to Telegram is inevitable, it’s preferable to partner with a provider that has fine-tuned its proxy servers accordingly.

You can test out their services and see if they meet your demands with their free trial before committing to them, and they offer secure, elevated 4G mobile proxies to their customers.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • I like that it provides a 24-hour free trial to enable you to know what it offers before totally committing to its services.

5. Ipv4 — unlimited traffic and high-speed


Another budget-friendly Telegram proxy you can use is an IPv6 proxy from Proxy IPV4 to support your Telegram activities effectively. These IPv6 proxies offer a cost-effective solution with prices starting at just $0.08 per private proxy, and you can enjoy discounts for larger quantities and longer lease terms, making them wallet-friendly.

What's great is that these proxies work well not only for Telegram but also for other social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. You can count on unlimited traffic and high-speed, stable operation. They support both HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols, ensuring smooth communication and data exchange.

With over 150 networks across various countries and more than 200 subnets, you have a wide array of options to configure your proxies for different projects. Moreover, the 24/7 technical support from Proxy IPV4 ensures you can get assistance whenever you need it, making it even more convenient for managing your Telegram and other social media-related tasks.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • Using IPv6 proxies from Proxy IPV4 ensures high trustworthiness, reducing the risk of being blocked or facing captchas during online activities like managing social media accounts.

6. Oxylabs — World’s largest ethical proxy network

Oxylabs for Telegram Proxies

If you’re looking for a Telegram proxy service that provides all the perks of high-end solutions yet does not have any drawbacks, go no further than Oxylabs.

It provides your Telegram needs with IP addresses from more than 140 countries, totaling more than 100 million.

You can hide your actual Internet Protocol (IP) address behind a mask of anonymity when you utilize an Oxylabs proxy.

Individuals who want to conceal their online identities while surfing the web may do it with relative ease.

The bandwidth is quite high, and the number of available Internet protocol addresses is almost infinite.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • It has a unique management capability that ensures you’re completely kept anonymous in regions where Telegram is restricted.

7. BeeProxy — Provides unlimited proxy usage

BeeProxy for Telegram Proxies

The next best Telegram proxy on this list is BeeProxy. In addition to Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, BeeProxy now offers proxies from data centers and individual homes in dozens of new regions.

There’s a variety of low-cost proxy plans available to meet your Telegram requirements.

By placing markers on a shared digital map, users may see where their proxy servers are physically located.

All plans come with unrestricted data transfer speeds.

Highproxies’ round-the-clock customer assistance guarantees any issues you have will be quickly and easily fixed.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • I like its high-speed provision. Also, latency connections are pretty low, which enables you to have a seamless experience on Telegram.

8. IPRoyal — 100% transparent Telegram proxy service

IPRoyal for Telegram Proxies

If you’re looking for an alternative to Telegram IP, IPRoyal is a well-known option.

Despite the royal in the name, the costs are rather reasonable. However, you can expect to be treated like a royal if you use their services, as the name says.

When it comes to options for limiting access solutions to Telegram, they’re among the finest available.

With their services, you will get 24/7 customer service to ensure you’re greatly attended to should you run into any problem trying to use their service to bypass Telegram restrictions.

9. Proxy Bee — 24/7 customer support proxy provider

Proxy Bee for Telegram Proxies

With Proxy Bee’s unlimited traffic, you are certain to have a smooth time surfing Telegram with their proxy.

This service ensures that you’re able to use Telegram the way you like, providing you with unrestricted and limitless access to the platform.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • My first-time experience of its unlimited traffic provided me with the feeling that it’s a reliable Telegram proxy provider.

10. High Proxies — High-performance premium proxies

High Proxies for Telegram Proxies

High Proxies is a low-cost option for proxies as well. If you need a social media proxy, go no further than High Proxies.

High Proxies provides reliable service since the proxies are monitored and maintained by trained professionals around the clock.

Their setup is entirely free and easy. You don’t have to sweat it out to use this service.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • I like that this Telegram proxy doesn’t restrict or limit bandwidth.

11. NetNutUnblockable Mobile and Reliable Static Residential Proxies

NetNut residential proxies-min

WhatsApp alternative Telegram is very appealing to a lot of users for different reasons. As a marketing professional, data miner, or data analyst, however, that means you're going to have to deal with a different set of security measures and limitations the Telegram platform put in place to safeguard user accounts and activities.

