TOP List of James Patterson Books in order (According to Goodreads)

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James Patterson is an American author who has written several books or various genres.

What kind of books does James Patterson write? Thrillers, detective novels, science fiction, and young adult novels. His books have been read by all audiences.

Patterson’s stories explore complex tales and unique individuals. The author has countless books on the shelves in libraries in book stores that it is tough to note which story you should pick up and read.

How many books has James Patterson written? At least more than 50 From now on! Which books of James Patterson should you read on a rainy day you may ask. Well, ask no further questions and enjoy this article on the top 10 James Patterson books.

10 Highest rated books by James Patterson on Goodreads

10. Zoo


Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if animals ever took over the world? James Patterson answers that question in his novel, Zoo. Jackson Oz, a biologist witnesses the odd behavior patterns of animal attacks.

Finding out a dreaded secret, Oz furiously warns the world of impending attacks. Will he save the world before animals eventually take over the world?

9. Along Came a Spider


In James Paterson’s first books, Along Came a Spider was an instant hit among audiences and became a popular series among readers. It’s a tough book to put down as there are action and suspense happening at every second.

A suspenseful, thematic start revolving around a kidnapping, filled with unbelievable twists and compelling turns, Compelling and twisty, Along Came a Spider the best book to start with Patterson’s neverending list of stories.

8. Gone


As a detective, Michael Bennett is only trying to keep his family safe from the dangers of the word. Eventually, he is tracked down by his archenemy, killer Manuel Perrine who is out for revenge. To avoid an attack, Michael lures him away with a vicious and dark plan. What will happen next in this epic suspenseful crime story?

Fans of Patterson will not be disappointed at this latest effort. 1st to Die: A Novel is the best James Patterson books in order that shows about a killer who is murdering the recently married couples.

7. Kiss the Girl


In Patterson’s #1 bestseller, Alex Cross, a homicidal detective, will not end in the case no reader will ever forget. Not only does Cross have to track down one serial killer, but now there are two serial killers on the loose terrorizing women or causing horrible murders.

James Patterson does an incredible job writing through the perspective of the killers, having readers invest their minds. Readers have to experience Patterson’s unique way of writing. Subconsciously we don’t realize how much we want to get into our nemeses mind to understand how they think. While it’s worthwhile, other times it’s downright insane.

6. Haunted


In one of James Patterson’s most popular books, an epidemic surges the streets and preys on the youth. Under investigation, the police uncover a crime scene that has been buried by the dark past in the woods. Interviewing Bennett out of New York City he is on the case to solve this mystery and save the youth.

5. Maximum Ride

maximum ride

Maximum Ride is a science fiction series about a group of kids born with the ability to fly like a bird. Having grown up in a laboratory, or ‘the school’, Maximum, or Max, is the leader of her clan keeping everyone safe and finding herself in the difficult position of having to save the world.

Maximum Ride is a great example for young adult readers who feel outcasted. Everyone is unique. Max and her half-human, half avian family never give up and showcase the essence of bravery and friendship.

James Patterson continuously switches character perspectives giving readers the opportunity to understand how other characters feel about the situation at hand. Patterson is a strong writer easily making readers feel attached to the characters.

4. 1st to Die


1st to Die is not a disappointment among any James Patterson fan. A killer is lurking the streets of San Fransisco, murdering recently married couples. A homicidal inspector is on the case, stopping at nothing.

Lindsay Boxer, Claire Washburn, Cindy Thomas, and Jill Bernhardt quickly realize that they need to be one step ahead of this killer. Collaborating, 1st to Die is a suspenseful read from beginning to end, pursuing the killer. Only… they all may not come out of this alive.

3. Confessions of a Murder Suspect


Two members of the Angel family have been murdered. No suspects deemed by the police, Tandy Angel is the last person to see her parents alive. Trusting nobody, not even herself, Tandy stops at nothing to solve this case and clear out her family name.

However, Tandy experiences mysterious flashes of memories uncovering her family’s dark secrets and the possibility of uncovering the secrets of the murder. And even dark family secrets.

Patterson does it again in this exciting page-turner. If you are feeling lost, give this book a read. Never give up and don’t ever blame yourself. Remember to think about all the clues.

2. The People vs. Alex Cross


In one of Patterson’s engaging thriller, Alex Cross finds himself on the wrong side of the law being charged for the murder if his nemesis who was out to kill him.

Knowing that his crime was an act of self-defense the jury is not going to take his side of the matter as others are portraying him as a cop who thinks he’s above the law.

No author builds up a trial like James Patterson. From beginning to end, readers are hooked with the suspenseful and endless trial. You even feel as if you are a character, witnessing this torment. What’s your advantage? You know that Alex Cross is not guilty, hoping that somehow Cross will be free.

1. Red Alert


Red Alert is considered to be one of Patterson’s best books. Co-author Marshal Carp and James Patterson write a story about A fatal blast explode in a room full of New York’s elite during a fundraiser.

As the NYPD Red task force investigates, they discover that the A-listers they were formed to protect may be responsible for destruction on an unimaginable scale. Get it for the Patterson fan in your life, reminding them of how thoughtful you are.

Which James Patterson books are best I would like to hear from you!

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