How Did Nepal Become One of the Best Settings for Games?

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Of all the places to use as a setting for games, Nepal has become one of the most popular ones. There have been more than 20 games set in the country over the years, with the potential for many more in the future.

Nepal has some of the most amazing scenery and nature in the world and is, of course, home to the most famous area of the sprawling Himalayan Mountain range. Mount Everest and some of the other peaks are perfect for adventure-themed games.

Games of All Genres Have been Set in Nepal

Nepal has been used as a backdrop for games on all platforms, including mobile, console, VR and online casinos. Players aren’t just fond of the attractive scenery, it’s also a recognisable location that many people desire to visit. Instead of flying halfway around the world to get there, people can immerse themselves in games to get a sense of what it’s like.

Some of the myriad titles set in Nepal include Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Overwatch, and Need for Speed II. It can also be found in the slots market with Kathmandu Gold from ELK Studios. The title is one of the marquee games at Mr Green Casino, highlighting how the stunning imagery can be a good way to allure players.

Naturally, there's a wide range of themed slot titles and table games to choose from to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible, which is common for online casinos.

What is the Best Game to Take Place in the Country?

It’s hard to say what the best game ever to be set in Nepal is, but Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has to be up there. The game features numerous temples along with the Himalayas. There’s also plenty of action on the formidable mountain range.

The 2009 title from Naughty Dog shipped more than six million copies and was met with high critical acclaim from the likes of IGN. Indeed, it picked up a few Game of the Year awards from various publications.

Another incredible game that used Nepal as its backdrop was Tomb Raider: Legend, developed by Crystal Dynamics and released by Eidos Interactive in 2006. In the adventure offering, Lara Croft travels to Nepal in search of a legendary sword.

More VR Offerings on Mount Everest?

One of the most famous places in Nepal is Mount Everest, and it’s the main reason why around one million people travel to the country each year. The legendary peak is a popular bucket list challenge, and more climbers are traversing it than ever before.

However, it is inaccessible to many people around the world. Luckily, virtual reality games are now making it possible for everyone to experience Everest.

In 2016, Solfar released Everest VR, an interactive title that simulates the journey to the top of the mountain. It doesn’t include any gameplay elements, though, and players are just going along for the ride.

However, The Verge believed this was a solid start for Everest VR games. There’s a good chance that there will be future VR titles set on Everest. With the technology improving, players should be able to expect some thrilling gameplay experiences.

There are few places in the world as jaw-dropping and well known as the rugged terrain of Nepal. The landscape is an amazing setting for games, and there are likely to be many more set there in the future.

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