But, NetNut has a solution with their mobile proxies. These proxies help make using Telegram easier. They have a big network with lots of mobile addresses scattered all over the globe, so connections can happen quickly and without problems.

And here's the best part about NetNut: The unblockable Mobile Proxy system uses real mobile phone addresses from people all over the world. This lets you get past Telegram's rules, manage multiple accounts, and do more cool things to engage with your audience. No more getting stuck! With NetNut, you can learn about specific markets and get ahead using their special mobile addresses.

Furthermore, mobile proxies do more than just connect to the internet. They also keep your information safe and secret. This is important for pros, businesses, and companies. Heck! And even famous people using Telegram.

Why I choose this proxy provider:

  • Global coverage with real IP addresses
  • Unbeatable 7-day free trial for simply registering on their site.

Advantages of Telegram Proxies

Do you know the extent of your digital trail while using apps such as Telegram?

Your ISP is capable of monitoring everything you do online, from the web pages you browse to the Telegram messages you send and receive.

Using a proxy is the best option if you value your confidentiality and anonymity when using Telegram.

Below are various benefits of using Telegram proxies:

1. Telegram Proxies Help You Overcome Geo-Restrictions

Telegram proxies enable connections to servers in any country in the globe.

It’s worth noting, nevertheless, that your connection speed will improve proportionally if the proxy server is physically closer to you.

By choosing a proxy server in a different country, you may effectively alter your IP address and see stuff normally unavailable in your region.

Nations like China, Pakistan, and Iran have prohibited Telegram because it provides an encrypted chat service, making it difficult to use the program without the use of proxies.

Telegram may be prohibited in your country, but with the help of proxy services, you may still access it and use it normally.

2. You Get to Improve Your Privacy and Security with Telegram Proxies.

Informational blockages may be caused either by technological measures, including firewalls or by human action, as seen in office networks involving system managers.

You need to hide your traffic from both humans and machines if you want to get around these blocks.

Proxy servers are useful for this since they encrypt your traffic, making it unintelligible to anybody eavesdropping on your connection.

Proxy servers, in contrast to virtual private networks (VPNs), safeguard both ends of a conversation.

In contrast to proxies, which protect just one party, VPNs only protect one end.

This implies that anybody trying to track the origin of a message sent over a Telegram channel would either go nowhere or be met with an unreadable encrypted message.

3. Telegram Proxies Provide High-Speed Network

When running a company online, speed is of the utmost importance.

Although many businesses rely on Telegram, some others struggle to get reliable internet connections.

With the help of lightning-fast networks, companies can get their job done in record time.

Telegram proxies also allow numerous devices to utilize one internet connection, which is a huge time saver.

Since no other devices will be using the same amount of bandwidth, each computer will be able to browse the web much more quickly and effectively.

When choosing a proxy server, make sure it has fast connections so that your device can quickly exchange data with other devices connected to the network.


Q. Is it safe to use Telegram proxies?

You can be certain that your privacy will be preserved while using Telegram proxies. The chat program encrypts your messages, and the proxy hides your IP address, so you may talk freely. Confidentiality of your communications and information is guaranteed.

Q. Is it advisable to use free proxies?

Although it’s understandable to want to save money, it’s important to note that utilizing a free proxy might put your identity in danger. In addition to the risk of a security breach, using a free representative typically results in worse quality service.

Q. Is there a difference between a proxy and VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) provides protection for the whole operating system, unlike a proxy which just protects certain programs. Nevertheless, proxies only function at the application level; thus, they can only safeguard the specific program in which you are utilizing them.


Proxy servers for Telegram are helpful for users who need to get over internet censorship in order to use the service securely and privately. The connectivity, security, and dependability provided by these services are unparalleled.

They also provide a safe and unfettered gateway to the Telegram platform for users of all stripes, from individuals to enterprises.

By linking up with servers all around the globe, you may assume the identity of a resident of a different country and get access to content that would otherwise be blocked on your own.

And for those who reside in nations where Telegram is restricted, Telegram proxies are a must for using the application from inside the nation’s territory.

In general, using one of the top Telegram proxies mentioned in this article is a great way to access the service safely and without any limitations.

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