5 Best Teams in Premier League History

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Are you a Premier League fan excited to place your next bet on the tournament? If yes, stick with us until the end as we discover the 5 best teams in the history of the Premier League.

Premier League has been one of the most watched football championships worldwide. It is a major source of entertainment for mere sports lovers and great excitement for bettors. Now that the 2022 Premier League is at hand, the game's thrill is returning, and the gamblers are getting ready to put their stakes.

This guide is perfect for you, if you are also a bettor who wants to gamble on the recent Premier League matches. Here, Rebecca Martin will tell you which teams are the best in their past performances. This will help you devise your future bets better and not wholly rely on the odds shared by bookies.

When we say ‘performance', we do not just mean the scores earned by the teams. A great performer knows the strategies of playing right and moving forward no matter what. In the past few years, we have come across many such teams who have the zeal to win and take hold of the trophy.

We are here to give you a deeper insight into the teams that have made it to the top 5, as shared by the expert, Rebecca Martin, who has also recently written a Lvbet sportsbook review. Are you excited to learn more? If yes, keep reading!

Premier League History and Facts

As far as the history of the Premier League is concerned, it has been quite glorious in the past years. The competition was founded on 20th February 1992 and was established as the FA Carling Premiership. As per the decision of the heads of the clubs, the match was made separate from the Football League, which was founded in 1888. It was later broadcasted on Sky.

According to the 2020 reports, the television rights deals collected by the Premier League from 2019 to 2020 were close to £3.1 billion per year. While Sky could broadcast 128 games, BT Group got to broadcast 32 games.

As per the current scenario, 20 clubs compete against each other in matches running from August to May each season, comprising 38 matches. The competition is based on promotion and relegation with the EFL (English Football League).

Currently, Richard Masters is the manager of the entire Premier League competition; besides that, the clubs who participate are the tournament's shareholders. In 2016-17, the clubs earned revenue of around £2.4 billion, and the EFL earned £343 million.

The Premier League earns such a huge profit because it is one of the most-watched tournaments in the world. As per the survey reports, 643 million houses watch Premier League, meaning there is an audience of a considerable size out there for these matches, around 4.7 billion fans.

Reports also suggest that if you calculate the total number of views of all the matches, it will be no less than 14,508,981. The stadiums were full, and people who could not visit the stadium were enjoying the broadcast from their homes.

A few more important facts that you must know before picking the Premier League betting odds:

  • Premier League is an England-based football championship.
  • The Domestic Cups under the Premier League are the FA Cup and the FA Community Shield.
  • The League Cup under the Premier League is the EFL Cup.
  • The International Cups under the Premier League are UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League.
  • Manchester United has won the highest number of the Premier League titles, that is 13.
  • Gareth Barry has made the highest number of appearances, that is 653.
  • The top goal scorer of the Premier League matches is none other than Alan Shearer.
  • The TV partners of the Premier League are Sky Sports, BBC Sport, BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video, and Broadcasters.

The Premier League overview will help you to place more strategic bets. But your learning does not end here. If you are excited to start placing your Premier League bets, read the Lvbet sportsbook review first, because, in Rebecca`s opinion, it is one of the best bookies to start betting on football by far.

Below we have prepared the list of the best teams in the Premier League. Make sure you read about all of them!

The Best EPL Teams

You should learn about the teams that have made it to the top 5 best Premier League teams in football history. This will help you to pick a better winner and earn more profits. So without wasting any time, look below to learn about the top 5 Premier League teams:

Manchester United- 2007/08, 87 Points

Football lovers know that there might be several teams who win many matches, but if one team leads over all the other teams, it has to be Manchester United. Talking about top scoring teams in Premier League, even though Manchester United has not made any unbreakable points record, it makes it to the list because of its extracurricular exertions and the difficult competition they have faced in each match.

For once, Manchester United has never bowed down in front of any opposition, no matter how tough it was. They made sure to give their best and win as much as possible. Even in the 2007/08 match, one can see how Arsenal and Chelsea gave a tough competition to Manchester United, and the fans soon lost their hope. But the team, as usual, did not give up and returned stronger.

