15 Best People Search Sites & Engines of 2024

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Do you want adequate information on people you know? Or are you an employer who wants to get more details about someone you want to employ? With the best people search sites, you can know more about anyone, from their lifestyle down to their criminal record.

What are People Search Sites?

If anything is amazing the internet has provided us with, it is the fact that we can now have access to almost anyone we which to get in touch with.

The internet world is filled with billions of information, which can be accessed at a go. Gone are the days we used to go through so many hassles just to communicate with loved ones who live far away.

These days, with a single click, we are right there with them, and they are with us. It is quite interesting that we can now find personal details about anybody we wish to search for.

This is primarily possible with the help of people search sites. Organizations will benefit from this because they will get to know more about anyone they wish to employ.

By inputting their name, phone number, email address, or any other relevant information about the person on the people search sites, their details, down to their criminal records, will appear. With this, companies can know who they want to employ.

So, what are these people’s search sites? In this article, I am going to show you the best people search sites. And guess what? They are free to use!

1. Google — Best for all and sundry with no location barrier

Google Search Overview

  • Pricing: Free

The number one best free people search site on this list goes to Google! Whenever you need to find anything or somebody on the internet, you should start with Google since it is by far the most widely used search engine worldwide.

The search results can be seen by simply typing the person’s name or other relevant terms into the search box. Google also provides “Advanced Search” options for more precise querying.

Although Google isn’t the end-all-be-all of people-search engines, it can help you narrow down your search and obtain relevant results faster.

Social media accounts, contact details, and even criminal histories are all accessible thanks to the aggregation of public data from a wide range of sources.

2. CocoFinder — People search and public information search engine

CocoFinder for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

Whether you need to do a background check or locate a person for a job assignment, CocoFinder is one of the greatest free people search sites to use.

Since 2020, users have been able to search for individuals using the person’s social network profile, phone number, email address, and even name on the CocoFinder platform.

Despite its recent introduction to the market, CocoFinder is now widely used by more than 10 million individuals.

Because of its accessibility and wealth of options, this website is an excellent tool for people searching.

3. LinkedIn — Powerful networking and people search platform

LinkedIn for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

Each LinkedIn user, whether or not they are connected to you, can be located simply by typing their name into the site’s main search box.

If you search for someone on LinkedIn and their name comes up, you’ll see their profile, complete with information about their current position, previous employers, and educational background, as well as a list of your common connections.

To find everything related to a company, this is the best website there is. That is, tracking out individuals who have certain titles or work for certain organizations.

As a result, it is an excellent tool for those in sales, recruitment, and other professions that need access to professional networks.

4. Spokeo — Search by name, phone number, or email to look up people

Spokeo for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

When it comes to people search tools, Spokeo is among the best. A person’s present location, contact information, and online profiles can all be discovered using this tool.

Spokeo just requires a last name, first name, and optionally a city and state to provide a list of potential matches.

When they originally began some years back, they heavily depended on information gleaned from social media. In addition to private information, they now include information from public data and other reliable resources to provide you with more thorough findings.

5. MyLife — Best for checking reputation profiles

MyLife for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

This people search site can be used to gather data about a specific individual, whether it be for personal reasons or as part of a professional investigation.

The social networking site MyLife can be used to reconnect with long-lost acquaintances.

It’s a one-stop shop for everything from criminal background checks to court data.

You can use MyLife to track down friends, family, and coworkers by searching for their names, emails, phone numbers, and more.

6. BeenVerified — The everyday information company

BeenVerified for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

You can use the social media profiles, email, address, phone number, and name of a person you’re looking for on BeenVerified. The website is accessible without cost and has a large database of personal information about its users.

What’s more interesting is that you can make use of the site’s reverse address lookup and reverse phone lookup features to find the right person or business you’re looking for with little effort.

In addition, you can use the site to research someone’s criminal history, access public documents, and conduct a background check.

7. US Search — A great way to find people

US Search for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

If you’re looking for someone specific, you can use US Search to find them using their social media profiles, email, name, phone number, address, and. Even if it doesn’t cost anything to utilize US Search, you will first need to sign up for an account.

The UI is straightforward and uncomplicated. A list of possible matches will be provided after you input the person’s name into US Search.

The location of the person you’re looking for, such as their city and state, can be utilized to narrow down your findings.

