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Currently, the applications available on Android and IOS devices helps most of us to save time, effort and money doing things we normally could not do. From simple cooking lectures to do your bridal makeup, the world of applications has really made lives easy and simple.

The good thing is that with the help of several interior design applications, you can now take on the role of an interior decorator & design your house the way you want.

The number of interior design applications available is mind-boggling. Some of the apps are offered for free while others are offered for a fee to download & use them. With those APP you can DIY your Blinds, kitchens, rooms and more!

We have gone through the top-rated apps where you can find the most perfect & the reliable that can be downloaded and installed onto mobile devices for IOS and Android.

We were selective & went for the applications that are easy to use yet they offer the most desirable features & here are the top interior design apps that we have selected as the best apps for you.

Top 10 Interior Design & decorating apps – 100% free home design

1. Houzz – Home Design & Remodel


This interior design application is the origin of all other interior design apps. It offers features of an ideal book to contain all your inspirations & let the experts conceptualize your vision.

It is a complete application that helps users to design a home that they want. If you are remodeling or redesigning your home, then this app can be helpful in giving your home a fantastic look.

It has more than 10 million high-resolution images of home interiors to select from. It gives you an option to choose photos by location, style, and rooms such as a kitchen or a dining hall.

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2. Planner 5D Home Interior  <Editor Choice>

Planner 5D

When it comes to creating excellent home interior designs, you can put all your trust on planner 5D to give your vision an adorable shape. It allows you to create your favorite design in both 3D and 2D modes. There is a vast catalog that lets you choose any type of interior items.

In this app, you can easily customize furniture, accessories, décor elements and you can apply different textures and colors. With more than 4.6 million ideas, it allows you to easily plan and furnish your home.

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3. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is an architectural app that allows people to import excellent floor plans & alter the space and adding some furniture of your choice. It is possible to work in both 3D And 2D to create your desired home while still sharing it with collaborators for any modification in the future.

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4. Colour Snap Visualizer for iPhone

Colour Snap Visualizer for iPhone

This app by Sherman Williams will allow you to find perfect colors from images of your choice. The application can analyze the color of any image or photo on your mobile phone and it lets you know which paint from more than 1500 Sherman Williams matches with your choice.

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5. Curate


This application is for art lovers. Now you do not have to be worried about how a certain art piece will appear in your house. You only need to download curate & virtually display the desired piece on a wall. Curate can also be useful in browsing pieces from the most popular galleries and artists.

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6. Project Color

Project Color

The digital stock of house depot has more than twenty-five million products. You only need to simply upload the photo of any home décor item like the furniture and this application will cross check and it will show you the model you’re after for along with other similar items. This app is available for IOS and Android devices.

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7. Home Styler

Home Styler

This application allows people to try varied looks on the snapshots of their rooms. The fixtures, furniture, and some other decorative products are available in 3D formats so that you can have a clear knowledge of how every aspect will appear before you commence renovating. In this app, you will find a design gallery where you can be able to see how other people are re-decorating. This is among the best interior design applications that you can install in your IOS and Android devices.

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8. Pantone Studio

Pantone Studio

Are you confused whether the particular color comes in red or maroon? Or maybe there’s a disagreement between you & your partner concerning whether the shade is teal or turquoise. Well, this app has a final say during color disputes. Pantone studio application clearly communicates your preferred color to your decorating experts and it even assists you to identify the colors in photographs for replication.

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9. Bright Nest

Bright Nest

The automated personal assistant at this app is perfect for 2 things. First, it helps users to stay organized during the renovation process and secondly it provides advice to users on the choice to make regarding the home décor projects. In other words, this app is a lifesaver through the hectic ordeal you might be facing. It can easily be downloaded on Android and IOS devices.

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10. Magic Plan

Magic Plan

Is your measurement always not accurate? Do you always fear getting stuck outside with your furniture that will not fit through the door? Do not worry as this app will take the stress away from you. It easily computes distances within a space by analyzing the snapshot. You just need to upload photos of the room in various angles and this application will work the rest for you including taking the width of the hallway or the height of the ceiling.

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In conclusion, those were just some of the interior design applications that can be used for an understanding of the interior decorating tasks. With the above apps at your fingertips, we are sure that you will not have troubles beautifying your house. All the best and remember to share your house images with us!

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