Their success is mainly credited to the fantastic players they have in their team, of which the trio of Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez, and Wayne Rooney is revered the most. The trio scored 57 goals of the total 80 goals of the team in that season. Besides that, the team Red Devils also have the best defense, assisted by some of their most loved players Sir Alex Ferguson, Nemanja Vidic, and Edwin van der Sar.

They have not only won the 2007-08 title but also beaten Chelsea once again in the Champions League under Ferguson. The semi-final of the match was not very colorful as they had to struggle against Barcelona yet they came out as the winner with all their might. After this season, Manchester United won the title three more times, but if you compare their performance overall, you will find that this season was their best in history.

Manchester United 2007 08, 87 Points

Arsenal- 2003/04, 90 Points

Suppose we are talking about achievements in football history. How could we forget about Arsenal, the ‘Invincibles' who set a record of staying unbeaten by any team throughout the 2003/04 season of Premier League? There has been no other team in the history of football that has achieved this.

Even though Arsene declared that the team would accomplish this in the 2002/03 season, the luck did not favor them that season as the fierce Wayne Rooney defeated them. However, they came better prepared the next season and achieved what they manifested previously.

Arsenal club played 49 matches in the 2003/04 season and came out with flying colours. Much of their success is also credited to the arrival of players like Jens Lehmann and Jose Reyes and the retirement of a few players. Arsenal was lucky to have players who bonded well, probably because they had to spend a lot of time together.

Players like Cole, Ray Parlour, Martin Keown, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, and Freddie Ljungberg shared a very cordial relationship, making them play better as a team. Henry was at his best this season as the striker, achieving more than 30 goals.

Chelsea- 2004/05, 95 Points

Chelsea is a team loved by many, mainly because of their performance in the 2004/05 season. This was quite a disappointing season for West Brom's fans as he scored only 34 points because Chelsea scored 95 points. Even though Arsenals are the Invincibles, Chelsea has given them a hard competition this season.

They scored five points higher than what Arsenal scored in the 2003/04 season, and they also defeated every team that played against them, except for Manchester United, in just one match. Their win was more spectacular because Jose Mourinho led the team for the first time! Petr Chech was given the Golden Glove award of the season.

Manchester City- 2011/12, 89 Points

Manchester City might not be the most talked about team in the town, but their comeback is something that awed people. They might not have achieved a lot this season, but the grace with which they won the league is commendable. The journey to Manchester City has not been easy, especially during the years under Thaksin Shinawatra and later under the Mansour Group.

But it was during 2010/11 when they finally made an impact by coming third, and they won the season after that! Their performance was not very remarkable, yet they played the first 12 games with quite a charm (in one of which they defeated Manchester United with a score of 6-1). But later, in three games, they lost back-to-back, but when they entered the final game, they were pumped enough to make it, and they did!

Manchester City- 2011 12, 89 Points

Liverpool- 2018/19, 97 Points

Last but not least, Liverpool is another team that football lovers adore. Their performance was the best in this season, especially their fight with Manchester City, which was not only fierce but also strategic.

Even though Liverpool did not win the Premier League trophy in the end, they went on to win the Champions League, which was much appreciated by the fans as it was their first in 14 years.

Money in the Premier League

If you plan to place your bets on the Premier League, you must learn about proper money management, without which a gambler can easily get drowned in the sea of debt. Rebecca Martin has got some excellent tips to share:

  • Make sure you do not overspend on gambling. It would help if you were spending only a tiny portion of your income on it after you have fulfilled all other monthly necessities and saved some for the future.
  • Do not think of sports betting as a way of making money. Of course, you can follow expert tips to earn profits from it, but that should never become your source of income.
  • Even if you lose, do not overthink the money lost. If you keep thinking about what you have lost in gambling, you will not get a moment of peace. So it's better to move on!

If you think you cannot follow these simple rules, then make sure you get help from gambling addiction counsellors.

Final Word

We hope this guide helped you learn about Premier League's best teams. You can keep this information in mind and use for future bets. Make sure you also follow more tips by Rebecca Martin.

She suggests that gamblers join Lvbet sportsbook, which has amazing sports offers, bonuses, and customer support team. So which bookie are you planning to join for placing your bets on Premiere League? Do share with us!

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