8. TruthFinder — Public records search service

TruthFinder for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

When looking for information on a particular person, TruthFinder is a great option. There is an abundance of public documents available here that can be utilized to track down almost anybody, wherever in the world.

The database allows you to look for persons by a variety of criteria, including address, phone number, and name.

TruthFinder is a US-only service that provides a plethora of public data, such as contact information, whereabouts, online presence, criminal history, and more.

It’s the best resource for locating people online and doing thorough background checks.

9. PeekYou — People Search Made Easy

PeekYou for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

PeekYou is a people search engine that allows you to look for someone by their email address, username, and personal name.

It compiles data from more than sixty social media platforms as well as details from other public sources to offer you the most comprehensive profile of the individual you’re searching for.

Those who wish to reconnect with old acquaintances or family members or who are trying to learn more about a prospective employer have utilized the service.

10. Zabasearch — Free people search and public information search engine

Zabasearch for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

If you want to search for a person online but you don’t have a dime, you can trust Zabasearch to help you out. It functions as a free people search platform that you can utilize to look up someone online.

Details on US citizens can be accessed via the platform’s database of more than 3 billion names.

An individual’s complete information, including any relevant criminal records, can be accessed via this. You’ll also find out where they reside and about their families.

Zabasearch routinely updates its database, so the details they give are always current and relevant.

11. True People Search — 100% free people search

True People Search for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

With a comprehensive database and a straightforward interface, Real People Search stands out as a top free people search service.

Just input the individual’s name, and the platform will immediately do a comprehensive search for you.

After a few moments, you will get the outcomes, and among them will be the person’s social media accounts, email address, and phone number.

Moreover, the site doesn’t cost a dime, and the extensive and precise findings it provides are well worth your time.

12. People Finder Free — Public records search

People Finder Free for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

Do you want to know the whereabouts of your long-lost ones? Even if you’ve lost every contact with them, you can always depend on People Finder Free to help you out. With just their name, you can get an accurate result.

For finding folks in the United States, it’s hard to beat the simplicity and accessibility of this service. This is why it remains one of my favorite people search sites.

13. Family Tree Now — Discover your past, find your ancestors, and long-lost relatives

  • Pricing: Free

It’s now possible to create a family tree online at no cost and with no effort, making it ideal for researching your roots.

There are over fifty million monthly users who visit the platform, which makes it highly possible that you’ll be able to locate the individual you’re seeking.

Family Tree Now can also be used to construct a family tree and learn further about your ancestry.

14. Spytox — Enjoy the unlimited search and look up anyone

Spytox for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

One of the web’s most used search sites is Spytox. It can be employed as a people search tool.

As an added convenience, you can use the site to do a reverse search on a phone number or an address.

Spytox is a free resource for locating people’s contact details.

To see the whole outcome of your search, you will need to create a free account.

15. Whitepages — Find people, contacts information, and background checks

Whitepages for People Search Sites

  • Pricing: Free

Whitepages has been in the game of searching for people online since 1997, which makes it one of the best and oldest in the industry.

You can search for anyone on the platform using the person’s address, email, or phone number. The process is quite easy to understand.

It can also be employed to find someone by their phone number or address in the other direction.

Name, age, present and previous residences, telephone number, family, and professional connections are all included in the results.


Q. Is the information from people’s search sites produced public?

The details, data, and information gotten from people’s search sites are public. These sites gather this information from multiple sources about the person you’re searching for and then put these details into a unified whole to make up a complete result.

Q. Should I pay to find someone from people’s search sites?

It’s not always a terrible idea to utilize a platform that offers a “one-time cost” for a thorough background search since these services normally do a great job of compiling all relevant public records in one place. If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort required, you can get the same information that paid services provide for free.

Q. Are people search sites effective for finding long-lost people?

Although there is a great deal of material available online, you won’t find it all in one place, and a standard internet search won’t do the trick. It takes time, effort, and determination to locate someone online, particularly if you’ve lost contact with them or they don’t leave much of a digital footprint. Yet even if you do, your efforts may be wasted.


The internet is a wonderful resource in your search for data. Finding someone’s details shouldn’t be difficult with the abundance of free people search engines out there. Now, not only can you search the web by typing in a name, but you can also upload a picture or enter a phone number. You need not even stick to just one option. You would be astonished at how precise and effective the search results are if you used more than one.

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