5 Best Mobile Apps in 2023: Protecting Your Child’s Online Safety

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There is no doubt: we live in a digital age. Children and adolescents of all ages browse the web and log on to social media on a daily basis, and as a parent, it can seem daunting, and even frightening, to think that your child is exposed to all the Internet has to offer.

It's so important to speak to your kids about cyber security and digital citizenship, but what happens when you're not around to watch their online activities? When online, how can you help keep them safe? 

There are hundreds of tools, applications, and software that allow you to see online what your kids are looking for, viewing, and sharing. Using these products would also allow you to view the Internet behaviour of your child, but they can also be an incredibly helpful tool to help keep them safe from accessing harmful content, communicating with strangers, and can also help deter cyberbullying.

Use Safety/ Parental control Apps to Protect Your Child’s Online Safety

There are several safety apps, also referred to as safe children's apps, parental control apps, or child protection apps, designed to help you track your child. We're evaluating some of the best safety applications for children in this article for you to consider.

1. Spyic 

Spyic is the top competitor and is recognized for its intuitive interface and near parity between Android and iOS. Spyice can always function well, whether you have an iOS device and your child's devices are Androids or vice versa.


Moreover, it also deals with Kindle Fire computers, unlike many other security apps. On BBB, they are A+ classified. Users are pleased with the powerful filtering tools provided, but they want geofencing options, the ability to report chat content and the ability to block contact from listed people and accounts.


  • GPS-enabled location monitor: see the location of your child in real-time, view previous location, view locations on the map. To know how to track cell phone location with Spyic, read more
  •  Internet monitoring: filtering real-time content, blocking sites, setting activity warnings.

Report chat content

  • Monitoring of screen time-setting system curfew, absolutely blocking the internet Alerts: set up custom alerts for online searches per system 
  • A summary of the online activities of children at a glance, readily available. 
  • User-friendly dashboard for parent dashboard access of all settings.

2. Spyine     

A smartphone is a huge responsibility, and you'd want to make sure that your kids don't go astray with their devices as parents. For your child's smartphone, the leading cybersecurity company spyine provides a secure all-in-one monitoring and control method. 

On your child's tablet, just instal the software and you'll be able to monitor it from a dedicated dashboard. It covers which applications and websites they can access and for how long. 


  • The app will ask you to build a pin once it is mounted. To protect the app from unauthorised access, this pin will be used. You should follow step-by – step instructions for installing spyine on your child's unique computer while you are inside.
  • It's another top parental control app that brings a very easy-to-use interface with some really strong safety features. 
  • The user-friendly family feed is one of spyine’s best features , which makes it easy for you to track the online behaviour of your entire family. 

3. Minspy 

The Minspy not only allows you to view the use of your children's app and online searches, but also gives you instant warnings when the app identifies and prevents your child from accessing pornography, narcotics, guns, suicide, and other adult content related content. 


  • It helps you to easily configure the websites , applications, and content types that you want to block your children from accessing, which is nice if you're worried that specific applications or pages are not blocked by default. 
  •  It also provides a GPS monitoring service that allows you to search all the positions of your children in real-time instantly to see where they have been on the Minspy.

4. Spyier

Spyier is your eyes and ears for the online protection of your infant. This app helps you throughout the loop and lets you know when your attention is needed: if your kids are cyberbullied, when they are online, how or when they should not be, their whereabouts, and more. 


  • Spyier helps in gaining an awareness of the digital lifestyle of your child, in order to make it easier to initiate an open discussion of online behaviours. 
  • It helps you to identify age-appropriate limits, track digital usage, and get updates on the online activity of your child by downloading the app. 
  • It also helps to monitor hours spent digitally, set website restrictions for porn and other objectionable content, use geo-fencing and real-time location monitoring, and even receive cyber bullying warnings.


5. CocoSpy

CocoSpy makes it even easier for your children to be safe from a broad range of online risks. This is a good app to explore if your top goals are text, email , and social media tracking, simply for its ability to detect such a wide range of channels, including Gmail, WhatsApp, and Facebook. 


  • CocoSpy lets you keep track of the actual content of your children's interactions on social media sites, unlike many parental control applications that only record app use. 
  • It will do the same on all compatible devices, including any images or videos they send or receive, for your children's SMS and email conversations. 
  • Whenever the parental control app's software detects a potential danger, such as cyberbullying, online harassment, or signs of self – harm, it sends you an immediate warning using 24/7 surveillance. For example, if your child starts looking online for stress and suicide-related material, CocoSpy algorithm automatically notifies you so that you can fix the issue.


I think it should be enough to hold them in a secure circle if you can monitor your child's phone behaviour and current location. To accomplish this task, Spyice is the ideal app and they both provide the required features for free.

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