How to Choose the Best Monitor for PC Gaming

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A gaming monitor won't come cheap, and for this reason, many manufacturers blend in all kinds of bells and whistles that won't necessarily add to your experience.

With these thoughts in mind, here are the most important considerations to think about, rather than price or random features.

Overall speed

Overall speed

The speed is determined by more factors, such as the refresh rate. A high refresh rate goes hand in hand with other features, and it can certainly help. It offers a more connected feel and adds fluidity. Besides, input lag will be low, while a high frame rate will work wonders in the process to prevent blur.

Using a monitor with a high refresh rate can actually help you in online games where fast reaction time matters. Since technology is constantly advancing, buying a monitor with a high refresh rate will not break the bank. In fact, you can find affordable 144Hz monitors from big companies like Asus, BenQ, and even Acer.

Variable research rate

For avid gamers, this is the ultimate consideration. The VRR allows the monitor to adjust the refresh rate based on the content. There are more technologies to look for here, from Adaptive-Sync and G-Sync to G-Sync Ultimate.

Backlights for clarity

Backlights prevent blur and boost responsiveness. There are more names for such features, such as blur reduction or aim stabilizer. Monitors with this technology are mostly appreciated by competitive and avid gamers who put clarity first.

Good resolution

The classic full HD 1920×1080 resolution is classic now. There are better options these days, such as 2560×1440 or 3840×2160, as well as multiple variations in between.

Higher pixel density means extra clarity.

Think about the console you use, as well as your favorite games. Many gaming consoles cannot support ultrawide resolutions right now, but they can take some of the high 16:9 alternatives.


The darker the black is, the more contrast you’ll have due to the atmospheric appearance. Shadow definition will also be improved in 3D structures.

The OLED technology masters this concept better than any other feature. VA models are just as impressive, but static contrast isn’t everything.

IPS glow, for example, is focused on the edges of the screen. VA glow is similar, but the glow can eat away at small details when watching dark content.

A bit of color

Everyone knows that OLED and IPS panels dominate the industry in terms of colors and angle performance. However, the angle performance is just as important when sitting directly in front of the unit.

Color consistency is mandatory in fast paced games and can make a difference in your experience.

The color gamut is also important and is heavily influenced by the backlight. In games, a wide gamut like DCI-P3 or perhaps Adobe RGB will make the experience more vivid. On the other hand, the sRGB gamut will focus on shades.

Viewing comfort

Viewing comfort

No matter how advanced a gaming monitor is, you’ll end up hating it if you can't use it comfortably. You need low blue light features, and a flicker free experience, or your eyes will get tired in no time.

The screen surface is quite important too. Some gamers will go as far as possible to prevent glare, which can affect the experience, especially when gaming in a bright room.

Curved screens are more and more popular today. Manufacturers try to maintain the same viewing distance between each side of the monitor. The result? A more immersive feel when gaming.

The curvature is given in a radius of millimeters. The smaller the value, the steeper the curve. Moderate curves are the most effective ones, so go for 1,500R+.

Gaming features

A gaming monitor is supposed to come with gaming features too. Some brands have brought in on-screen crosshairs that can be further customized. On-screen refresh rate displays will also help you choose the right settings.

Since we are talking about ways to improve gaming experiences, internet speed is definitely worth mentioning. We wrote a complete guide that details how much upload sped you need for gaming. Check it out here.

Bottom line, a gaming monitor is, indeed, hard work. It comes with a bunch of features, and while having everything could be enticing, the truth is you only need the features suitable for your favorite games.

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